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#rockbox log for 2022-12-09

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01:21:40_bilgusugh Geaverts you still around?? Ive sent a thread to the archives and don't have the access to restore it
01:22:22_bilgusgevaerts and can't spell your name appropriately either
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04:26:44gevaerts_bilgus: I am. Let me have a look
04:27:19gevaertsWhere does it need to go?
04:33:19gevaerts_bilgus: I moved it back to Hardware and edited the redirect post accordingly, although maybe that should be removed entirely?
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08:23:28_bilgus_gevaerts, thanks I did this the last time too thinking we still had sub headings in hardware back to hardware is fine thank you
08:24:49gevaertsWell, if you want it somewhere else you can move it again :)
08:26:17gevaertsspeachy1: I'm getting an error when viewing the staff list on the forums ( it lists the admins, and then it says "count(): Argument #1 ($value) must be of type Countable|array, null given"
08:27:13gevaertsI was looking there because I've been thinking maybe having one or two more admins would be good. I mean, if people have root access on the server, they can be trusted as forum admins by definition I'd say :)
08:27:46gevaerts(also, never ask if someone wants to be a forum admin. They might say no!)
08:30:05_bilgus_I would be ok with that but I might FSU too
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09:16:20gevaertsWell, everyone can do *that* :)
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09:35:34speachy1ah, heh, smf is always broken somwhere
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09:38:23speachyI don't think I've ever actually used that page fwiw. Instead I've just directly manipulated the administrators group list.
09:39:16gevaertsOh indeed, for actual work that's better, but I use that to get a quick reminder about who does what
09:40:05gevaertsIt definitely isn't the most critical thing that could break
09:41:51speachyI wonder what other groups smf is erroring out on.
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09:42:40speachyok, advice taken, and root access folks are now in the admin group.
09:43:55gevaertsWelcome new victims^H^H^H^H^H^H^Hadmins!
09:45:21speachyI think it's because there are no "global moderators"
09:46:14speachyaah, there we go
09:46:36gevaertsAh, you assigned a volunteer :)
09:46:41speachybtw, _bilgus_, you should probably chek your email once in a while.
09:46:53speachyI assigned it to myself, which is kinda redundant but ..whatevs
09:47:23gevaertsIf it fixes things...
09:47:27speachyyou and I are the only ones lited as an admin as their primary group though
09:47:38speachydo you want me to change that to something less portentious?
09:48:04speachy(only really affects which badge that's shown for you)
09:48:42gevaertsMaybe. I'm not really active (sometimes I briefly pretend to be), so it's probably better if people don't go for me first if they need an admin
09:49:10speachyok, you've been publicly demoted to a mere developer.
09:49:17speachyyou'll still show up as an admin on teh staff list.
09:49:45gevaertsPerfect :)
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09:51:08speachyhmm, what groups _should_ we show on the staff list? admin and global moderators, sure, but developers and "rockbox experts"?
09:53:11speachybtw, same two volunteers are now admins on the bug tracker too.
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09:55:25gevaertsI'm trying to think why I'd want to find a random developer on the staff list, and I think you're right, it doesn't seem *that* useful
09:57:12speachythe badges are nice to have but... a nice index of them? not so much, given that hardly anyone is still active.
09:58:14gevaertsThe badges *do* matter, as they indicate that the post you're reading comes from someone who is assumed to know what they're talking about
09:58:45gevaertsBut purely functionally that's about it. They're also a "thank you
09:58:50gevaerts" of course
10:00:07speachyok, staff page gelded.
10:02:41speachyand added a few developer badges too.
10:03:22speachythe moderator list needs purging; a lot of the emails bounce now.
10:03:32speachybut that's a per-board thing. :(
10:06:57speachy....In theory I could do the server migration this weekend.
10:07:31speachyI have the bulk of the data dumped over now.
10:07:50speachy(what's left is the databases and system config stuff)
10:19:12speachyhuh, forum spam is down considerably from its heydey. guess the kool kids are now spamming mytwitfacetok these day.
11:02:52rb-bluebotBuild Server message: New build round started. Revision b63f4c5884, 303 builds, 7 clients.
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11:35:30speachyokay, the upload perf is what's killing things on my builders. We need to serialize these uploads.
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11:51:56rb-bluebotBuild Server message: Build round completed after 2943 seconds.
11:51:59rb-bluebotBuild Server message: Revision b63f4c5884 result: All green
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11:57:08chris_soh wow, almost an hour...
12:01:18speachyb0hoon's beefy builder is offline and my beefy builders are too fast for their network pipe. (avg upload in sigle digits, wtf..)
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12:04:06b0hoonHi. Sorry for confusing you, but i had to shutdown whole cluster of servers, due to electricity job for the weekend. vm2 should get up on monday i hope.
12:05:13sporkhow big an upload is a complete build round ?
12:06:16b0hoonBut good news is i want to resurrect vm1 after new year. Additionally i plan to add vm3 machine with similar capabilities.
12:06:44speachycomplete set is ~640MB, not counting logs.
12:07:22speachyb0hoon: no worries, the more the merrier!
12:07:51speachyI have three beefy systems completely unpowred right now because there's no point with my horrible upload speeds..
12:08:31b0hoonYep:)  I don't want to promise anything, but it's very possible. ;)
12:11:09speachyok, we're now back up to two builders capable of doing the android builds.
12:12:58speachyanother reason for the long build times is that we had some cold ccaches this time. the buildserver tries to hand stuff out to the same builder that did things the last time.
12:16:09speachyhmm, ought to try and make the client a little smarter and not request a new build if there's more than one upload going. right now it's fork-n-forget.
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17:06:12_bilgus_speachy I have a email? or you mean the one registered?
17:06:40speachyhmm, __builtin has one, I don't remember if I made one for you or not
17:09:06_bilgus_if so I have literally no idea any of the creds for it lol
17:12:46_bilgus_woo thnks for the new access!
17:13:01_bilgus_Ill do my best not to FSU :p
17:24:08speachyit's a webforum, the odds are you'd accidently improve it, if anything.
17:31:36speachyas for flyspray, well, that's not seen much upstream movement either.
17:35:41_bilgus_i put the links in code blocks they aren't clickable but it removes the errors getting posted
17:40:23speachythe errors are in the dokuwiki formatting code.
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17:54:03rb-bluebotBuild Server message: New build round started. Revision fc18235323, 303 builds, 7 clients.
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