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#rockbox log for 2022-12-27

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00:21:51_bilgusUpdate on QOI image format it saved about 3k on the usblogo with imo a lot of complexity
00:22:53_bilgusI'll see what kind of savings show up on the backdrop and the performance, that might bring it to worthwhile
00:40:00_bilguseh the backdrops do offsets into the image to get individual lines really not a good fit for a run length encoder
01:02:16__builtin_bilgus: how big is the decompression code size?
01:02:35__builtinand how does that compare to the savings on bitmap size?
01:03:00__builtin(and what bitmaps do we even ship in-bin?)
01:03:54__builtinafaik it's only the rockbox logo + usb logo on most builds?
02:02:29_bilgusyea I already made rockboxlogo removed after boot with ATTR_INIT
02:02:57_bilgusit decreases size by about 30% for all the bitmaps I've tried
02:03:44_bilgusI doubt mono on 1bit displays would show much
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02:08:35_bilgusdecoder is about 1.3k plus a single static array of display width
02:10:05_bilgusfor vertical displays id probably turn the image 90degrees on encode to simplify decode or go to extremes and or mask out the bits
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09:42:57_bilgusnice vertical displays are already taken care of in bmp2rb
09:43:35rb-bluebotBuild Server message: New build round started. Revision 52f59f637d, 303 builds, 7 clients.
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10:05:30rb-bluebotBuild Server message: Revision 52f59f637d result: All green
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10:14:07_bilgusI see as low as 200 bytes difference on the iRiverh100 but another mono target the clipPlus is around 2k, the bootloaders would probably be a good use of this but it'd need some more work yet
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10:57:42dconrad_webso apparently I've been set as a mod with developer badge in the forums... I assume this was an accident?
10:58:25_bilgusuh no didn't you get commit access?
10:59:02dconrad_webdid I?
10:59:15dconrad_webare you thinking of chris_s maybe?
10:59:27_bilgusno i thought you did as well
10:59:40dconrad_webnah man
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11:04:51_bilgusmight check when you get a chance otherwise maybe a mistake
11:08:55dconrad_webhmm, alright
11:12:05dconrad_webit doesn't look like it - I assume when you have commit access a big "commit" button appears?
11:13:31dconrad_webor at least, I definitely still don't have "forge author" permissions, so I imagine I haven't been given commit access
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11:41:26dconrad_webIn other news, I am kinda thinking of buying one of the surfans players to try to get USB-C... do we allow selling players via irc or forums? I ended up with 2 hifi walker players already, and I certainly don't need 3
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11:52:08paulcarrotyyeah, go sell all except drugs :)
11:57:40dconrad_web(... but what if the drugs are IN the player though???? :-O)
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15:10:02SchimonI want to install Rockbox on Sansa which I think is SansaClip+
15:10:40SchimonHow to Identify a Clip (v1/v2), Clip+ or Clip Zip
15:10:40SchimonThe Clip+ has a square directional-pad control and a microSDHC slot, but retains the monochrome OLED display and mini USB connector of the original Clip.
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15:34:41Schimonlsusb says Sansa Clip+ is connected
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15:35:38SchimonRockbox Utility doesn't display any mountpoint, not automatically nor manually. What to do?
15:38:44speachydconrad: Pretty sure the forum thing was my doing but I don't know wtf I'd do one without the rest.
15:39:53SchimonAttached USB devices
15:39:53SchimonVID: 045e PID: 0040, (no description available)
15:39:53SchimonVID: 0781 PID: 74d1, SanDisk SanDisk Sansa Clip+
15:39:53DBUGEnqueued KICK Schimon
15:39:53SchimonVID: 1d6b PID: 0002, (no description available)
15:39:53SchimonVID: 1d6b PID: 0002, (no description available)
15:42:19speachydconrad: First, should ask if you actually _want_ commit access and to be designated as someone who has it.
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15:46:26dconrad_webI don't know if I'm really experienced enough to have commit privileges, that seems much more serious than what I've contributed
15:48:22dconrad_webit certainly wasn't in my list of goals haha, I just posted on the forum and saw that I was a mod for some reason and went "that's weird"
16:04:05speachyfwiw, you _did_ contribute a port.
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16:05:11dconrad_webwell I guess so, but I also had a lot of handholding
16:06:49dconrad_webI guess if it's on the table I'll just try my best to be careful with it
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19:05:24dconradyou know, one thing maybe I could start working on is compiling a list of significant changes since 3.15... git says there have been somewhere around 2300 commits since then
19:05:59dconradin preparation for maybe a new release
19:06:17dconradwhere's the best place to start that? wiki?
19:07:24dconradoh wait, looks like someone has already been working on that
19:08:41dconrador, did in mid-2021
19:10:18CH23i'd think merged codechanges but i believe y'all use something other than git, right?
19:12:30dconradnah, it's git, but Gerrit is the front-end for it I guess you could say
19:14:20speachydconrad: I was trying to keep that updated but I clearly fell behind. It is simultaneously too veerbose and not enough. :/
19:15:13dconradI feel like on some level it's a little redundant since git does that by definition
19:15:39dconradso maybe it's best used as a platform for communicating changes to end users
19:15:54dconrador at least "this got worked on in some way"
19:15:58speachyit's intended to be the basis for meaningufl release nodes
19:17:04dconradby the way, do we have some sort of checklist for a new release? I'm curious what needs to happen to work towards that end - presumably we want to sometime in the not-too-distant future?
19:18:11speachythere is, on the wiki
19:18:17dconradah, of course
19:18:20speachyI forget where
19:18:37speachywe keep finding new stuff to work on.
19:19:21speachy.. but imo once I finally squash the last of the ipod-ssd-related issues that would be a reallllly good time for a release regardless of what else is going on.
19:27:05dconradso probably not even that long from now, if you've got hardware in hand?
19:29:23speachyI do, but $meatspace hasn't been kind.
19:34:24CH23what kind of issues still exist with ipod SSDs?
19:36:28speachythe mSATA-based ones still trash things with writes
19:36:37speachyCF/SD-based ones seem okay.
19:36:57speachy(at least on the <6g ipods; I don't really see anything on the newer ones, which means it probably works okay)
19:39:01CH23since 3.15 (or maybe even a dev version >3.14) my 6th gen won't kill itself if i add files or edit files on-device from within rockbox anymore, so that seems good.
19:39:55CH23but, N=1, and it's using an iflash quad, which is probably the most well-tested 3rd party flash option?
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