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#rockbox log for 2022-12-05

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14:18:08rb-bluebotBuild Server message: New build round started. Revision a89f279fd4, 303 builds, 8 clients.
14:24:41speachypaulcarroty: thanks. we're not hosted in that datacenter, fortunately.
14:27:25amachronicspeachy: did you see
14:27:57amachronicapparently they are no longer offering their services...?
14:28:22speachyoh. so it's not a single datacenter as specified in that tweet
14:28:38speachywell, shit.
14:32:24speachyI keep nightly incremental backups of the server, including the database.
14:33:50speachybut (doing aquick check) is NOT part of that for an unknown reason
14:34:27speachyis there any info on what happened behind the scenes to cause this sudden cliff?
14:36:20amachronicnot sure... I would've thought they'd send you an email or something.
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14:37:00speachyyeah, unless it's a "complete lockout" situation where they can't even access that info any more.
14:37:18amachronicsome news here:
14:37:19speachyok, no more builds after this one, please
14:37:41amachronicallegedly the CEO is unresponsive
14:38:29rb-bluebotBuild Server message: Build round completed after 1221 seconds.
14:38:32rb-bluebotBuild Server message: Revision a89f279fd4 result: 66 errors 0 warnings
14:39:07speachywtf, okay that build failrue makes no sense.
14:40:00speachy(all contained within the mips android build which has probably been completely pointless for even longer than our android port)
14:41:08speachyOk, I stand corrected. I have a complete backup of everything as of about ~3am US Eastern time.
14:42:09speachyI am technically able to host everything again but it would be on a ~15/1.25 DSL line. Even if the fiber stuff out here happens that's still a year off.
14:43:31speachywe're using 4 cores, 10GB RAM, and ~200GB of allocated disk space.
15:04:24speachywe're using about 120GB of that, of which ~70GB is three weeks of daily buids.
15:08:25speachyI'm open to hosting suggestions.
15:17:35speachyOVH has an 8vc, 16G RAM, 320GB space thing going for $50/mo with a 12 month contract. With our current slush funds we can cover that for a bit under four years.
15:17:55speachy2Gbps unmetered bandwidth too, which is nice.
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15:35:49speachysigh. only consolation is that much larger (and more important) projects than ours are getting smacked with this too.
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16:18:54speachyI'd appreciate it if someone that partakes in reddit would make a post there about us potentially going dark.
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16:45:49Richard42I have a couple of development questions. I made this small change a couple of days ago to prevent the player from shutting off the screen while the user is turning only the scroll wheel
16:46:19Richard42last night I set up a development environment on a linux machine and made a build which included this code. this morning I put it on the player, but to my great surprise it did not fix the problem
16:47:22Richard42I'm puzzled as to how that's possible because I was 99% sure it would fix it. So I need to debug. my questions are: how do I know which source file changes will require me to update the bootloader instead of or in addition to the main rockbox binaries
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16:48:36Richard42and second, is there a simple way to update the firmware (like copying over just a single file) to iterate on debugging this? I think it's probably not necessary to copy over all the folders and files of the entire project when I have only made a small code change
16:49:36speachywith regards to (2), .rockbox/rockbox.erosq (I think) is all you need. Of course depending on what you change you might need to rebuild everything else.
16:51:53speachythe odds are very high that you will not ever need to rebuild the bootloader −− figuring out exactly what goes into it is a litte tricky, look at bootloader/SOURCES and firmware/SOURCES −− anything wrapped in #ifdef BOOTLOADER (or not wrapped at all)
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17:04:16speachyin other news the ipod arrived but given the circumstances I'm not going to do anythig with it for a little bit.
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17:42:17speachyI'd appreciate suggestions on what to do about hosting. OVH has a special deal going that expires tomorrow afternoon (~21h from now) which seems to be the "best" option for the time being.
17:43:31speachybut the good pricing means signing up for 1 or 2 years, and cancellation means paying anyway. Granted I'd prefer to not have to go through another migration yet again.
17:46:12speachy$60/mo, or $600 for 1 year, or $900 for 2 years. We have $2367.66 in the rockbox fund.
17:46:52speachythat buys us 8 cores, 16GB RAM, and 320GB disk space. A nice upgrade from what we have (which is more RAM constrained than anything else, thanks to gerrit and that $@%@%!! wiki)
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17:50:42amachronicspeachy: if OVH seems okay to you then go for it
17:50:44speachyFor comparison, over the course of 2020 so far we've averaged under $25/mo in donations.
17:50:53amachronic... was about to ask that.
17:51:31amachronicso it's not necessarily a long term viable solution.
17:51:52speachyfor me the question is really "go for 2 year contract" or not.
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17:52:45speachywhere "long term" is >4 years in the future even with no additional funds.
17:55:43amachronici'd go for the 2 year contract.
17:56:05amachronicwhat are the chances you'll find a $300/yr or better option 1 year from now?
17:56:21amachronic(and then have to deal with migration... again)
17:57:38speachyI'm thinking that after 2 years if I do end up with fiber out here I can migrate things here, and then only have to worry about natural disasters and/or rednecks shooting up power substations.
17:58:18speachymigration is such a PITA.
17:58:53speachyat least it's just physical this time.
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18:40:21_bilgusRichard42, I posted just after you submitted that last patch something that should work see the logs here
18:42:16_bilgusspeachy 450 a year isn't bad and being that you have the labor minimize it by doing the 2 years we can revisit it then
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20:42:33CH23personally speaking, I never noticed the donate button on the website. maybe put it in top right corner with a 'website cost/donation amount' counter underneath it? that would definitely help
20:45:35CH23also the wiki has quite some pages that could be reduced/streamlined. would love to help but i'm not willing to give as many personal details as is required to create a wiki account
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22:38:43_bilgusbarring any bugs g#4876 is ready as far as I can tell with my testing
22:38:47rb-bluebotGerrit review #4876 at : playlist add mutex to public functions WIP by William Wilgus
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