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#rockbox log for 2023-01-02

00:01:34_bilgusmaybe we can store it in the top of ->size
00:02:49_bilgusthat would limit an alloc to ~1gb
00:05:14_bilgusah but since it uses null pointrs that wouldn't work
00:05:51_bilgusyeah I'm going to say we are going to have to remove the sanity checks to get this kosher
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00:15:30_bilgus g#5005
00:15:32rb-bluebotGerrit review #5005 at : tlsf remove corruption checks by William Wilgus
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01:05:56_bilgusoh I just got it to work by using &~STATE_MASK instead of & BLOCK_SIZE
01:15:45_bilgusand ~PTR_MASK WEIRD
01:16:42_bilgusconsidering ~PTR_MASK == BLOCK_SIZE I'm not getting why
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08:58:34speachy_bilgus: given that this problem supposedly goes away when -O2 (vs -Os) is used, it's presumably something pretty subtle that is confusing the optimizer.
08:58:52speachy(upstream uses -O2)
09:04:22speachycould also be a signed/unsigned issue.
09:04:42speachysizeof(x) is unsigned, and 0xffffffff is signed
09:05:51speachyIMO makes more sense to #define BLOCKSIZE (~PTR_MASK)
09:06:14speachyyay for C int promotion. :D
09:14:48_bilgusthat makes some sense i'll try adding u to that define
09:17:09_bilgusnah no dice would have been great had it worked
09:20:02speachybut does changing BLOCK_SIZE to ~PTR_MASK work?
09:20:09speachy(well, probably will)
09:21:05speachyand heh 0xffffffff isn't correct for 64-bit platforms either.
09:24:11_bilgusgodbolt sez you are exactly correct
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09:27:10_bilgusIdk the implications of changing BLOCK_SIZE to ~PTR_MAASK though as in the rest of the cases its not being used on a memory address
09:27:56_bilgusI'd assume there is a reason where as the latter author was just being 'clever'
09:28:14speachynah, just hardware-centric
09:28:41speachydon't appreciate what it takes to be "portable"
09:29:40_bilguswell ~STATE_MASK works and imo mkes more sense looking at the code
09:30:09_bilgusnot like the bits of that change between devices
09:32:15_bilgusand the bits beyond that shouldn't change anyway so & BLOCK_SIZE just msking already 0'd bits
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10:13:58rb-bluebotBuild Server message: New build round started. Revision 6cbf2160e5, 303 builds, 7 clients.
10:14:07_bilgusok fix is pushed
10:15:45_bilgusspeachy was that ndantam 's branch on github that you grabbed as upstream? I found that one matched and filed an issue
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10:35:33rb-bluebotBuild Server message: Revision 6cbf2160e5 result: All green
10:39:05speachyyep, that was it
10:39:22speachyand I was going to report an issue too then I saw yours :)
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