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#rockbox log for 2022-12-13

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03:51:26_bilgus_ g#4921 should fix all the Table settings stuff
03:51:28rb-bluebotGerrit review #4921 at : [Bug Fix] option_select.c table settings without arbitrary values by William Wilgus
03:52:51_bilgus_judging by the index method haas surround is using I think this was the original intention but hell IDK its all got a bunch of history but nonetheless its now set up the way haas surround expects it
03:54:36_bilgus_F_TABLE_SETTING uses an index to select values, adding F_ARBRITRARY_VALUES allos it to use the values supplied (same with settings file) like if it has 30 seconds you can write in 31 instead of dealing with the table
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03:56:30_bilgus_it might be easier to just rewrite haas surround to convert the values back to an index but I think its a valid use case
03:57:17_bilgus_I also think this is the reason we were getting crashes when enabling the dsp since it didn't have a valid setting most of the time
03:57:44_bilgus_and note ^^ NO default:
03:58:15_bilgus_anyways that was entirely a headache I'm out.
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12:58:43speachy_bilgus_: that's impressive, the www server must have died just after I visited it.
12:58:52speachyI was doing more data syncing
12:59:01speachybit it's back up now.
12:59:46speachyon the new host we'll have enough RAM to scale up the web server a bit.
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17:51:08_bilgus_so new patch g#4921 still had proble,s with F_TABLE_SETTINGS not checkong table->values I think that is new the other bug we discussed in gerrit surround_enable
17:51:10rb-bluebotGerrit review #4921 at : [Bug Fix] setting.c fail to check F_TABLE_SETTING w/o arbitrary values / haas surround by William Wilgus
17:52:49_bilgus_now with surround_enable actually working I get mutex_unlock->wrong thread (buffering != audio) if I do it in quick succession, granted I did make it so the changing of delay wasn't locked (as it was previously) but it does this moving the conditional back
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18:18:01_bilgus_make that
18:45:31_bilgus_well it appears to only happen in the sim I can't repro on device
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22:00:42_bilgus_chris_s I still don't like that patch removing the splash but meh not the end of the world
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22:05:05chris_s_bilgus_: Maybe I missed the use case for the splash – is there a particular plugin that takes a long time to launch.  I figured that even on old iPods , plugins seem to load pretty much immediately?
22:05:39_bilgus_my clipzip is slower but esp on lua
22:06:36_bilgus_but if anything its probably slightly faster now and the main reason is to know about crashes
22:06:48chris_sIs there any way to show the splash only *if* it takes longer than 0.5s to load?
22:07:42_bilgus_I debated that but thats just going to add complexity i'd almost say a heartbeat might be an idea
22:08:20_bilgus_like a few pixels on the disk activity icon or something
22:10:17chris_sCertainly feel free to make further changes or even put the splash back if you find it necessary.
22:10:30chris_sBy the way, I think there's currently an issue (don't know since when) with setting the WPS hotkey plugin.
22:10:34chris_sIt seems to revert back to the previous entry after using it once. The "open plugin" plugin then shows multiple entries for the WPS hotkey
22:14:41_bilgus_assum on a disk based device?
22:16:07_bilgus_I added some logic for disk based since they append a file and likely there is something messed up in the checksum code might try deleting the .dat file as lang changes are the driving force on that
22:16:30chris_sI think regardless
22:16:38chris_snoticed it both on the iPod and M3K
22:16:44_bilgus_since I use lang_id for that stuff every time someone moves lang_ids around it would screw it up
22:17:13_bilgus_hmm if its on a non spinning disk then IDK but i'll look at it
22:17:25chris_sI can see if i find the commit that caused it
22:17:49_bilgus_I've a pretty good idea
22:18:11_bilgus_as long as I can repro it then it'll be pretty easy
22:19:39_bilgus_yeah it works fine for me
22:21:32_bilgus_tried like 5 times even worked after reboot
22:22:22_bilgus_if its the spinning disk then I know what it is but if its a card based storage then idk because they do a copy each time and discard bad entries
22:24:14_bilgus_chris_s likely
22:25:46chris_sIt seems reproducible in the (iPod video) simulator at least, with a clean simdisk dir. Set the WPS context plugin, which resulted in a single entry in the "Open plugin" plugin. The context menu option worked correctly on the WPS. Then I went back to settings and set it to "Oscilloscope". Now "Open plugin" shows two entries for "WPS Context Plugin"
22:26:16chris_s(seems to apply to both WPS context plugin and WPS hotkey)
22:27:18chris_syou're right, maybe it's not actually an issue on the M3K, I may have misremembered that
22:33:44_bilgus_I probably messed up the append function i'll try the ipod sim
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23:27:57_bilgus_chris_s I found it I forgot to update the checksum code in the update fn for spinning disks
23:30:49chris_sawesome :)
23:36:18_bilgus_ty for the report
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23:41:27_bilgus_it would affect anything using a lang_id so pretty much everything in the menus and even running plugins from plugins
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