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#rockbox log for 2022-12-22

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03:09:58jssfrhey there o/
03:10:16jssfrI've been using rockbox for more than a decade now (on various different devices) and I'd just like to say thanks again :)
03:11:43jssfrthe thing y'all here made has been accompanying me through approximately half my life now and it's always been such a great source of pleasure and happiness.
03:12:02jssfrall the best to you, enjoy the holidays if that applies to you!
03:46:41jssfr(also, the rockbox compressor is the only compressor which doesn't get annoying to listen to; I spent a few hours the other day to understand how it works to replicate it using easyeffects on my computers :))
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13:12:37dandu3 i have an ipod classic, I have gotten rockbox working if I format it from the bootloader but then itunes doesn't see it properly. now I have the apple firmware working correctly and windows can see it fine in disk mode and whatever, but the rockbox bootloader indicates no partition found
13:12:59dandu3and windows offers to format the disk
13:13:35dandu3I have replaced the  hard drive in this unit and it's my first time with this kind of ipod so maybe I'm doing something wrong
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13:44:38speachythat's the 6/7g ipod (ie what apple sold as the "classic")?
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14:00:11alex85Hi all, my name is Alex and I am new to rockbox! I am an artist working with an old iPod 6G and got rockbox installed on it. I want to create a custom plugin and already made some test which worked successfully. However, in the next step I would like to create a custom hardware accessory for the ipod. I know that the ipod 6g aap has not been
14:00:12alex85accessed yet (is that right?) but I was wondering what the limits are. I am looking for someone who might be up for supporting me in developing this. I have a budget available and would like to contribute the resulting knowledge of my project to the rockbox community.
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14:02:37speachyit's my understanding that both the serial and usb IAP protocol are documented. I believe Rockbox has a pretty completre implemetnation of the serial protocol.
14:03:29speachybut the USB protocol remains untouched, as is playing audio out via USB.
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15:44:36dandu3@speachy I think so. its the one with 1.1.2 firmware. might be 5g?
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15:52:38speachyif you look up the model number engraved on the back it'll tell you what model it is.
16:00:05dandu3a1238, so yea 6th
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16:01:52dandu3i got the drive on ebay and it's a similar toshiba drive with different model. I don't see how that would change anything seeing as when I format it from rockbox it's fine, but still.
16:02:03dandu3I must be doing something wrong
16:04:19dandu3in disk management I see an 89 mb partition and the rest is listed as RAW.
16:04:34dandu3when unplugging from USB i get a panic
16:05:02dandu3pc:22021CAC sp:08800B38
16:05:04dandu3bt end
16:09:01dandu3HDD is TOSHIBA MK8025GAL
16:12:36dandu3i wonder if this could be a possibilty
16:14:45dandu3I am doing this on a ARM windows laptop too lol so this has been a fun experiance if anything, fun as in every single thing seems to be working, even the DFU tools are 100% functional which I didn't expect
16:16:22dandu3I used rufus to do an initial format while in disk mode, cuz information is somewhat sparse about how to replace the HDD properly, and iTunes being an unsupporting liar didn't help
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17:20:16rb-bluebotBuild Server message: New build round started. Revision b96b7640de, 303 builds, 8 clients.
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17:43:06rb-bluebotBuild Server message: Revision b96b7640de result: All green
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17:50:58amachronic_bilgus_ i've enhanced multiboot with drive and partition checks ( g#4949)
17:51:01rb-bluebotGerrit review #4949 at : multiboot: Add v1 boot protocol by Aidan MacDonald
17:52:48dandu3will this help my bootloader find it's partitions :'(
17:53:33amachronicno its for the benefit of sansas mainly
17:54:05dandu3i was mainly joking, but do you know how to check this? seems like you might have some knowledge of disks and such
17:54:33dandu3i have access to a linux pc
17:54:56amachronici'm not that familiar with ipods
17:55:00dandu3I see
17:58:12_bilgus_amachronic, nice! I've since freed up some space in the bootloader since multiboot was pushed if we are updating bootloaders I might revisit it as well
17:58:41_bilgus_I had a bug fix already that I found last few weeks
18:00:04_bilgus_dandu __builtin is our residen ipod guy along with a few others who pop in time to time
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18:00:51rb-bluebotBuild Server message: New build round started. Revision 34a092a997, 303 builds, 8 clients.
18:03:37_bilgus_hactar|ant or CH23_M if around might have a bit of insight as well
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18:05:05CH23ah my Sansa was sadly lost, i'm using an iPod classic exclusively now
18:05:26_bilgus_dandu3, that error on USB unplug might be the same error being discussed on the forum
18:06:06dandu3you'll find it in the couch, 3 years after you'd already bought a new one. at least, that's what happened to my isesamo
18:06:16dandu3I didn't check the forums actually lol
18:06:18dandu3let me see
18:06:26_bilgus_is your issue just that you can't get the fw on?
18:06:36hactar|antclassic as in 6/7g?
18:06:48dandu3 6g
18:06:57dandu3it says no partitions found
18:07:03hactar|anthrm. i've only rockboxed a 6/7g once and that was for a friend, i don't own one
18:07:09hactar|antmine are all earlier
18:07:17hactar|anti remember the dfu thing being annoying though
18:07:19dandu3and it shows 2 partitions with the main one lists as being RAW
18:07:28dandu3it works just fine in the apple firmware
18:08:00dandu3and I've formatted it from within the bootloader and that worked
18:08:22hactar|antyeah not my area of expertise sorry (not sure i even have an area of expertise, i just have a lot of old, modded ipods)
18:08:34hactar|antdoes it still have the hdd or did you iflash?
18:08:40dandu3i installed a new hdd
18:09:05dandu3I might be doing something wrong with parititions and such
18:09:12_bilgus_so after getting it formatted does windows still show it as being a RAW volume?
18:09:26dandu3if I format it from rockbox it works in rockbozx
18:09:42dandu3but IIRC then it showed up as raw in the apple disk mode
18:09:52_bilgus_yeah I vaguely remember this being an issue
18:10:05_bilgus_I don't ipod either but give me a minute
18:10:14dandu3there's also an 89 mb partition which I guess might be the apple fqw
18:11:25dandu3there's a non 0 chance that I just need to format it now in windows and then both would work
18:12:43dandu3because I didn't get the apple firmware working until after I think, and I cleaned the whole disk with diskpart a couple times trying to get it to work
18:14:18dandu3or idk, i'm just confused. it's fat32 and I don't know why it can't properly recognize it lol...
18:21:52_bilgus_well it always has a hidden partition on the ipods maybe its just backwards
18:22:19_bilgus_FW I was reffering to the rockbox install ( part after the bootloader)
18:23:37dandu3well the rockbox install is there but if it can't get no partitions then I guess that's not worth much
18:24:49rb-bluebotBuild Server message: Build round completed after 1438 seconds.
18:24:51rb-bluebotBuild Server message: Revision 34a092a997 result: All green
18:25:01dandu3should the partition be hidden when looking from the rockbox bootloader too»
18:26:23dandu3it's listed as hidden, nvm
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18:29:01_bilgus_I can't find the post i'm thinking of but if this works for iflash installs it should work for you^
18:31:26_bilgus_otherwise if in a linux vm I can probably help you but windows and ipod are both 4 letter words at this point
18:31:51dandu3nah i have a real linux pc
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18:59:14CH23oh i misinterpreted that thing, i thought there was something with multiboot on sansas
19:02:51_bilgus_no its ipod
19:03:29_bilgus_ 6g
19:03:29_bilgus_<dandu3> it says no partitions found
19:03:29_bilgus_<hactar|ant> hrm. i've only rockboxed a 6/7g once and that was for a friend, i don't own one
19:03:29DBUGEnqueued KICK _bilgus_
19:03:29_bilgus_<hactar|ant> mine are all earlier
19:03:29_bilgus_<hactar|ant> i remember the dfu thing being annoying though
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19:03:30_bilgus_<dandu3> and it shows 2 partitions with the main one lists as being RAW
19:03:32_bilgus_<dandu3> it works just fine in the apple firmware
19:03:34_bilgus_<dandu3> and I've formatted it from within the bootloader and that worked
19:03:55_bilgus_hell even i managed to miss hactag interacting already
19:05:22CH23i just took the µSD card in slot 1 of my iflash quad and it has 2 partitions plus 'unallocated'. partition 1 is 24MiB, partition 2 is 45.81GiB, 'unallocated' is 137.51GiB. I don't believe that is actually unallocated space.
19:07:02CH23µSD card 2 looks fully unallocated in gparted but is not, so these cards are basically individually not readable.
19:10:17CH23okay so they have issues where if they format it from a computer, the 3 different boot modes will not always work, right?
19:10:57CH23i have a second iflash quad, hopefully a µSD card too. i'll try some stuff
19:11:55_bilgus_sorry I clicked on the name instead of the post
19:13:31***Alert Mode OFF
19:13:40CH23oh sweet, i can do this. found a 32gb µSD card
19:17:26_bilgus_nice ipod has a need for documentaion
19:17:56CH23well the manual restore page is not made for the iPod Classic, that much I can tell ya. no MBR for it there.
19:20:54CH23seems i'm not the first who's journey ends here. I hope dandu3 will come back, I'd like to know what they've done so far
19:25:59CH23just formatting the µSD usinf "sudo mkfs.fat -I -F 32 -S 2048 /dev/mmcblk0" and then plugging it into the iPod shows me the rockbox bootloader with the message that no partition is found, entering usb mode, plug usb cable.
19:27:03CH23shows as fat32 in linux when connected to USB
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19:35:28bilgus_phAmachronic can we get rid of crc32 in bootloaders v2?
19:36:14bilgus_phFnv should be good enough and it would free up some space assuming there are no other users
19:37:11bilgus_phCh23 there are way to reserve some space at the beginning of the drive
19:37:50CH23is it only about space, nothing needs to be there?
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19:45:30bilgus_phyper parted -l
19:46:26bilgus_phDoes it say anything about the disk being removable?
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19:50:27CH23i formatted again but via usb(so with the iPod connected instead of just the µSD card) and now it says 'Error! Can't load rockbox.ipod: file not found'
19:50:39CH23i'll try rbutility
19:51:12bilgus_phyou should be able to use mkpart on it and set the start of the drive as starting at 90mb
19:51:20bilgus_phOr 24mb
19:56:34CH23right now it seems to be stuck in DFU mode...
19:57:06bilgus_phSomething like this
19:57:55bilgus_phThey appear to have fdisk options too depending on what you have already
20:00:07bilgus_phBasically start your partition with empty space msdos partition type most likely then format the drive fat32 the bigger one
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20:02:41CH23i have rockbox running now
20:03:22bilgus_phDo tell..
20:03:25CH23booting to default apple partition says 'restore using itunes'
20:03:53bilgus_phIs that with the empty space
20:04:09CH23no, one sec i'll tell what i did exactly
20:05:09bilgus_phIf you can make an image of your working drive with the iPod stuff you can probably make a restore image
20:05:37CH23well i formatted the whole ipod to a single fat32 partition via USB/gparted, rebooted and reconnected. mounted it, then just followed the steps in the rockbox utility to install bootloader and rockbox.ipod. finished that, rebooted, rockbox.
20:06:19bilgus_phOh I think you still need that empty space for the ipod
20:06:41bilgus_phDoes it match your other one?
20:06:53bilgus_phI think rockbox is less anal
20:07:28CH23most likely not, but didn't dandu3 say that his og firmware worked?
20:07:59bilgus_phI suspect it turned the empty space into the hidden one
20:08:18CH23probably, yes.
20:08:18bilgus_phBut I don't do iPods so SWAG
20:08:36CH23they're fun, you totally should!
20:08:55bilgus_phIits far to large to survive me
20:09:09CH23specifically the 6th gen nano since i just bought one of those and it has no rockbox support as of yet :P
20:10:11bilgus_phIve dropped stuff down drains a fuze and a clipzip both survive today the fuze needs a battery
20:10:54CH23well well well. i rebooted to the og apple fw (which is not there) and then to diskmode. now when i try to get back into rockbox it says no partition found again
20:11:25bilgus_phYes sounds like my hypothesis might be right
20:11:46bilgus_phLike I said Scientific Wild Ass Guess
20:12:51CH23i'll do a reinstall, boot into rockbox, reboot into rockbox, then check µSD. then boot into og apple, reboot into rockbox, check µSD, then boot into diskmode, reboot into rockbox, and check µSD
20:13:18bilgus_phI think I'll solder a 18650 or a 17700 or something to my fuze plus maybe I can get a buddy to make me a bigger back for it
20:13:42CH23why not pluck a few e-cigarettes from the streets?
20:13:47CH23free batteries!
20:14:36bilgus_phI figure a week on the fuze would do better with a bigger battery
20:14:37CH23a 64mb partition appeared out of nowhere. i wonder if diskmode or the apple og firmware added that
20:15:13bilgus_phProbably did if so now partition the remaining and format to f32
20:16:41CH23if so, that basically means steps can be bypassed
20:16:58bilgus_phCan you make an image onice out get it done that should be an easy way to replicate
20:17:29CH23of the whole µSD or just the first partition of 64MiB
20:17:45bilgus_phThat's similar to how I made Sansaid recovery images and then just did a compressed img
20:18:28bilgus_phProbably the whole thing it'll be big but then you compress ends up a few mb
20:18:57CH23what size does rockbox __need__?
20:19:15CH23I have a 512MB µSD card I could use otherwise
20:19:44bilgus_phOh likely 12mbish but you want w/e apple wants or larger
20:19:54bilgus_phIt should work
20:20:23CH23why have a 2TB iPod when you can have a 512MB one :P
20:20:55bilgus_phHell yeah mamess it faster
20:21:06CH23what exactly do you want in the disk image? a full restore from iTunes, or just the one i have now, or with rockbox installed?
20:21:26bilgus_phYou can tweak it to allow different sizes of a secondary
20:21:59bilgus_phI did with rub installed to make it easy to get up well the bootloader
20:23:04bilgus_phThen the have a minimum viable way to do more
20:25:02 Quit bilgus_ph (Quit: Connection closed)
20:26:43_bilgus_sorry my phone really sucks to irc on
20:28:12CH23i keep mine always connected but only because i don't have a bouncer yet
20:28:22_bilgus_I wonder do we have any targets that are 32 bit rather than 24 bit?
20:28:34_bilgus_display size
20:28:52CH23can i make a disk image over usb in rockbox boot loader usb mode?
20:29:19CH23i am not sure how cross compatible a direct µSD disk image would be
20:29:26_bilgus_it depends if rockbox blocks the access
20:29:39CH23i mean, rockbox in this mode is not loaded
20:29:47_bilgus_ch23 if you make a compressed image I can open it and edit if need be
20:30:21_bilgus_with the clip+ and clipzip I had to expose the beginning
20:30:56_bilgus_there is a special fw patch on gerrit which I should probably update
20:31:05_bilgus_but thats for the sansa
20:31:54_bilgus_yeah rockbox has devices with XRGB8888
20:33:35_bilgus_i'm looking into QOI Quite Ok Image Format i'd like to make it our internal image format well a version tht is device agnostic
20:34:06_bilgus_using fbdata instead of char8
20:55:29CH23_bilgus_, do you happen to be on telegram so i can get you the file?
20:55:54_bilgus_no i don't have that how big is it?
20:57:02CH23i can try through irc otherwise
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22:57:53CH23_MFor those who are interested in weird stuff: the iPod Classic and Rockbox work with 512MB total disk space lol
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