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#rockbox log for 2022-12-18

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02:13:24matii_bilgus_ it worked! I've managed to get multiboot working with this firmware:
02:13:43_bilgus_matii grab the latest dev version
02:13:52_bilgus_thats so old its scary
02:14:03matiiwhere can i find it?
02:14:40_bilgus_look for the clip+
02:14:55_bilgus_then download and unzip to the root of the sd card
02:15:04_bilgus_all done
02:15:49matiithat's gonna be the multiboot version?
02:16:02matiii mean the one compatible with multiboot
02:16:06_bilgus_yep its in main now
02:16:22_bilgus_that post is like 5 years old
02:16:49_bilgus_while you a re at it grab some themes
02:17:03_bilgus_same deal just unzip to root of sd
02:17:33matiiwow there are so many
02:18:38matiiit'll be difficult to settle on one theme haha
02:19:11matiithank you so much for all your help! i was about to call it quits
02:19:27matiiyou revived an old sansa
02:27:14_bilgus_isn't the first hopefully not the last :p
02:27:52_bilgus_you can grab as many themes as you want with a decent sd card they aren't very large esp for the clip+
02:28:46_bilgus_so with the latest fw can you browse the internal memory?
02:29:51_bilgus_it'll be listed as one of the microSD folders
02:29:57_bilgus_SD0 likely
02:31:11_bilgus_once you verify thats the case the other one will be your sd card with the working rb install on it
02:32:12_bilgus_what you can do is long press select to pop the context menu and go down to 'Start File Browser Here'
02:32:36_bilgus_or if you have stuff on the internal memory that you can read you can just leave it
02:33:46matiinow I have to head out but I'll update you as soon as I install the latest firmware and check the internal storage, hopefully still today
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02:43:09_bilgus_when you get a chance read the manual
02:43:35_bilgus_you can hide the internal drive from the usb so you dont see it when you plug it into the pc
02:51:23sporkis it a problem to see it ?
02:54:06sporkmulti-boot is great
02:54:20sporki use it on several sansa's, m3k and q1
03:02:10_bilgus_their internal drive is ready only
03:02:20_bilgus_so better to hide it
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13:09:30_bilgus_makefiles are a bane to my existence..
13:10:43sporknot the english language ?
13:13:48_bilgus_very terse
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14:00:39matii_bilgus_ on the old multiboot firmware from mediafire I can browse the internal storage but it's read-only. And the new dev releases don't open on boot, I have to open the .sansa file manually ("can't locate .rockbox" - even though the location is the same as the old firmware). Have you encountered such a problem before?
14:17:43_bilgus_matti so it says can't open ,rockbox when you boot it?
14:19:13_bilgus_i'm not sure I understand what you mean by don't open on boot
14:21:58_bilgus_if its still opening firmware on the internal memory you probably don't have the redirect file right
14:24:39_bilgus_try deleting it and creating a new one that is empty if you did that try grabbing the one johnb supplied here:,51844.msg247373.html#msg247373
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14:27:38_bilgus_the firware should be in the root of the sdcard file structure as such-> /.rockbox if its in another folder it needs to be as such in the redirect file too
14:30:14sporka file with extension .clip+ is unusual on windows
14:32:26sporkrockbox_main.clip+ with just a / in it worked for me. just the /, no enter/newline
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14:35:55_bilgus_windows also does that dumb shit of hiding known extensions
14:36:38_bilgus_'no clue why people run malware so much'
14:36:50sporkbut it has icons!
14:37:24sporkit could be the reason it did not work for matii though, perhaps some extra extension
14:38:08_bilgus_I haven't even touched a windows install since win8 it was bad before you were their explicit product i'll STFA from that
14:39:01_bilgus_I did find it interesting they did the subsystem for linux but thats just a way for them to try and kill linux
14:39:23_bilgus_or at least wine
14:39:46matii_bilgus_ , spork , my friend will join IRC in a few minutes and explain everything in detail as he's the one working on it at the moment
14:41:10matiitoday I don't have much time but if the mystery of the dev version not working on multiboot remains unsolved tomorrow, I'll check it on my working sansa clip+ with the redirect file created through "touch" command on my linux machine
14:42:53matiiagain, thank you very much for your input, it's great to see that the rockbox community and devs are still very much active
14:44:05_bilgus_the one in the forum post above is known working^
14:45:33matiithe link in the forum post is so the known working one is the today's build?
14:46:27matiioh sorry, you probably meant the redirect file, not the firmware
14:46:29matiimy bad lmao
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14:55:17_bilgus_yeah the redirect, re the daily builds I only use redirected builds so I'm not sure the issue but I'm sue we can figure it out
14:56:08JanekCzarnyhi, _bilgus_ older fw work pretty good (only disconnecting from usb throws *panic*) and works with .clip+ file empty or "/"
14:57:19JanekCzarny_bilgus_ the newer fw without .clip+ file don't boot, broken from internal drive is booting
14:59:18_bilgus_I did some updates to the firmware to fix a bug perhaps the newer firmware doesn't like the empty redirect let me check my device
14:59:24JanekCzarnywith .clip+ file with "/' or empty file newer fw is booting but throws 2 pop-ups, 1: no .rockbox directory, 2: installation incomplite
14:59:55JanekCzarnyincomplete* sry
15:00:26_bilgus_and the .rockbox directory is in the root of the sd drive?
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15:04:06JanekCzarnyyup, but fw works - I can browse files, when I want to play file it's open pop-ups 2 info like I wrote earlier, player skips files to the end of folder and back to file browser
15:05:30matiimaybe there are some files missing from the latest dev build?
15:05:42_bilgus_yeah its not getting its location right so it doesn't have a tether to the the drive for relative paths
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15:06:53JanekCzarnythats problem not exist in older fw, so whats change with path finder
15:07:38_bilgus_the old fw wouldn't redirect the root it was hardcoded
15:08:08_bilgus_so once you get the latest fw to boot you should be able to run the multiboot plugin does it list your redirect?
15:09:42_bilgus_it should state something like using root: /<1>/
15:10:39_bilgus_rathe get it ran with rolo (by selecting from file browser)
15:11:05JanekCzarnyI cant open none of folders in Plugins like games, apps
15:11:27_bilgus_yeah I figured that would be the case
15:11:48_bilgus_ok in the debug menu go to bootdata
15:12:03_bilgus_main menu>system>debug
15:13:01_bilgus_it should show Boot Volume: ... Root: ... and CRC: ... what do those three say
15:13:50_bilgus_on CRC we are looking for BAD or OK not the actual string
15:15:41JanekCzarnynow when i open .rockbox/rockbox.sansa ROLO reboot fw and then I have Plugins>Apps>multiboot_select >select root> pop-up: no roots found
15:17:02_bilgus_one thing you might try is unzipping the dev fw to a new folder like /dev/.rockbox and in the redirect file write /dev
15:17:39JanekCzarnyboot volume <0> root: /<0> CRC: BAD
15:17:59_bilgus_yeah its an issue with the redirect file
15:19:10_bilgus_i'd delete the redirect file and do it fresh the bootloader is v. limited so it doesn't have a lot of logic
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15:20:20_bilgus_you could also make the file on the device from the internal fw just to be sure
15:28:51_bilgus_if its still not working when you get a chance after a fresh boot what does the internal firmware say in the bootdata menu it should still say <0> or at least CRC: OK! and there will be a string of numbers those should be all 0 (it depends what version it is on if it shows the root)
15:30:09JanekCzarnyI put .rockbox into dev folder and try 3 versions of rockbox_main.clip+ file with: /dev/.rockbox (boot broken 3.15 fw), /dev/ and /dev (boot fw but pop-ups errors like before
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15:35:58JanekCzarnyin broken fw v:3.15 on internal drive boot data> Magic: {gic! lenght: 4 CRC: c704dd7b CRC: OK! 00: 00 00 00 00
15:36:49_bilgus_just to be sure you are using a daily build and not 3.15 on the sd card right?
15:38:08JanekCzarnythis one to tests:
15:38:16_bilgus_delete the redirect and make a new empty one and put 3.15 on the sd card does that boot?
15:39:06_bilgus_it won't do root redirects so it has to be in the root of the drive
15:42:09_bilgus_ill try downloading that version from the mainsite and see if it works on my clip+
15:48:16JanekCzarny3.15 dont boot, 3.15 boots from internal only
15:49:30_bilgus_the version I downloaded works fine let me try zipping it up I wonder if the sd card has an issue
15:49:52_bilgus_why then that old vrsion works no clue
15:50:04_bilgus_any way give me moment i'll get you a link
15:52:44JanekCzarnywhen its boot from sd files from internal are hidden, now all are visible CRC ok, cant play file after loading... screen pop-up error accessing playlist control file (-numbers)
15:56:29JanekCzarnysansa fw is broken (after sansa sign shows logo and thats all), rockbox v: 3.15 was installed on internal but this broke storage to read-only, so 3.15 rockbox wont work on sd because sansa boot 3.15 fw from internal as first
15:56:53_bilgus_no the bootloader soes all that
15:56:58JanekCzarnyinternal 3.15 = sd 3.15 so boot internal first
15:57:38_bilgus_the firmware just has a special tag in it that the bootloader writes to tell it where it was loaded from
15:58:16_bilgus_3.15 has this tag it just didn't understand anything beyond the root of the card
15:58:30_bilgus_newer fw does and can redirect to other folders
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15:59:08_bilgus_and that bootloader hasn't changed in 5 years so thats not the issue
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16:00:15_bilgus_if you have a different sd card i'd try that either that or format the sdcard with something other than the windows inbuild prompt
16:01:57JanekCzarnyi format sd with linux, windows shows only ntfs or exfat options
16:02:01_bilgus_the second link HD Low level formatter worked the last time I had to use windows
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16:05:18_bilgus_in linux you have to be careful what you supply;u=60254
16:06:31_bilgus_this specifically 'mkdosfs -F 32 -I /dev/sdcX' where X is the proper drive index
16:06:48JanekCzarnyi used gparted
16:06:56rb-bluebotBuild Server message: New build round started. Revision d6744c92b1, 303 builds, 8 clients.
16:06:58_bilgus_try that
16:07:17_bilgus_there is clearly an issue here so lets go back to basics we know work
16:08:13_bilgus_that post outlines how to do it his output is in a European language but it gets the gist across
16:09:26_bilgus_and the media fire link above was just copied from my clip+ so use that for the moment its already set up
16:10:55JanekCzarnyso in hdd llft do low-level format, then put on sd 3.15 fw and make the .clip+ empty file?
16:11:54JanekCzarnythis tool dont have any options in which format i want to do it
16:12:10_bilgus_ah crap it will only do the first step
16:12:23_bilgus_let me grab you the formatter link
16:13:42_bilgus_the lowlevel formatter will just make sure the card is fully wiped and marks bad sectors
16:14:14_bilgus_you still have to format it sorry its been every bit of 5 years that i've done this in windows
16:15:14_bilgus_after done with that grab the mediafire zip above and unzip directly to the card
16:16:51_bilgus_might even do it out of the device if you have a reader
16:17:17_bilgus_wouldn't suprise me if the fw running had a USB issue or something
16:17:54JanekCzarnyLLF do magic so we can go for drinks ;)
16:18:40JanekCzarnyfw from interal can suprise you with error inside this broken installation
16:19:05_bilgus_beyond that IDK without having the device in hand but I guess put that old version that worked back on its just realllly weird
16:20:10_bilgus_maybe something is corrupted on that internal but it seems very odd for it mess up multiboot and still boot the fw as they are in the same loop
16:20:58_bilgus_the only other thing I can think is maybe it read errors and it thinks the sd card is drive 0 but then it wouldn't boot the internal at all
16:21:33_bilgus_curiouser and curious-er
16:22:28amachronicdoesn't it always fall back to internal if multiboot fails for some reason?
16:23:42_bilgus_the only other thought is maybe rootredirect is just not working right with a bad internal drive I should probably make a bad bootloader that blocks drive 0 and see if it still works
16:24:46amachroniciirc the old multiboot swapped the drive numbers to make the external SD come up on drive 0
16:25:17rb-bluebotBuild Server message: Build round completed after 1100 seconds.
16:25:19rb-bluebotBuild Server message: Revision d6744c92b1 result: All green
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16:25:31amachronicroot redirect doesn't do that so maybe it's trying to access drive 0 (= internal drive) and getting stuck for some reason
16:26:39amachronici remember drive 0 was 'special associated with it but i don't know if you got rid of that when you added root redirect
16:26:55amachronic*special for some reason*
16:26:59_bilgus_possible so I guess a fw with drive 0 blocked might be a valid way to test
16:27:37_bilgus_i'll try it on the clipzip I have several of those i'm saving this clip+ for retirement lol
16:30:55JanekCzarnywhen boot 3.15 fw from internal and go system> rockbox info> Int: 2.00GiB / 7.35GiB after click select button and scanning disk... its turns to 0KiB / 7.35GiB. Buffer with internal rb fw shows 0KiB and with working rb fw on sd shows more than 4Mb.. if its a hint
16:33:07amachronic"newer fw is booting with '/' or empty file" −− so that means the bootloader *was* able to load RB from the SD card
16:33:16 Join mendel_munkis [0] (~mendel_mu@2600:4041:5ad1:6800:b225:aaff:fe48:a92c)
16:34:30amachronicbut .rockbox folder couldn't be found, so maybe it's searching in the wrong drive
16:34:31 Quit munkis (Ping timeout: 260 seconds)
16:34:50amachronici wonder if a build from before root redirect was added would work
16:36:19JanekCzarnythis fw works almost perfect
16:37:12JanekCzarnyonly issue *panic* after disconnecting usb
16:41:21JanekCzarnyfw is alive and behave like nowadays kids - dont wanna be disconnected
16:43:54amachronicJanekCzarny try this build
16:45:23amachronicthat's one of the last versions before root redirect was added
16:45:40JanekCzarnywith or without .clip+ file
16:45:49amachronicwith the clip+ file
16:46:36_bilgus_always need the clip+ file for sd boot as the bootloader looks for it
16:47:38JanekCzarnycant do test now cuz my sd have 35% complete of low-level format ;/
16:48:35 Quit mendel_munkis (Remote host closed the connection)
16:49:18_bilgus_how big is this card?
16:49:27 Join mendel_munkis [0] (~mendel_mu@2600:4041:5ad1:6800:b225:aaff:fe48:a92c)
16:51:13_bilgus_I don't remember it being that slow I take it that its still in the device?
16:52:10_bilgus_amachronic blocking drive 0 makes it behave like this so it might just be that it enumerates as drive 0 then doesn't realize its actually drive 1
16:52:42_bilgus_sorry JanekCzarny I probably made you reformat for nothig I guess at least we will be sure its a clean card
16:53:04JanekCzarnyi have it in card reader
16:53:05amachronicsomething like the drive numbers aren't the same between bootloader and RB?
16:53:42JanekCzarnyand dont check quick wipe
16:55:43_bilgus_amachronic, exactly the bootloader says drive 1 and the fw actually checks for a viable drive
16:55:57_bilgus_doesn't find one and marks the sd as drive 0
16:56:32JanekCzarny_bilgus_ if its dont work I will be still happy - older fw works and revive this clip
16:56:55_bilgus_so maybe we can check if the redirect drive is > the nmber of drives found and if not assume its drive 0
16:58:23amachronictbh i don't really understand how the redirect works
16:58:54amachronici can't follow the 3 different types of "mounting" going on :)
16:59:39JanekCzarnyredirect change drives ( internal with external)
17:00:46amachronicyeah i mean i can't follow how the code does it
17:01:29_bilgus_thats a common sentiment of jhmike code lol
17:02:04_bilgus_dude is very talented but it takes a lot of mental work to follow the code
17:02:38_bilgus_I think this probably where it is failing
17:03:37 Quit user890104 (Ping timeout: 252 seconds)
17:04:09JanekCzarnyredirect is like software-like changing connector on pins on ata drives where u must now which drive you want to set as master to boot from there
17:04:36amachronic_bilgus_ i'm not too sure of that, that can effectively only happen if get_redirect_dir() gives file not found.
17:05:10amachronicbecause the snprintf at the end always prepends a drive number /<#>
17:07:45_bilgus_JanekCzarny, actually the way rootredirect works is that it remaps the drives in the namespace rather than physically switching them it acts more like a shortcut when the device accesses the drive it swaps what drive it returns on the backend
17:08:05_bilgus_rempas might be a better term
17:09:11 Join user890104 [0] (~Venci@freemyipod/user890104)
17:17:19rb-bluebotBuild Server message: New build round started. Revision e8ad52be94, 303 builds, 8 clients.
17:24:43JanekCzarnystrange code.. unmounting drive to set other drive as first - that shouldnt just lauch other fw with rolo? with redirect u cant access file from internal - little waste of space
17:26:10amachronicrolo and multiboot don't really work well together
17:26:46amachroniconly do normal hard reboots
17:29:54JanekCzarnywhen I do it manually it works..
17:31:55amachronicis this with the build i posted earlier?
17:32:35JanekCzarnyso its should work with cmd that launch file like rockbox.sansa
17:34:29amachronicit should work when you boot like normal, you shouldn't need to do rolo manually
17:38:07rb-bluebotBuild Server message: Build round completed after 1247 seconds.
17:38:09rb-bluebotBuild Server message: Revision e8ad52be94 result: All green
17:38:54JanekCzarnywhen i tested daily build and runs but cant play music, I manually lauch rockbox.sansa then I was able to play music
17:40:47JanekCzarnynot sure but in this way the cfgs always was set as default as new fw
17:49:38amachroniccan you try it again with the build I posted
17:50:41amachronicits more like the mediafire version that works for you
17:53:31rb-bluebotBuild Server message: New build round started. Revision b650e774a1, 303 builds, 8 clients.
17:55:07JanekCzarnyi make low format and format the sd card, test with _bilgus_ fw wont work now I try with yours amachronic
17:58:30 Quit lebellium (Quit: Leaving)
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18:01:48_bilgus_I have an idea of whats broken with it I just need a way to reliably detect it
18:02:08_bilgus_check in tomorrow I should have it in the dev builds
18:02:46_bilgus_if all else fails it'll be make a special folder called /nointernal/ but I hope to get a way to detect it automatically
18:09:35JanekCzarnyamachronic with yours fw it works but usb disconnecting gives error, music works, radio works.. doom doesnt ;(
18:10:15JanekCzarnymissing base WAD
18:10:38amachronicif the usb error is about the playlist control file, it's harmless
18:10:53amachronicdoom requires you to supply your own WAD
18:11:01amachronicit's not provided with the .zip
18:15:56JanekCzarnythe usb error was something else but now not throws errors, but pc have problem when connected, and shows sd and disk not accessable named SANSA CLIP
18:17:13JanekCzarnyand pop-up error put in disk
18:17:32amachronicmost likely its related to your internal drive going bad
18:17:42rb-bluebotBuild Server message: Build round completed after 1450 seconds.
18:17:43rb-bluebotBuild Server message: Revision b650e774a1 result: All green
18:18:42JanekCzarnywith older fw shows drive but not freezes pc
18:18:48amachronictry enabling general settings > system > USB Hide Internal Drive
18:21:54rb-bluebotBuild Server message: New build round started. Revision 8165a6c245, 303 builds, 8 clients.
18:23:37JanekCzarnyamachronic thx works ;p
18:24:17amachronicnice :) at least you can use that until bilgus has a fix
18:24:40JanekCzarny_bilgus_ so tommorow or today later ( its after midnight for me) will be searching for info here
18:26:01JanekCzarnybye ;) have a nice day/night
18:26:13_bilgus_yw, you too
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18:52:34_bilgus_so it appears its a bit of a difference between multidrive vs multi volume in the case of it working right its essentially the same but once there aren't two drives the assumption breaks
18:53:21_bilgus_I just need to test it still works right in the internal drive case but I think Ive got it
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19:06:55_bilgus_I even put a note there abould multi partion booting, I'm not even sure anyone has tried it
19:18:09_bilgus_ g#4938
19:18:11rb-bluebotGerrit review #4938 at : [BugFix] root redirect failed to match the peoper drive when internal drive is missing by William Wilgus
19:20:43amachronicthis is the drive/volume number mixup coming back to bite us isn't it
19:22:50amachronici think we need to version bump the multiboot protocol to deal with this cleanly
19:22:58rb-bluebotBuild Server message: Build round completed after 1598 seconds.
19:23:00rb-bluebotBuild Server message: Revision 992455dc58 result: All green
19:23:42_bilgus_thats likely going to require touching bootloaders though
19:23:53amachronicyes but that's ok
19:24:13_bilgus_only if you have users to test them
19:24:22amachronicthe point is we want to draw a line so we can say "yes this is definitely a broken bootloader"
19:24:35amachronicinstead of having to guess
19:25:13_bilgus_the bootloader is always going to work its the firmware where the distinction matters
19:25:41amachronicthe firmware needs to know what version of the bootloader it's dealing with so it can accomodate the bootloader's quirks.
19:26:28amachronici'm just suggesting we add a version byte and get new bootloaders to set it to 1 once the volume/drive mixup is sorted out
19:26:51amachronicthe code to handle version 0 will still be there in the firmware
19:29:39_bilgus_I don't think it does from the perspective of the bootloader NUM_VOLUMES gets morphed into either
19:30:10_bilgus_so if its 2 drives with 1 volume each or 1 drive with 4 its still going to do the right thing
19:31:03amachronicdrives contain volumes
19:31:08amachronicvolumes contain filesystems
19:31:27amachronicso the redirect only has meaning if the boot_volume is actually a volume number, right?
19:31:41amachronicthe drive number would be ambiguous if NUM_VOLUMES_PER_DRIVE > 1
19:32:09_bilgus_I suppose but whatever you call it its still going to just be where the bootloader found it
19:32:36_bilgus_but the bootloader will be in lockstep with the fw in that case
19:32:49_bilgus_they are using the same code afterall
19:33:43amachronicexcept if you have flaky hardware causing one of the volumes to fail
19:33:53_bilgus_its only a problem here because volume 0 is not checked for validity at boot where as it is in the fw
19:34:20_bilgus_drive 0 heh
19:36:11_bilgus_the bootloader has no idea what drives and volumes even are really I think it can be fixed on the fw side only
19:36:48_bilgus_now how to best do that I'll have to think on a bit
19:36:51amachronicthey do use the same drive and volume numbering.
19:37:31amachroniciirc drive numbers are stable −− dependent on number of hardware slots
19:37:46amachronicvolume numbers get assigned dynamically
19:39:25_bilgus_the issue would be when you have both MULTIVOLUME and MULTIDRIVE
19:39:37_bilgus_if there are even any such IDK
19:39:47amachronicnot in practice
19:40:21amachronicwell technically MULTIDRIVE is also MULTIVOLUME but with NUM_VOLUMES_PER_DRIVE fixed to 1.
19:41:35amachronicusing a (drive, partition number) pair should always be reliable I'd think
19:45:46_bilgus_or we just mount the drives and volumes unconditionally then check for validity after and unmount if they are not viable
19:46:46_bilgus_then the volumes are no longer so dynamic
19:52:17amachronicisn't that exactly like stuffing the partition number into the low bits?
19:52:51amachronicthat might be viable as long as nothing cares that the valid volume numbers might not be contiguous.
19:54:50_bilgus_looking into it to try and see if it matters
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19:59:10amachronicas for old bootloaders... i think ignoring boot_volume is the best option.
19:59:23amachroniceither it's going to be 1 (sd card) or 0 (internal)
19:59:40amachronicthe firmware can figure that out itself by scanning for redirect files
20:10:22_bilgus_I dont think we need to by marking the volume failed it grabs the next available volume instead and keeps inline with what the bootloader returns
20:12:14amachronicprovided it fails the same way each time
20:15:01_bilgus_well no its still end up the same volume
20:15:21_bilgus_essentially it turns it into a bunch of removable drives
20:15:34_bilgus_it just doesn't happen to be mounted atm
20:17:30amachronic??? mounting happens in disk_mount_all()
20:17:43amachronicso it does drive 0 then drive 1
20:17:59amachroniceach drive mounts 0 or 1 volumes
20:18:09amachronicso if drive 0 fails then drive 1 becomes volume 0
20:19:09_bilgus_currently yes
20:19:37_bilgus_but if drive 0 fails and you eat the volume drive 1 becomes volume 1
20:20:27_bilgus_if drive 0 succeeds you fill the volume and drive 1 is still 1
20:21:14amachronicthis is not any different than having partition numbers, only they are encoded into a single int.
20:22:42_bilgus_yes but it required one int and one if check
20:23:15amachronicwhy not just have a static assignment driveN partM = volume(N*4 + M)
20:24:28amachronicignoring for the moment the annoying effect that'll have on path syntax...
20:26:03amachronicit's just making explicit what you want the loop to do
20:26:10_bilgus_essentially on the back end that already happening
20:27:55_bilgus_the place where it matters is probably the case of true multi volume
20:28:29_bilgus_in that case your way would be better since it would catch a failed volume and mine only catches a failed drive
20:29:33_bilgus_not that it can it just takes more logiv
20:30:03amachronici'm pretty sure your way would have the same effect since drive mounting would have to scan all 4 partitions in a multi volume setup
20:30:28_bilgus_oh I have an idea
20:33:17amachronicto make path syntax sane we could break down the volume number as <microSD(drive)p(part)> on multi-volume targets
20:33:44amachronicso volume 7 becomes <1p3>
20:34:08_bilgus_check that out g#4938
20:34:10rb-bluebotGerrit review #4938 at : [BugFix] root redirect failed to match the peoper drive when internal drive is missing by William Wilgus
20:34:31_bilgus_just mark them as used as soon as the are supplied
20:36:15_bilgus_ignore the improper spelling of proper
20:36:18amachronicyep that should work for non multivolume targets
20:38:26_bilgus_for multivolume I think we can just eat the rest up to the max count
20:38:34amachronicuh, scratch that, there's an unfortunate side effect in the loop.
20:38:50amachronicafter mounting an fs it calls get_free_volume() again
20:39:02amachronicthe last mounted fs will waste a volume.
20:52:49_bilgus_at the end it can just loop over the rest of the volumes and mark as used
20:52:52_bilgus_ for (int i = mounted; i < NUM_VOLUMES_PER_DRIVE; i++)
20:52:52_bilgus_ vol_drive[i] = -2;
20:53:41_bilgus_you could still get a case of a bad volume changing positions but idk that its possible to even detect that reliably
21:00:35amachronici still think building the partition number into the volume number is the best option all around
21:00:51amachronici'm pretty sure the only thing that would need to change is path formatting
21:03:55_bilgus_sounds like a can of worms
21:04:31_bilgus_I kinda prefer the whole single volume thing from a parsing stanpoint
21:05:54_bilgus_but it would make it less ambiguous then again windows is no different
21:06:27_bilgus_they just happen to use 'a' + vol
21:06:51_bilgus_suppose 'c' + vol
21:10:35_bilgus_IDK that its even worth the complexity its surely going to be a larger amount of code whats the upside
21:12:03_bilgus_as far as the multivol case you'd have to keep state to keep the ordering proper so I guess you could store an entry the first time you see it
21:14:50amachronicthere are other quick'n'easy ways to fix multiboot since it has to deal with old bootloaders anyhow
21:16:38amachronicadmittedly i don't see much use to having more predictable volume numbers beyond multiboot.
21:22:06amachronicless invasive would be to remember the partition number for each volume, like is already done with drive number
21:22:57amachronicthen multiboot can have the bootloader pass it and the firmware can check it
21:23:47amachronickeeps the complexity contained to multiboot
21:32:26 Quit amachronic (Quit: amachronic)
21:47:40_bilgus_where would you store it then?
21:48:14_bilgus_or do you mean just in the math of num of volumes
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22:14:41_bilgus_machronic (logs) pretty sure this is the commit that broke this
22:15:33_bilgus_just updating bootloaders would fix it AFAICT then again it would also make that broken device unable to boot
22:15:54_bilgus_* amachronic *
22:21:28_bilgus_hmm i'm not sure the best way to proceed on that note
22:22:08_bilgus_in theory it would still be ok since itd mount the sd card
22:22:48_bilgus_but it wouldn't be able to boot the internal as it is now
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23:32:53rb-bluebotBuild Server message: New build round started. Revision f37ebe5ed2, 303 builds, 7 clients.
23:34:23_bilgus_ok that should fix the issue we will have to revisit this and come up with a more robust way to handle it there are still 3 chars left in the bootdata payload so we should be able to make it backwards compatible
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