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#rockbox log for 2022-12-07

00:16:56rb-bluebotBuild Server message: Build round completed after 2213 seconds.
00:16:59rb-bluebotBuild Server message: Revision 152a238947 result: All green
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01:41:52rb-bluebotBuild Server message: New build round started. Revision fceb4f6292, 303 builds, 7 clients.
01:44:45blbro[m]speachy: I don't see any reason against it. The only question is where to put it :)
01:45:28blbro[m]Maybe a popup on first start that only shows once, then a button somewhere that links to the website.
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01:45:43blbro[m]Maybe a wiki page with a bit of text about it.
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01:51:50_bilgusjust that little paypal donate button maybe?
01:52:43_bilgusor just add a tab that says Donate
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01:58:12sporkis there a back-up plan in case speachy becomes unailable ?
01:58:32sporkif it can happen to fosshost, it can happen to others
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02:08:40rb-bluebotBuild Server message: Revision fceb4f6292 result: All green
02:11:13_bilgusbuiltin has creds and so do I if I ever get my damn pc out of storage
02:11:57sporkgood time to confirm your access still works
02:12:10sporkpeople always start making backups after they lost their data
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02:33:17paulcarrotyspeachy, check
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03:04:49_bilgus'We will be accepting sponsor, partner, and volunteer applications very soon. Stay tuned.'
03:05:14_bilgustrigger is already pulled we have it for two years AFAIK
03:05:30_bilgusviable hosting that is
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03:42:07buZz_bilgus: fosshost died?
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05:01:48buZzah, i see, RIP
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09:08:40rb-bluebotBuild Server message: Revision 90bc76956c result: All green
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09:31:42rb-bluebotBuild Server message: Revision a1e4385acb result: All green
09:44:42speachySaratoga: Yeah, That's kinda been my approach too; take the steps that minimize ongoing maintainence. Without also requiring a rewrite of our infra. :)
09:46:15speachyspork: Two others have root access to the vps. That doesn't extend to the deeper-state infra, like the VPS management interface, rockbox organization on github, paypal, and the domain name registration.
09:47:20speachyIn the process of taking over hosting everything rockbox, I've done a _ton_ of work to make the whole ball of yarn more maintainable/sustainable.
09:47:44speachybut of course I could get hit by a truck tomorrow
09:49:19speachypaulcarroty: As bilgus said, I already pulled the trigger on a 2 year commercial host. Even with no donations going forward we have the funds to cover the costs for about five years.
09:49:46speachyWe'e been very fortunate in that we've never had hosting costs.
09:50:32speachyfrankly I'm sick of this apparently-yearly hosting migration BS.
09:51:39speachyand even if radix gets off the ground before fosshost finishes cratering (which is not something I'm perpared to take a chance on) the notion of relying on the goodwill of third parties for critical infrastructure is never somethign that's gone over well for me.
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10:15:17dconrad_webso apparently something recently has broken the root menu reordering feature - I'll make a bug report about in a minute but it's super weird. The reordering plugin works great, until you either reboot or plug usb and then unplug. Then you only have Resume and Settings entries in the root menu
10:15:31dconrad_webjust wanted to put that up if it's obvious what broke to someone
10:16:23speachydconrad_web: did you try after g90bc76956c was committed?
10:17:00dconrad_webyeah, it's on the latest build, a1e4385a
10:17:09speachykk. just making sure.
10:17:21speachyit would be helpful if you could git bisect to find where it broke?
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10:17:45dconrad_webunfortunately I haven't updated in a while, so I don't have a super granular idea of when, but I think a lot of settings stuff has gone through lately?
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10:18:08dconrad_webYeah I'll have to wait until I get home to bisect, I don't have the ability to compile on my work computer
10:18:40speachywell we do have 3 weeks of daily builds to fall back onto..
10:18:57speachy(not that I'm advocating that you hunt this down instead of working.. :D
10:18:58dconrad_webare the erosq native builds built daily? I didn't think so
10:19:14dconrad_weblol I get a little bit of leeway haha
10:19:19speachyyeah, good point.
10:20:24dconrad_webfortunately removing the root menu order entry in the config file makes everything work fine it would appear
10:20:31speachyproblem with having both native and non-native up is that it's gonna confuse folks. especially as rbutil only has the latter.
10:20:45dconrad_webjust if someone else pops in with the same issue we know a workaround already
10:21:09dconrad_webyeah, I underestimated how much it would confuse folks already
10:21:10speachyI'm open on suffestions how to differentiate the two on the download site.
10:21:36speachy(and I'd really prefer to just yank the non-native one...)
10:22:17speachyexcept for exfat (and that line out problem on new hardware) the native is vastly superior anyway.
10:22:37speachy(well, and a lack of an automated installer...)
10:24:58dconrad_weboh, also the "maintain a list of recent bookmarks" appears to be broken too, if I enable it it disappears from the main menu as soon as I reboot. Don't know a workaround for that one
10:28:17speachyok, I'm running a89f279fd4 on my X3 with recent bookmarks turned on, and it works. granted that setting has been enabled since time immemorial.
10:32:27speachydconrad_web: btw thanks for the recurring contribution.
10:32:43dconrad_weboh, no problem
10:33:03dconrad_webI figure I like this project enough to help make sure it stays alive haha
10:39:43dconrad_weblets see if the automatic flyspray thing works
10:39:44dconrad_webFS #13378
10:39:47rb-bluebot Main Menu Reordering and Maintain a List of Recent Bookmarks both broken (bugs, unconfirmed)
10:43:11speachyon the autobuilder page, the size table header will now show the full name and include download links.
10:48:01speachy(visible on next build)
11:42:22sporkspeachy: i wish you no unwanted encounters with trucks at all
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12:17:23speachyspork: hey, I'm completely in agreement there
12:25:50sporkand thanks for all the effort taking over and keeping things going
12:49:52dconrad_webWhile I'm at it, I added another couple bug reports of stuff I just found now (haven't dug into when/why yet): FS #13379 and FS #13380
12:49:54rb-bluebot Backlight exemption while advanced keylock exemption also enabled no longer works (bugs, unconfirmed)
12:49:55rb-bluebot Backlight Exemptions and Advanced Softlock labels: "Exempt" missing? (bugs, unconfirmed)
13:11:38speachydconrad_web: those translation changes are odd. Clearly my "fault" but I didn't ever do anything other than run updatelang on them.
13:12:33speachyI wonder though, LANG_ACTION_SEEK == "exempt seek
13:12:34dconrad_webdid english-us match at some point? I figured the changes just never got propagated
13:12:44speachy...seems to be mis-named
13:13:35speachyI wonder if it got caught up in a tooling glitch
13:13:43dconrad_webIf I recall correctly, I think I actually changed them originally, and they weren't used anywhere except the exemptions lists, but its been a while
13:14:04dconrad_webchanged them in english.lang, that is
13:14:10speachythere's also LANG_ACTION_DISABLE_NOTIFY whose source is "Disable Locked Reminders"
13:14:55speachyoh, hmm, if the "source" needs to be changed we should create a new LANG_ id
13:15:26speachyto avoid this −− otherwise it's very easy to miss the source string changing
13:16:28speachyI've fixed the english-us strings from that commit
13:17:25speachyit's only been broken since March 2021. :)
13:19:39rb-bluebotBuild Server message: New build round started. Revision a9a284c1a0, 303 builds, 7 clients.
13:20:07dconrad_webah, yep that was my commit wasn't it?
13:20:41dconrad_webso really should have left the "Source" alone? or created a whole new id for each?
13:20:42speachywell, my update resyncing of english-us
13:20:59speachyideally, created a new ID and switched all users over to it
13:21:11speachysince changing the source usually requires updating the translations too
13:21:23dconrad_webgotcha, that makes sense
13:21:28speachys/all/new users/
13:22:17speachy"source changed" is one of the things flagged by the translation site's tools but it's easy to miss/overlook.
13:22:41speachy(I also suspect there aren't all that many english-us users)
13:23:41dconrad_webyeah to be honest it seems a bit overkill just to remove a few "u"s
13:24:13speachyit's also date handling (granted that was someting I added not too long ago)
13:24:48speachybut tbh if not for english-us I'd have no way of testing most of the i18n flow.
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13:44:44rb-bluebotBuild Server message: Build round completed after 1505 seconds.
13:44:46rb-bluebotBuild Server message: Revision a9a284c1a0 result: All green
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13:56:27speachyexcellent, the autobuilder page looks sane.
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18:09:08speachyinstalling the package list onto the VPS, yay.
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20:46:50dconradso I was wrong, FS #13379 seems to be a preexisting bug... FS #13378 though seems to be broken by g#4894
20:46:56rb-bluebot Backlight exemption while advanced keylock exemption also enabled no longer works (bugs, unconfirmed)
20:46:56rb-bluebot Main Menu Reordering and Maintain a List of Recent Bookmarks both broken (bugs, unconfirmed)
20:46:57rb-bluebotGerrit review #4894 at : Ignore trailing whitespace in settings .cfg files by Aidan MacDonald
20:51:39dconradI'm guessing it can't handle settings which include a space in their values
20:52:04dconradif that's true, it looks like it may also break eq settings
20:52:47dconradand yep, recent bookmarks also has a space in its value
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21:49:38dconradlooks like a simple fix, g#4897
21:49:41rb-bluebotGerrit review #4897 at : Bugfix: some settings can have spaces in them by Dana Conrad
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23:34:30_bilgus4897 should probably be a while(isspace)
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23:44:35_bilgusand i think ptr >= *value should be *ptr >= *value as well
23:44:43 Quit spork (Ping timeout: 256 seconds)
23:44:49_bilgusno it should be ptr >= value
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