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#rockbox log for 2022-12-15

00:02:23_bilgus_this will be the one that goes red I bet in the chckwps or something
00:17:51rb-bluebotBuild Server message: Build round completed after 1113 seconds.
00:17:52rb-bluebotBuild Server message: Revision 31759c9e53 result: All green
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01:53:49_bilgus_chris_s I left a comment on #4927 IDK if this is the best way I mean with 3 items it probably is less code to just check for them directly but if you want to customize more of it then a flags field is probably warranted
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01:57:02chris_shm, yeah makes sense
01:58:50_bilgus_it doesn't look like there are any other users of it so i'd just go with the if || checks but idk what your vision is
02:00:52chris_swas more of a spur of the moment change after  I had idly gone through the WPS hotkey options ... :D
02:01:26_bilgus_I didn't even notice them till you posted that and I tried them
02:01:37_bilgus_that the sbs flashes
02:02:33chris_sdoesn't make much of a difference in these two cases, but it also seems unnecessary to enable SBS when it is disabled again immediately afterwards (in case of the pitch screen)
02:02:51_bilgus_I really don't do much looking at my dap during the day TBH thats what spurred the backlight exemptions patch like why waste battery when i'm not even looking
02:03:25chris_sha ok
02:04:02munkisI have backlight on my QS so I can go from night to day and indoor-outdoor easily without needing to look
02:05:19_bilgus_you have a device that can be read without a backlight too :P
02:18:04_bilgus_chris_s the flags idea might work for simplifying the menus I think atm they are hardcoded looking at onplay with flags like HOTKEY_WPS|HOTKEY_TREE they could be used to decide what items get added to the settings
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02:19:11_bilgus_not that i'd suggest venturing into settings_list they are pretty simple in theory but things get hairy with the dynamic stuff
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02:26:12chris_syou may have lost me there, but I can look into it, or if you want to
02:29:09_bilgus_ill play with it the next few days basically the settings list can be setup to call that flags fn to decide what items get added to the list shown
02:30:12_bilgus_rather than hardcoding the items it'd just check all of them and display omly the relevant ones for tree/wps
02:31:02chris_sah ok
02:31:34_bilgus_some context helps
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03:13:08_bilgus_ g#4928 is the start
03:13:10rb-bluebotGerrit review #4928 at : onplay hotkey add flags WIP by William Wilgus
03:13:57_bilgus_adds 80 some bytes but hopefully it ends up a net loss after the settings aren't hardcoded
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18:11:25TrzyzetSorry for leeching here for a few days. After almost 16 years my iPod video finally died and I upgraded the player to the Surfans F20. I'm not a coder but rather a really good at electronics and I already opened the player. I bought the player with USB-C socket instead of the micro USB and has firmware 2.7. BT module doesn't have a shield and its based on the CSR8511 IC, NAND is a Winbond 25N01GVZEIG. Someone maybe
18:11:26Trzyzetwant some more info or pictures?
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19:10:54_bilgus_Trzyzet, post them to the forum either in hardware or new ports I'm not sure which makes more sense at this point
19:12:39TrzyzetI'll do it tomorrow, I will also write a guide how to open the player
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22:32:17_bilgus_well crap if I want to do dynamic text with the hotkey I'd have to make is banned from the quickscreen I really don't want to do that though
22:32:34_bilgus_make it banned*
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