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#rockbox log for 2022-12-10

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13:56:01_bilgus_Hmm looking at INIT_ATTR stuff I found some potential UHOHs in the tree code
13:56:19_bilgus_pretty sure that is called lomg after init
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14:35:44_bilgus_amachronic (logs) what were you saying about having a warning if those INIT_ATTR functions were called after init
14:44:00_bilgus_anyway g#4904 if someone wants to take a look make sure i'm/its sane
14:44:03rb-bluebotGerrit review #4904 at : [Bug Fix] filetypes.c move voice data out of INIT_ATTR by William Wilgus
14:44:25_bilgus_or even Mr.Someone :p
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15:30:40chris_sI guess it's safe to annotate inbuilt_filetypes with INITDATA_ATTR, since the string constants are stored in rodata regardless?
15:33:46chris_s...or string literal
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16:01:03bilgus_phChris_s from what I can tell the ATTR stuff moves it to the audo buffer where it can be overwritten at anytime as far as I know it doesn't do any degisgating as readonly and even if it did its still not truly
16:01:41bilgus_phNot that we have anything in flash so its all truly a suggestion
16:12:21chris_sThat only applies to the struct itself though, correct? Whereas the string literals, which are assigned to the filetypes extension in line 471, would stick around. Just wanted to make sure the annotation doesn't have any effect on that. Maybe a stupid question...
16:14:06bilgus_phI think it does when I checked the map I had 200+ bytes in attr_data or do you mean am I referencing the char* later?
16:18:00bilgus_phNo you are right it does copy the string ref so need to remove that
16:18:34bilgus_phLike I said if I'm its sane :p
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18:50:57dconradI think I found another regression - are we already aware of this one? FS #13382
18:50:59rb-bluebot Regression: Cannot add "Haas Surround" to quickscreen (bugs, new)
18:51:36dconradI suspect it's a similar settings file issue, but I don't know why it's still present
19:05:29dconradfor that matter, I've never been sure what "TLB refill" errors are... Top Level Buffer? What does that refer to?
19:05:52dconrad^^that's a guess at what it stands for
19:30:24_bilgus_dconrad they should probably delete their config file and try again I had some weird stuff going on after that patch, I think TLB is the lookaside buffer maybe Translation Lookaside Buffer its basically a cache
19:30:51_bilgus_at least on mips not sure if thats the only thing it could be though
19:31:14dconradOk, I can try with a fresh config file and see what happens
19:47:29dconrad_bilgus_ it did let me successfully add it with a fresh config file on the latest commit, but if I reboot and try to change the setting, I still get a TLB refill error
19:49:42dconradno, wait, I tried it again and got the error same as always
19:50:36_bilgus_might not be related but i could be i'd say its a new bug
19:51:00dconradto try with a fresh file, I deleted the file over USB, rebooted, shut it down again, and then booted up and went through my little procedure
19:51:47dconradI think I found an old commit where it doesn't occur (somewhere between 10-28 and 11-17), so I'm going to see if I can narrow it down
19:52:28dconradit seems to go much farther back than I expected
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20:46:02dconradthe culprit seems to be... g#4691? Currently double checking to try to confirm
20:46:05rb-bluebotGerrit review #4691 at : playlist: reduce memory usage for loading playlists by Aidan MacDonald
20:46:16dconradI don't see how that could cause that though
20:49:24dconradyeah, after double checking it really does seem to be the culprit, but I have zero idea how
20:52:37dconradtime to make some supper though, talk about getting side tracked... I discovered that while walking home with a couple groceries for supper
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