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#rockbox log for 2023-01-06

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00:32:27munkisuzziyah is back up.
00:33:23munkisalso btw the debug buildgraphs don't display
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05:57:22lisa_Good Morning! Noob here...need help diagnosing the status of my clip+. All it does at start up (using various combos of buttons as described in forum and help sections) is sansa−−>flower logo−−>sansa−−>flower logo. It hangs on flower logo. Not recognized by computer (Linux) through USB. I tried to create a bootable SD card but no luck. I'm open to trying the "shorting" to enter...
05:57:24lisa_...recovery mode, but thought I should run the situation by you experts first before performing any invasive feats! Thanks for any morsel you might throw my way. Best regards.
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06:35:21_bilguslisa do you already have rockbox on this device?
06:38:01_bilgusIts been a long while but i'm pretty sure you can still get the device to enumerate even with bad flash, you'll need to get that figured out first
06:40:22_bilgusif you get that to happen and the device isn't read only you should be able to use 'dd' to copy a drive image to the device
06:41:54_bilgusif the device is already read only and you don't have our bootloader already its done save it for parts
06:55:47_bilgusoh thankfully we have the wiki
06:56:14_bilgusyou have to short out the nandto get it to ginto recovery mode
06:59:23_bilgusand a guide someone made for a different sansa model
06:59:36_bilgussame idea but use the image provided above
07:00:10_bilgusand i'm pretty certain I never desoldered the battery
07:01:29_bilgusyou just have to make sure its off first
07:07:22lisa_Hi bilgus, and thanks for the info. Not sure if rockbox was installed since I inherited this device. I will peruse all you've suggested and keep trying. Thanks a bunch.
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09:37:11MarcAndersenIt would be cool if you could add it back in to show the time, I used it a lot.
09:38:32speachymunkis: huh, I don't think I've ever looked at that.
09:45:38speachyand it should be fixed now. another PHP8-ism, apparently.
09:51:16speachythe debug view does really show just how badly my main builders are suffering due to crappy upload speeds..
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14:07:31MarcAndersenThanks a lot for the date modified feature.
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14:11:26MarcAndersenAlso I managed to get around the calculator.c, mikmod.make and rockaux.c errors with windows simulators, so now I'm building simulators from git without any changes.
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14:44:43MarcAndersenI still have the voice problem on my gigabeta s though where it says s after each option and it can't say yes or no and it can not spell. Is there a way to solve this?
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14:58:41wsaI wanted to report that Rockbox currently fails to play files on my Sansa Clip+ (prefetch abort)
14:58:55wsaRevert "rbcodec dsp: Refactor DSP init routines, restore INIT_ATTR" fixes the issue
14:59:17wsaSadly, I can't register at flyspray, so I commented in gerrit instead
15:00:16amachronicuh oh that's mine
15:00:24wsaI have no experience with the DSP subsystem, so I can't really tell what goes wrong
15:00:46wsabut I can apply debug patches or test stuff
15:01:09amachronicare you able to get a useful traceback?
15:01:44wsaon the screen, there is no traceback. is there another way to get one?
15:02:13amachronicnot that I know of
15:02:47amachronicusually you get lines of pc:xxx but if things are badly broken the traceback can fail
15:03:26wsaI'll try again
15:03:40amachronici can build locally to see if it's INIT_ATTR causing the problem
15:04:41amachronicthe build doesn't yet check references from non-init to init code so something might be calling an init routine that's been erased.
15:05:04amachronicwith a slightly newer binutils I can do it (and I did so, but I built with another target)
15:06:00wsaPrefetch abort at 6772006a
15:06:02wsaFSR 0x6a
15:06:14wsa(domain 6, fault 10)
15:07:19wsaI see
15:08:13amachronicI need the commit hash to hunt down the traceback
15:08:34amachronic(I need to build the same version and objdump it)
15:08:49wsa"Fix some Shif related UB −− ASAN"
15:09:18wsaI could send you the binary?
15:09:37amachronicI need the .elf for debug info
15:10:54amachronic...and it looks like I didn't build the gcc 8.5.0 toolchain for ARM so I can't do the linker check just yet.
15:11:44amachronic_bilgus might be able to help he has a clip+
15:12:04wsaso sending my .elf does not help?
15:12:39amachronici built the elf locally
15:12:50amachronicbut it seems the address is out of range
15:13:17wsayes, I disassembled the elf and nothing is close to 6772xxxx
15:14:17amachronicor even 3772xxxx
15:15:30amachronicyou could try stripping INIT_ATTR and INITDATA_ATTR from the dsp library
15:16:27wsaokay, with another file, i get another pc: 3332313c
15:16:54wsastill doesn't help
15:17:03amachronicit's probably jumping through a bad function pointer
15:17:24amachronicwild guess
15:17:48wsaI'll try removing the keywords
15:20:48wsathat alone does not help
15:21:22amachronicalright, at least that rules out one class of error
15:34:38amachronici'm having a hard time understanding what could be the problem
15:34:38wsai checked the asm code handling dsp_init_fn pointers, but it looks good to me
15:35:17amachronicmaybe I should try to split up the changes into multiple patches?
15:37:30wsaif that is possible
15:41:06wsaI'll be back in ~30 minutes
15:45:59MarcAndersenI went back to commit 5883cb4a52 which I had on my player a very long time and that doesn't have the voice problem. I am trying to track it down and will report back.
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17:08:21_bilguswsa, amachronic i can look t it this eve
17:18:20_bilguswsa what kind of file are you playing? I don't get the error with mp3, flac, opus or can you upload a file that fails somewhere? might be metadata related
17:18:39_bilgusoh they left :/
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18:58:01speachyMarcAndersen: "the voice problem" ? Is this unique to the Gigabeast? Did you use the nightly voice stuff or generate your own?
19:25:09MarcAndersenI recall that the ipod nano 1g also had it, but not sansa c200 or clip zip. It's both the daily build and my own.
19:28:23MarcAndersenThe worst thing is when it spells, it just plays some completely random voice clips.
19:29:32saanaito /nick Strife89
19:30:27 Nick saanaito is now known as Strife89 (
19:30:41Strife89there we go
19:34:53MarcAndersenI also tried to remove .rockbox completely, install daily + voice with rbutil and reboot with no luck.
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21:21:36speachyI meant though, where did the voice files come from?
21:39:47_bilgusLTNS strife89
21:40:43_bilgusMarcAndersen, I did a patch to busy wait voice clips might be related any idea about when it started
21:41:00_bilgusah nm see you are tracking it
21:42:22_bilgus g#4800
21:42:25rb-bluebotGerrit review #4800 at : talk.c add busy loop to talk_spell by William Wilgus
21:44:12Strife89good to see you, _bilgus :)
21:44:46Strife89i usually go by the other name now
21:49:15_bilgusah got ya
21:49:28_bilgusI'll try and remember that ;)
21:50:53MarcAndersenThe voice problem seams to be between 5883cb4a52 and f3358eb20a since I tried that build because of the time display in properties
21:51:31MarcAndersenBut that is over a half year worth of commits
21:59:51_bilgusgit bisect excels at that
22:02:29_bilgus$ git bisect start; git bisect good 5883cb4a52; git bisect bad f3358eb20a; each a separate commend
22:02:54_bilgusprobably be 10 builds before it finds it
22:03:23_bilguswhat sucks is when its so far back that the build system has changed
22:03:33_bilgusmight try building with plugins off
22:04:10MarcAndersen_bilgus: should I try or do you?
22:04:26speachyyou said this happens on the ipodmini?
22:04:39_bilgusif you can make builds then its going to be quicker for you to
22:04:43MarcAndersenno nano 1g and gigabeat s I think
22:05:00speachynano1g is the newer samsung core IIRC...
22:05:09_bilgusturning off plugins makes it quite a bit faster
22:05:10MarcAndersenAnd c200 and clip zip works
22:05:10speachygigabeast is PP though IIRC?
22:05:36speachysorry, portalplayer aka the same SoC that the (older) ipods use.
22:06:57MarcAndersenI will be back tomorrow, and see is there's something new, and maybe compile some tests.
22:06:58_bilgustools/configure then 'a' for advanced and 'o' to omit plugins
22:07:50_bilgusthen n c\for normal and enter
22:08:04_bilgussorry 'n' for normal and press enter
22:08:28MarcAndersenI also need v
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