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#rockbox log for 2023-01-05

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12:15:05speachySo. I'm still thinking that getting the GCC8 toolchain for native targets would be a good thing overall. hosted stuff is of debatable use given that platform dependencies hold us partially back. And android[-ajacent] is stuck on gcc4.9 unless we move to llvm.
12:15:49speachynothing obvious is broken so far on native mips+arm, but no m68k smoke test yet.
12:17:18speachyif this were to land I'd expect to see a small pile of warnings in port-specific code. The core is clean even with bleeding edge toolchains.
12:34:15speachygonna rework the patch to give them unique prefixes though. so instead of 'mipesel-elf' it'll be 'mipsel-rockbox850-elf' or 'mipsel-rockbox850-linux-gnu'
12:39:31speachyso they all can coexist
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13:42:48speachyapparently I can't put numbers in the vendor part of the tuple. :(
13:58:14Trzyzetspeachy, I was able to adb to my Surfans and I'm able to list the files in /dev and /sys, I cannot extract them, cat works only on some of the files.
14:02:12TrzyzetSo, in adb shell you can check things like DAC models, gpio stuff, I2C configurations and many more
14:04:42speachythis is the newer version of the F20?
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14:29:04Trzyzetyes, with 2.7 firmware and a USB-C socket
14:30:11speachyhow does that info compare to what's on the wiki?
14:35:23speachywait, the existing pre-patched F20 v2.7 image didn't work?
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14:47:36Trzyzetworked just fine, I'm using the hosted port, on the forum I put the pictures of the motherboard and the hardware is quite different
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18:31:40MarcAndersenHi. Maybe this is a stupid question, but after I updated I can't seam to find information about the modified date and time of audio files in properties, but other file types works. Am I missing something or has it been disabled? If it has, I would like to get it enabled again.
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22:35:50chris_sMarcAndersen: Not a stupid question.
22:36:04chris_sThere was a lot of duplicated code between the Tack Info Screen and the Properties Plugin.
22:36:26chris_sInstead, the latter now uses the former when used with audio files, resulting in modified date/time not being displayed anymore.
22:36:38chris_sIf you feel strongly about it, I can update it so the modified info is also displayed.
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22:49:39_bilgusyou can sort by modified time iirc does it need to be exact or is newer than this other one good enough?
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23:45:42rb-bluebotBuild Server message: New build round started. Revision 9bd5249445, 303 builds, 8 clients.

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