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#rockbox log for 2022-12-06

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09:25:38speachyif y'all want to kick off builds or whatever go for it. We might as well carry on as usual until we're in the final migration phases.
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09:54:00speachyso there's still some movement on the saga, but it does seem prudent to move elsewhere.
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11:02:44bilgus_phOr is this a power struggle coup attempt if its not a dire situation anymore maybe we should shop around or leave the wiki there and move the rest?
11:03:26bilgus_phSounds like all is not well at fosshost
11:04:10speachyhmm, there's something to be said for splitting the wiki off.
11:06:19bilgus_phBahaus was successful at running builds on github with some fleshing out that could become a viable backup as well
11:06:34bilgus_phTill they start charging ofc
11:08:11speachyI don't want to change what works (well). Right now that really signles out the wiki for orbital bombardment.
11:08:28bilgus_phThat said I've been busy AF this year and last I hope to be in a better time situation for 2023 to try and get back to all that rockbox.. Jazz?
11:09:24bilgus_phMaking it static is still an option that we could work on
11:10:30bilgus_phLower the load so we could get away with cheaper hosting
11:11:03speachywe have three prongs; memory, disk space, and compute.
11:11:52speachynot a lot of compute happens there. what we really need is RAM (gerrit's the worst offender)
11:12:16bilgus_phWould have guessed the forum
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11:14:48speachywe could save a marginal amount by asking for 160GB but then we'd not really have any room to grow should we need it.
11:15:09speachythey only seem to offer larger RAM instances with more vCPUs, and that's where we are
11:16:17speachythe wiki is very spiky; making the main view of that static would save a lot of oomph, and we could make the entire "dynamic" wiki login only to deter bots. That's probably a good first step.
11:16:55speachyI didn't have the time to create sane-looking static export template, alas.
11:17:17bilgus_phAnd I failed miserably at it
11:17:26speachybut it _did_ work.
11:18:37speachyI could also try again on a foswiki2 migration; it worked okay-ish modulo a sane template until I broke something and it all went sideways.
11:18:38bilgus_phAt this point there are some important pages in there but its not the end of the world as long as the info is still accessible
11:19:15speachybut that was when the host was having some particularly pathological performance problems
11:20:33speachy(...if I had more bandwidth here...)
11:21:27speachyI have three (beefy) servers powered down, including the one that was hosting rockbox prior to the fosshost move.
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11:24:51speachyI'm hoping over the xmas-ish period I'll have some time to put into this stuff. Wiki first; the rest can follow.
11:27:07speachyanyhoo. moving to a new host is effectively just a transfer-n-restart cycle. I don't want to complicate it beyond that.
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11:29:07bilgus_phyeah your time is just as important as the other monetary concerns
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11:37:01Richard42sorry bilgus_ph I just saw your suggestion now. last night I dug through the code and figured out what was going on and just submitted another change which does fix the backlight going off too early problem
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11:37:17Richard42if you want I can rewrite it to use the virtual button as you suggested
11:42:47SerkeSeeing that you guys have been tinkering with bookmark code recently, it occured to me that now would be a good time to report a minor bug I've been slightly annoyed with since forever (as a Sansa Clip+ user).
11:43:05SerkeAfter creating/updating a bookmark I'm sometimes taken to the main menu and sometimes to the bookmarks menu - there's no consistency, it seems to be arbitrary.
11:43:22SerkeIt doesn't sound like a big deal (and indeed, it isn't), but it's still annoying, since in order to leave the main menu one has to press 'home' and to leave the bookmarks menu one is required to use 'back/rewind' button - pressing 'home' will bring up 'delete?' (bookmark) menu and one has to be careful not to delete the bookmark accidentally.
11:43:38SerkeBasically that means that you can't depend on being able to find your way back without looking at the screen first to confirm your current location.
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11:56:21chris_sSerke: Do you mean, after selecting a bookmark from the "Recent Bookmarks" screen? I think you are returned to that screen (only, I think) when you had started playback from there and basically didn't access another screen apart from the WPS in the meantime.
11:56:25chris_sMy guess is, that behavior has probably developed more by accident than anything else
11:57:41chris_suh, I forgot to add "after stopping playback" – that's when you are returned to the screen
11:58:13chris_sthere's a logic to it, but it seems somewhat ill-defined
12:00:55SerkeNo, I mean immediately after creating a bookmark (or updating one) by pressing 'power' button (I believe it's called 'bookmark on stop')
12:03:18chris_sWhich screen are you returned to though? Aren't you talking about Recent bookmarks in the root menu?
12:04:58SerkeThat's the thing - sometimes I'm returned to the 'Recent bookmarks' and sometimes to the Rockbox main menu.
12:05:22SerkeThat is, one level up from the 'Recent bookmarks'
12:06:04chris_sYeah. It *should* depend on whether you started playback from that menu – and then didn't switch away from the WPS to somewhere else before pressing the power button.
12:07:04chris_se.g. if you open the playlist viewer afterwards, and only then press Power, you'll be returned to the main menu instead
12:07:55chris_swhich, I agree, is not necessarily what you would expect
12:09:18chris_sThat is, unless I'm missing something, it doesn't actually depend on whether a bookmark is created or updated when stopping playback
12:11:07SerkeOh, I see.
12:11:48chris_sThe only question is whether it should ever return to the Bookmarks menu (or do it more consistenly). It would be easy to change it so it never does.
12:14:39bilgus_phrichard42 I haven't looked at your submission if you have time the virtual key way might be cleaner but tbh idk if it'll work but I can throw something together tonight if you dont
12:15:33chris_sA separate concern is whether buttons, especially the Home button, should behave so differently on the Bookmarks screen (probably not :D  , but it's possible there was no other sensible option for assigning the Delete hotkey in the case of the Sansa Clip+)
12:38:33SerkeCan't speak for all users of Sansa Clip+ of course, but I would most certainly welcome the change for simplicity and predictability. It beats having to remember where one started playback in order to figure out the right way to return after creating a bookmark.
12:55:22chris_syeah,  there's probably a lot to be said for always returning to the main menu when playback is stopped from the WPS
12:55:38speachyoh lovely, OVHCloud's order page is throwing out an error when it's time for payment. *snort*
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13:00:21speachytwo hours before we lose the pricing.
13:00:48speachysite keeps glitching
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13:07:23speachyyeah it looks like one of the internal services is throwing a 403 error.
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17:59:32speachybluebrother: I was thinking; the way most folks seem to get rockbox installed is via rbutil. What do you think about adding some sort of "please donate" button to it somewhere? Seeing as we're goig to now have actual ongoing costs again.
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20:19:21buZzspeachy: why the new costs?
20:20:09buZzmaybe i can wiggle up some funding viavia
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22:38:22_bilgusbuZz Fosshost
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23:38:02SaratogaI think in the long term time becomes a bigger constraint than money so I'd say do whatever requires the least time commitment going forward
23:38:20SaratogaHappy to chip in towards hosting as well
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23:40:04rb-bluebotBuild Server message: New build round started. Revision 152a238947, 303 builds, 7 clients.
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23:48:29_bilgusrichard42 nevermind we already got the first stuff committed so carry on
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