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#rockbox log for 2022-12-17

00:00:55_bilgus_essentially the codecs are plugins as well
00:07:44_bilgus_just a for instance tagcache_dumpload() tacache_dumpsave() and maybe tagcache_create_changelog() tagcache_parse_changelog()
00:09:17_bilgus_for that matter probably everything related to actually building the thing where as loading would stay in core
00:11:53_bilgus_the settings would be another area that could be moved out to a plugin leave the loading part in core move all the menus out to a plugin ahem dll
00:13:04_bilgus_with fpic you could just knock out part of the audio buffer and load it whereever
00:15:12_bilgus_all the plugin lang strings would be another good example
00:15:58_bilgus_that could probably be done without fpic as its just static strings
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00:41:51chris_sAh, ok, thanks for reassuring me a bit:D
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04:29:03_bilgus_well I think I have everything now lets see how this goes
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04:57:41_bilgus_there are likely a broken men or two somewhere but I haven't found any as of yet
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09:32:09_bilgus_well you weren't kidding about saves a good deal of code
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09:55:48amachronicyeah pretty nice savings and it's simpler too
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10:41:49speachyI haven't seen a sea of green like that for a long time
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11:28:53matiiHi, recently I tried installing rockbox on my sansa clip + but during the installation the cable malfunctioned and the installation stopped before it finished (rockbox opens, I can see the menu, browse files and play the FM radio - that's about it).
11:29:01matiiAs a result, I'm unable to access the original firmware and can't read or write to/from internal memory. After connecting the player to pc (linux), the "lsusb" command returns the following:
11:29:05matiiBus 001 Device 004: ID 0781:74d1 SanDisk Corp. Sansa Clip+ (msc)
11:29:08matiiI can see a drive called "Rockbox Internal Storage" which shows up as 0 Bytes and I can't perform any operations on it (can't read, write, mount or format it). When I insert an SD card and connect the Sansa to pc, I can see the card just fine.
11:29:14matiiIn rockbox I can browse the internal storage and see audio files but can't play them - rockbox crashes (probably the part of rockbox responsible for playing media didn't install correctly).
11:29:18matiiI can't copy files from sd card to internal memory from rockbox.
11:29:19matiiDo you have any ideas on how to get the device back to working order?
11:29:19matiiMaybe there's a way to boot the original firmware from sd card? Or maybe it's possible to format internal storage from within rockbox?
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12:05:13bilgus_phMatii if you are still here you are in luck
12:06:58bilgus_phSounds like you already have the bootloader installed so you can boot from the sd card I have also successfully fixed the issue if you look in the forum there are instructions for Linux and images of the drives for clip+ and the clip zip
12:08:50bilgus_phI'm afk atm but I can help you later if you get stuck but touch should Beatle to put a redirect file on your sd card and copy a rb install to it either way and I'd try that first
12:10:35bilgus_phBut you should be able to put a redirect file on your sd card that should say.. Search for multiboot on the forum for directions
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12:11:42bilgus_phWindows does not have low enough access to fix it as far as I remember
12:14:18bilgus_phBut you can use a Linux vm or maybe even that windows Linux subsystem not sure on the latter
12:15:55bilgus_phRecovery link in forum
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12:43:02matiibilgus_ph thanks a lot for the reply. I've just tried running the clip+ recovery.sansa file from an SD card (can't copy it to internal memory - "paste failed") but I get an error "ATA error -2"
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14:16:01_bilgus_matti your best bet is to do multiboot from the sd card, if the device is booting currently its probably better to leave that drive alone as the bootloader is intact on the disk and while it may be able to be fixed it could also wipe it out leaving the device bricked
14:19:21_bilgus_with multiboot you just need a file on the root of the sdcard called 'rockbox_main.clip+' (or maybe .clipplus IDR its been a long while since I wrote the multiboot stuff) and a recent-ish dev build (latest should be just fine or anything back to 07/2017
14:19:28_bilgus_here is the forum post
14:20:21_bilgus_oh and the file needs a single / in it it is particular about it so if you have issue you your text editor probably added a hidden character
14:22:19_bilgus_I think ATA error -2 is probably a bad sector on the drive but we can work around it if you are dead set on it but again it'll be fine pretty much forever using the sdcard
14:22:32_bilgus_sorry ** matii **
14:24:06_bilgus_this is actually the exact reason I wroye the multiboot stuff that and keeping the internal memory safe from going readonly on these players as it is a common issue
14:27:11_bilgus_essentially you have corrupted the beginning of the drive and to fix it you need to get into it and do some manual hex editing to move the OF (original firmware) to a different part of the drive (IIRC it has 2 different offsets that it might check but you have to get a dump of it first so you can look thru and find out where it will be expecting it and then dd the drive image to the correct offset and hope it is a good sector)
14:29:07_bilgus_you can read thru that first linked post and that was the first success I had and have done it once more on a clip+ with success and probably 10 times it wasn't able to be done (devices were full read only)
14:35:31_bilgus_oh and that said my first clip+ shot the sdcard out and I destroyed it trying to solder in a new sdcard slot so be warned try to leave that card in there and eject it as little as possible
14:36:13_bilgus_its not as robust as the clip zips and has a definite number of insertions before it breaks
14:37:23_bilgus_in hind sight i should have soldered a card directly to it using jumper wires
14:39:05matiiI really appreciate the in-depth response _bilgus_ . I'll try doing multiboot and let you know if it works
14:40:19matiiSo if I run rockbox through multiboot, I can just ignore the internal memory being screwed up?
14:41:28matiialright, awesome
14:41:46matiiis IRC the most convenient way for you to be contacted?
14:42:18_bilgus_I have it up pretty much anytime
14:42:45_bilgus_might take me a day or two to get back to you but I check it often
14:46:10matiiokay, I'll start working it out as soon as I can. Thank you once again
14:46:33_bilgus_np glad to help keep a clip on the road so to speak
14:51:33_bilgus_oh you can leave the file empty and it should work according to my forum post prob the best bet if using windows
14:52:56_bilgus_so after creating that redirect file you just need to unzip your install to the root of the sd card its path will be /.rockbox/
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