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#rockbox log for 2022-12-20

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00:38:23_bilgus_Bookmarks in the text reader?
00:39:34_bilgus_TorC, You are welcome from all of us btw 2019-2022 is quite the jump I'm sure its a much better experience
00:41:24_bilgus_perhaps you mean the keymap?
00:42:13TorCYes, there are bookmarks in the text reader. If you actually use it ever they can be of some use. But yes, it's the keymap that's changed. I recall trying to use them on the zip before and finding a keymap clobber that blocked use of them.
00:42:33TorCI haven't played with the new version enough to find most of the changes, other than that one, but it looks good so far.
00:43:26TorCAnd, given I can count on one hand in unary the number of things that changed on me and I had to fix, like the down arrow on WPS going straight to the playlist, I'm happy so far.
00:43:51TorCI use it as a way to turn on the backlight if I want to see what's going on. Playlist is only occasionally used.
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00:51:36_bilgus_there is a keyremap plugin now so you shouldn't have to edit source now
00:52:31_bilgus_its a bit painful on device but you can export/import in plaintext and do it on pc or save it load it between versions
00:52:56_bilgus_amachronic made a multiboot plugin that allows to switch between installs
00:53:15_bilgus_and a plethora of bug fixes too
00:54:43TorCThat's a very nice feature. I remember trying to fix the source and get a patch in for that keymap issue, but didn't manage to figure out how to get the correct form of diff to do it.
00:55:26_bilgus_we should probably start compiling a change log
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01:49:21chris_s_bilgus_  Tiny thing: the logo has a light background on 2bit grayscale devices, but you've set the background to black on all players :p
01:50:01chris_samachronic: Have you noticed the display of the M3K sometimes not waking up after it is unplk
01:50:38chris_s...unpkugged from USB? Don't know when this started, but I've noticed it a few times now
01:55:13chris_sI *think* it's a somewhat recent thing, not quite sure at this point.
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02:00:46sporkit will not turn on at all (after a button or so) or just not after unplugging ?
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02:04:01chris_sI should investigate a bit more the next time it happens. Since it only occurs sometimes, I only notice it once I've already unplugged the device, at which point the display stays off and it will require a hard reset.
02:07:08chris_sseems to happen way more often though than the bug documented by amachronic in the wiki ("Known bug: very rarely, system might lock up after screen turns on"), which I don't remember running into for a very long time
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02:17:20chris_sTorC: You're probably aware of it already, but it sounds a bit like you're looking for the "First Keypress Enables Backlight Only." option. I don't think its behavior or defaults have changed recently though.
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02:31:00_bilgus_chris_s I was wondering why it had a conditional as >= 16 and not > 1
02:31:04_bilgus_makes sense
02:42:50_bilgus_bluebrother, I think your lovely bot bit the dust
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05:03:17TorCChris_S: No, I saw that. Often I don't care what the screen shows, and have the no backlight on for certain actions set. What is useful is to have a button I can reliably press that won't do something annoying.
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05:11:28TorCI'm just a (not so) old curmudgeon about how software should behave. Because it *can* do what I want, it therefore *should* do what I want. And it shouldn't move stuff around, either.
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05:16:24chris_sTorC: If I'm seeing it correctly, you can just disable the WPS hotkey (General->Hotkey->WPS Hotkey, set it to Off). Seems like the WPS hotkey was only recently added to the Clip Zip
05:17:34TorCYes. That's exactly what I had figured out, which restored the old behavior that I liked. Thanks, chris_s.
05:18:17chris_sah ok, great
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19:22:21speachythank you for helping to warm my place up on these brisk evenings
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19:30:39_bilgus_damnit I even build with checkwps this time
19:30:57speachygotta hand it to you, when you go red, you do it in style
19:31:46_bilgus_ah I see its the buflib_ops
19:34:22rb-bluebotBuild Server message: New build round started. Revision 1387d6480e, 303 builds, 7 clients.
19:34:42_bilgus_told you given enough time I'd ruin the nice green board :p
19:35:00speachyit would be really nice to have gerrit do smoke test builds before something can be merged.
19:36:20_bilgus_it has enough issues in performance apparently what I used to do is run a sampling of builds before I pushed them but I'm still on a laptop that takes 5 minutes to do a single build I really need to get my rig back up
19:36:57_bilgus_its probably longer than 5 mins actually I usually go do something else while waiting
19:37:45_bilgus_plus it gives something to wait for with baited breath
19:37:53speachyI have enough idle cores over here to make quick work of CI builds −− since we'd not have to worry about uploads it can churn right through them.
19:39:15_bilgus_yeah that would be a perfect setup since you are upload limited
19:39:19speachythree entire servers that aren't even powered on at the moment.
19:39:35_bilgus_well I suppose if you need heat that bad :p
19:39:49speachythe slowest is the dual opteron (2x8c) box that was hosting rockbox for a while.
19:40:15speachyin the summer heat is a real problem. :(
19:40:40speachybut the plan is that by next summer I'll have this place fully under air.
19:41:06speachydual 30a circuits into that room too. :)
19:41:32speachyat least the infra seems to be working well for the time being.
19:47:17_bilgus_I think I might try and make a vector drawing routine for the usb logo in theory if its under 5k its a win
19:53:45rb-bluebotBuild Server message: Build round completed after 1163 seconds.
19:53:47rb-bluebotBuild Server message: Revision 1387d6480e result: All green
19:55:16_bilgus_now only 19 more error free build to go
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20:06:12speachyI'm just glad to sitll get an occasional commit in the logs.
20:07:05speachyI'm going to have the ipod+ssd with me over the next week or so, between that and the X3 I hope to land a few fixes.
20:08:24speachyI'm wondering if for those mSATA units, if powering down the interface is the actual problem, as sata devices don't normally get power yanked out from underneath them.
20:09:04speachythe CF and SD-based ones are intended to be removable, and as such try to leave themselves in a tidy state as quickly as possible.
20:21:02_bilgus_it wouldn't surprise me TBH why would a manufacturer waste time and BOM costs on a unlikely use case
20:26:11speachywell, it's firmware more so than BOM
20:27:02speachyeg why flush a small write to flash when another one will probably land a few seconds later?
20:27:26speachybatch them up as much as possible
20:28:42speachywe want to power off if possible, as it'll increase battery life.
20:29:41speachyalternatively maybe we just need to boost the power off delay (currently 2 seconds)
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20:33:47_bilgus_do the msatas draw more power than spinning up a harddrive?
20:34:10speachyanother possibility are that the PIO timings aren't sane for "real" SATA devices (vs the CF or SD adapters)
20:34:52speachywould be really interesting to plug this into a iriver unit
20:35:21speachy_bilgus_: vs spinning rust, no. but they're a lot hungrier than the sd adapters
20:35:48speachywell, the spinning rust drives draw zero when not being used.
20:36:39speachytbh I don't know if the apple firmware actually kills the power supply to the drive, but I have to imagine so...
20:36:51_bilgus_sure but if you averaged the difference over several tracks loading
20:37:02speachy g#4944
20:37:05rb-bluebotGerrit review #4944 at : ata: Prevent powering-off ATA hardwre if it reports as mSATA or m.2 by Solomon Peachy
20:37:12_bilgus_given on 64mb tahts quite a few might be a loss there
20:37:24speachyit's probably a net win
20:37:59speachythe change seems harmless otherwise so I'm gonna merge it and holler at the forum user to try the build.
20:38:52rb-bluebotBuild Server message: New build round started. Revision 646d5f92ef, 303 builds, 7 clients.
20:40:24_bilgus_oh speaking of that patch g#2523 had some fallout this week its pointed out a weakness in multiboot
20:40:27rb-bluebotGerrit review #2523 at : fat: Validate FS Info Sector signature when attempting to mount volume by Solomon Peachy
20:40:56_bilgus_where the bootloader and fw are no longer in lockstep
20:41:57_bilgus_will probably move to passing a drive and volume or something else in an update
20:42:35_bilgus_amachronic wants to make all paths have a drive and partition still unsure if thats worth it
20:42:41speachyI saw that in the logs, yeah
20:43:17speachyI'd rather be correct than fast in this case.
20:43:54speachythat patch was necessary to prevent mis-identification of partitions though
20:43:55_bilgus_for sure as the downside is not good to say the least
20:44:39_bilgus_oh don't take it as criticism just FYI
20:45:42_bilgus_or even bitching for that matter as I was the one who failed to think about the case of changing drive/volume availability
20:46:06speachyyeah, special cases are why we can't have nice things
20:46:26_bilgus_itd be the same as those two sd card units ejecting the first drive in the middle of BL and FW boot
20:46:55_bilgus_luckily I left some room for more bootdata :)
20:47:22_bilgus_its enough to pass a version flag and more info
20:47:34_bilgus_so we can be backwards compatible
20:57:20rb-bluebotBuild Server message: Build round completed after 1108 seconds.
20:57:21rb-bluebotBuild Server message: Revision 646d5f92ef result: All green
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