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#rockbox log for 2023-01-01

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00:10:53speachy__builtin: yeah there's a PHP8.1 issue with flyspray. happens only when there are URLs in the message
00:11:15speachyhappy new year, y'all...
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01:45:54chris_shappy new year! g4982 indeed fixes Boomshine being unresponsive on iPods
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09:46:18speachy_bilgus: looks like one bit of red in the build from the keyremap context
09:47:03_bilgusthe ClipV2? or something new?
09:47:04speachychris_s: I'll bet there are more threading bugs lurking. at least in code that wasn't designed to be thread-safe.
09:47:22speachyyeah, clipv2. seems kinda random but... eh
09:47:24_bilgusapparently the clipV2 has a physical hold switch
09:47:38_bilgusI don't remember this being the case but meh
09:48:11_bilgusbeen easily 15 years since Ive used a clip v1/v2
09:49:18_bilgusreally I questioned several years ago how many were still in the wild I bet that number is very few by now especially
09:52:57_bilgusthere is something afoot in tlsf on the sim but I haven't found it yet, looking at alignment atm as I got an error 'struct bhdr_t', requires 8 byte alignment
09:55:27_bilgusvoid* x 2 is 16 here so maybe thats the issue but I can't see how
09:56:10speachythe tlsf code auto-aligns to 2*void* but x86_64 doesn't care about unaligned pointers
09:57:33_bilgusmight be asan being overly agressive but probably not
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10:09:52_bilgusI get SEGV on Read in free() in the other sgt games too so its not just lua
10:10:01_bilguslua just calls free a lot
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12:37:41_bilgusso i've narrowed tlsf down to the free block coalesce it appears to happen when a value 0xnn0 gets allocated on free it is rounded to 0xnn2 then | FREE_BLOCK makes it 0xnn3 when I rounded the specific failing free it moved on to failing at the next matching pattern
12:47:40speachyis it not allocating a long enough block?
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13:08:49_bilgusnot sure yet
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13:23:32_bilgusits the previous block hdr pointing to a bad address the bits at the end denote PREV_FREE but i'm just seeing the end result still need to tack it back further
13:33:48speachycould it be corrupted by the caller going out of bounds?
13:40:04_bilguswell the caller asks for a size that either succeeds or fails and they get a pointer then they call free later on that pointer I guess the caller could corrupt the pointer?
13:40:31speachyyeah, if the caller doesn't pass in the same pointer to free() all bets are off.
13:40:35_bilgusbut it doesn't appear to be plus amachronic said plain old malloc worked
13:40:44speachyor the caller could over/underrun the allocated block
13:41:47_bilgusthat could be I guess I can make the blocks bigger and check a sentinel
13:42:12_bilgusif my fence posts are mowed down
14:04:21_bilguslooks like the pointers all come back intact
14:04:57_bilgusI suppose that was likely considering the sgts puzzles are unlikely to be overwriting as well
14:07:01_bilgusbasically I doubled the size and filled with a a sentinel and put a second marker at the end of the expected alloc it comes back intact but is tlsf overwriting it I guess is the next question
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15:53:21_bilgusspeachy see g#4984 this is as much as I could implement before running into the issue
15:53:24rb-bluebotGerrit review #4984 at : [Experiment] tlsf working by William Wilgus
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16:09:23_bilgusthis area catches my eye
16:49:00speachyis it possible this is still due to multithreading? even putting aside multiple CPU stuff, the tlsf code is not threadsafe unless built with locking.
16:51:00_bilgusI can try building it with locking but I can't imagine so
16:51:18_bilgusI think the sanity check is overwriting something
16:51:39_bilgusthats the last part missing between the two and thats where it all goes sideways
16:52:49_bilguslocking does no bueno
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23:39:00saanaitoDoes anyone here know of any sub-$100 PAPs with USB-C for charging+data? Rockbox-able or not
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23:39:48saanaito(I'd probably have an easier time modding my Clip Zip, but I'm curious anyway)
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23:54:07_bilgusI'd recommend not modding your clipzip its got some of the tiniest pads i've ever seen in an electronic device someone just bought a (Surfans F20?) that has usb c but I don't know that we support it
23:54:42_bilgusspeachy it turns out its the pointer tagging
23:55:05_bilgusand even doing it through a struct asan still has a fit
23:56:26_bilgusrather a union sorry
23:57:59_bilgus^ it strips the bits back off here

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