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#rockbox log for 2022-12-23

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02:22:15_bilgus_I think QOI will be a viable way to store in bin assets, I might try using it as a way to store static assets loaded from disk as well 37% space savings might add up pretty nicely with all the buflib allocs for assets
02:23:45_bilgus_lcd_update tempers the benchmark with QOI losing 17% but without lcd update its about 80% slower clipzip unboosted
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02:28:43_bilgus_11.4k v 18.4k bytes 97.8fps v 116.2 fps for the former and 501fps v 2449fps for the latter
02:29:38_bilgus_without update is pretty much raw decode vs copying data between buffers
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12:06:01dconradso I'm giving it another try to build the compiler on macos, and I'm hitting a vague roadblock - I get a "CC_FOR_BUILD doesn't seem to work", but I can't seem to figure out what about it that it doesn't like
12:07:10dconradit appears to be using the native gcc rather than the homebrew gnu gcc which I imagine is what it's supposed to be using, but I'm not sure how to make it use that (probably symlink something somewhere into the path?)
12:07:36dconradso any ideas on what to look at?
12:07:55dconradlogs at
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14:42:35hactar|antdconrad i tried the same a while back and i seem to remember having a similar issue, i was never able to resolve it
14:42:41hactar|antlmk if you figure it out
14:50:37dconradyeah if I ever get it to work I'll definitely do a forum post at least
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15:00:18amachronicdconrad the error is actually coming from gmp not gcc itself
15:01:05dconradoh I see
15:02:05dconradI'll look at the gmp config.log then
15:02:48amachronici see in config.log
15:02:50amachronicconfigure:4238: gcc −−version >&5
15:02:55amachronicApple clang version 12.0.0 (clang-1200.0.32.29)
15:03:36amachronici guess the configure script isn't picking up the correct gcc?
15:04:01dconradthat was kind of the conclusion I was starting to get to
15:04:48dconradI think if I export CC="gcc-12" I can get it to use the homebrew-installed version, that was going to be the next thing to try I think
15:05:20amachronicor maybe if you prepend the homebrew gcc bindir to your PATH
15:05:44amachronicassuming there's a "gcc" symlink there and not just versioned binaries
15:06:00dconradthat's exactly the issue I think I ran into trying to do that
15:06:23dconradI made a symlink gcc -> gcc-12 but that introduced new errors trying to build binutils
15:07:56amachronici think you might need to do the c++ compiler too
15:08:05amachronicat some point gcc started using c++ internally
15:08:12dconradah, maybe that's the key
15:08:36dconradI do see some errors/warnings in the gmp config.log, though they don't seem much more helpful
15:09:56dconradIf you wouldn't mind taking a look, its gmp_config.log in that dropbox folder
15:10:22dconradI'm going to try like you say and symlinking both and see what happens
15:17:44amachronicwell judging by the gmp config log it's choking on this
15:17:50amachronicconftest.c:4:3: error: implicitly declaring library function 'exit' with type 'void (int) __attribute__((noreturn))' [-Werror,-Wimplicit-function-declaration]
15:19:31dconradan incompatible version issue, I guess? to google!
15:20:06amachronicin gmp 6.2.1 that's lying around my system they have the same test but replaced the exit(0) call with return 0
15:21:22amachronicmaybe should use a newer gmp version
15:24:31dconradyeah binutils didn't like the gcc/g++/etc, binutils didn't even build
15:25:22dconradgcc (Homebrew GCC 12.2.0) 12.2.0
15:26:51dconradone sec
15:28:21amachronici'm wondering if something else needs symlinking
15:29:00dconradso apparently I do have gmp 6.2.1
15:29:04amachronicnice now it's isl not finding gmp.h :D
15:30:12dconradfix one thing, another breaks!
15:30:39amachronicwell where is gmp.h on your system
15:30:48amachronicit seems to be looking for the system copy
15:30:49dconradunless it's using the native gmp rather than the homebrew one
15:30:53dconradyeah hmm
15:32:30DBUGEnqueued KICK dconrad
15:32:50dconradoh god I hoped that wouldn't do exactly that, sorry
15:32:57dconradthose are where it's linked, anyway
15:33:37amachronicso run "gcc -xc -E -v -" with homebrew gcc
15:33:48amachronici'm guessing it's not searching /usr/local/include
15:37:28dconradI'm still trying to parse the output, but here it is:
15:38:48amachronicthe paths are at the bottom
15:39:05amachronicno /usr/local/include
15:39:17dconradthe "/include"s?
15:40:03amachronicyeah after the "search starts here" part
15:40:07dconradok I see
15:40:44amachronicso i guess you need to add the correct include dir somehow
15:40:53dconradso I need to point it to the gmp headers and such, yeah
15:42:03amachronicthe rbdev script overrides CFLAGS=
15:42:10amachronicbut not CC= or CXX=
15:42:25amachronicso maybe CC="/path/to/gcc -I/usr/local/include"
15:42:33amachronicditto for g++
15:44:12dconradyeah I can try that, stackexchange was suggesting setting C_INCLUDE_PATH or LIBRARY_PATH too
15:46:31dconradalright, giving it another go with -I/usr/local/include
15:52:09dconradsomething's still going wonky, I get:
15:52:17dconradconfigure:4376: /usr/local/opt/gcc/bin/gcc -I/usr/local/include -V >&5
15:52:17dconradgcc: error: unrecognized command-line option '-V'
15:53:55amachronicpretty sure that's harmless
15:54:40dconradshoot, I thought it meant something haha
15:55:23amachronicthe exit 0 at the end of config.log means configure succeeded (I think)
15:55:51dconradmakes sense
15:55:56amachronicchecking for main in -lgmp... no
15:56:00dconradit still can't seem to find gmp though
15:56:00amachronicconfigure: error: gmp library not found
15:56:30amachronicyou'll have to add the lib search path as well
15:59:46amachronicthe part to look for in the build log is make[1]: *** [configure-isl] Error 1
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16:04:11rb-bluebotBuild Server message: New build round started. Revision 5f2ca6718d, 303 builds, 8 clients.
16:07:34dconradso I'm noticing two things: in the binutils config.log, it appears to be configuring with −−with-gmp=/usr/local/opt/gmp, and this new build does fail on different things: [isl_val_gmp.lo] Error 1
16:08:00dconradpresumably −−with-gmp= needs to line up with -I and -L?
16:08:48amachronichuh, I'd have thought if it gets −−with-gmp it would find the includes and libs from that
16:09:10dconradyou would think so, and they're there... no idea what version is there though
16:09:35dconradappears to be 6.2.1
16:11:13amachronicwhats the error now
16:11:35amachroniclike the actual error message
16:12:43dconradlooks like ISL?
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16:13:37dconradlet me get the logs up
16:15:38dconradnot sure if I need to look at the include/library paths for that as well
16:16:08amachronicah it looks like it's a conflict between the local copy of isl and the system copy
16:17:23amachronicprobably a side effect of putting -I/usr/local/include first
16:18:34dconradthat makes sense, I also have homebrew isl linked into /usr/local/include and /usr/local/lib
16:18:57dconradI guess I probably need to get all the configure paths lined up to that as well
16:19:15amachronicit's building its own copy of isl
16:19:21amachroniclemme check if that's been put there by
16:19:23dconradoh I see
16:20:27amachronicok open up and try this
16:20:36amachronicat "kludge to avoid having to install GMP, MPFR, MPC and ISL"
16:20:52amachronicremove the whole if .. block
16:21:09amachronicso it doesn't try to add local copies to the build dir
16:21:43dconradthe whole "if test -n "$needs_libs"; then?
16:21:58amachronicthe idea is to force it to use the system libs instead
16:22:18dconradhmm, ok
16:23:48dconradno way this wasn't going to open a can of worms, huh?
16:24:16amachronici'm not sure what effect using the newer libs with old gcc & binutils might have, but hopefully nothing bad will happen :)
16:24:31dconradwell I'm certainly willing to give it a shot!
16:25:20dconradI guess I don't understand why this would crop up only on macos/homebrew though, would think this would be the same on linux too
16:25:42dconradthough I guess homebrew is always going to do weird things
16:26:27amachronicprobably because it has to spell out paths for everything
16:26:28rb-bluebotBuild Server message: Build round completed after 1337 seconds.
16:26:29rb-bluebotBuild Server message: Revision 5f2ca6718d result: All green
16:26:35amachronicon linux it's more likely to all be in /usr
16:26:49dconradwell it made it past binutils
16:27:22dconradif this works I'll have to go and try to pare it down to see what all is actually necessary too
16:30:28amachronici'm going to be afk for a bit
16:30:46dconradhmm, made it past binutils but gcc didn't build
16:33:51dconradlink to logs:
16:34:17dconrad(don't feel like you have to keep going on this btw, I appreciate all the help anyways!)
16:35:01dconradI thought it would be a simple fix
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16:53:30dconradwell I don't want to jinx it but it I cleared out $CC and it's sure getting a lot farther than it was before
16:53:35dconradknock on wood
16:55:32dconradeh spoke too soon
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17:21:12amachronicdconrad in that latest log it looks like gmp is still in the gcc source dir??
17:21:21amachronic../../../gcc-4.9.4/gmp/gmp-impl.h:3371:40: error: expected ')' before 'L'
17:22:08dconradhmm, let me see if I can find that file
17:22:35dconradoh wait I didn't delete the extracted gcc dir
17:22:51dconradI didn't realize that's where the local libraries were put
17:23:05dconradlet me try it again
17:24:31dconrad(with specified $CC)
17:32:12dconradok, it can't seem to find libint1.h
17:33:09amachroniclibint1 seems to be for quantum mechanics :D
17:33:59dconradhey, we all knew rockbox is ahead of its time!
17:35:21dconradnew versions should be in the same folder as before now
17:35:34amachronici swear there's an option to disable libintl
17:35:50dconradin rockbox or gcc?
17:35:56amachronicin gcc
17:36:13dconradsomething should set
17:36:33dconradwell I can add that to $CC
17:37:06amachronicno it needs to be in GCC's ./configure options
17:37:14dconradoh dang
17:40:16amachronichopefully you're almost there :)
17:40:52amachronici have to go again now, probably won't be on again tonight
17:41:11amachronicbut i'll check tomorrow to see if you had success
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17:42:29dconradalright, I really appreciate your help
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19:23:05dconradamachronic (logs): I'm still stumbling over libintl - gcc says it can't find libintl.h, but it's clearly symlinked in /usr/local/include
19:23:31dconradwondering if I'm not setting the include/library paths correctly
19:25:12dconradalso weirdly, "find /usr -name libintl* -print 2>/dev/null" (from a stackexchange thread about missing libintl.h on macos, apparently a common problem) can't find them either... wonder if that's related
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23:29:00dconradamachronic (logs): after letting updates churn for several hours, I'm hitting up against some random package pygobject blocking me from doing a reinstall of gettext, which... might fix libintl.h? Anyway, I think I'm running into a consequence of not being on the latest macos version, so I might run that tonight
23:30:52dconradI'm sure there's some simple, obvious reason it can't find libintl, but for now it's baffling :o
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