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#rockbox log for 2023-01-08

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00:34:54_bilgusthats weird
00:35:40_bilgushmm there is something with those strings or the count
00:36:24_bilgusi'm in the middle of a build atm but ill throw another up in a bit
00:36:28MarcAndersenmaybe because the gigabeats has tone control and other special strings?
00:37:05_bilgusIDK i'm just speculating that it has an upper limit because I don't see anything else
00:37:48_bilgusi'll try adding back the chessbox strings and leaving those pictureflow ones out if it fails then we know its a size issue
00:37:53_bilgusI guess??
00:38:12MarcAndersenThat might be the case. was the chessbox before the pictureflow? If so it might be those few pictureflow strings that made it overflow?
00:38:15_bilgusif its still good i guess we can add the strings back one at a time till it fails
00:38:33_bilgusno I just picked chessbox because it has lots of strings
00:39:00_bilgussince those builds don't have plugins it was an easy target
00:39:04MarcAndersenSo then it may be those few pictureflow strings that made the limit go over?
00:39:29_bilgusat this point there are a lot more
00:39:35_bilguslike 20 or so
00:39:44MarcAndersenbut what about that time?
00:41:04MarcAndersenI think we're getting it squashed. The ipods also has more strings than the sansas right?
00:41:11_bilguswell IDK yet but I really doubt it because the cound was at like 1075 and that commit brought it to 1080 or so i'd expect it to fail at a power of 2 like 1025 or 1769 or something
00:42:10MarcAndersenCan you continue on your own or do you need me anymore tonight?
00:44:18_bilguswe can wait till tomorrow if you want to give me a few and try one last build i can go from there
00:44:39MarcAndersenHow long would it take, i can wait a bit if you want?
00:44:45_bilgusI assume this build is nearly finished its been going forever
00:45:03MarcAndersenI'll wait
00:48:58_bilguswell all that waiting for the build to fail I guess at least i'm not waiting anymore compiling yours now
00:49:45MarcAndersenWhy did it fail?
00:51:15_bilgusits another patch I'm missing something apparently
00:53:13_bilgusif that one works its got to be something with the strings
00:58:35MarcAndersenDoes not work. Says "y" after each option and spells garbage.
00:59:08MarcAndersenMaybe my bisect wasn't too bad anyhow?
00:59:55_bilgusI'm going to say its something to do with the size of the voice file
01:00:15_bilgusmaybe speachy will have some idea
01:00:28_bilgusbut it can wait till tomorrow thanks for the help
01:00:34MarcAndersenGood point. Can you go on from here?
01:00:57_bilgusyeah i'll look around and try to get a few ideas of what we can try
01:01:40MarcAndersenThank you. I also learned a lot today about bisect and other stuff thanks to you. Good night.
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02:18:31chris_samachronic: I'm seeing subtle image corruption at the left and right end of scrolling lines with 5d0c382, at least with certain fonts.
02:18:37chris_sHere's a screenshot of the M3K-Simulator with the default theme using the 20-Inter-V font from the Interpod theme.
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02:27:54chris_sActually, the line doesn't have to be scrolling. I think, the last character just has to be partially off screen
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02:44:31chris_scould anti-aliased fonts only
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04:12:58amachronicchris_s: that's definitely an alpha blit bug, probably missed it since I don't use antialiased fonts
04:13:15amachronicI checked them in the simulator but obviously not well enough
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05:54:32rb-bluebotBuild Server message: New build round started. Revision 593103cd8b, 303 builds, 8 clients.
05:54:32rb-bluebotlcd: Fix 4bpp optimized 16-bit alpha blit by Aidan MacDonald
06:10:38rb-bluebotBuild Server message: Build round completed after 968 seconds.
06:10:40rb-bluebotBuild Server message: Revision 593103cd8b result: All green
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09:52:25rb-bluebotBuild Server message: New build round started. Revision 282a54b23c, 303 builds, 9 clients.
09:52:25rb-bluebot[Feature] filetree fallback to loading a playlist from disk by William Wilgus
09:58:17MarcAndersenAny news about the voice bug?
09:59:23_bilgusno haven't heard from speachy yet and I spent about an hour looking through the voice/lang code for anything that could limit the number of clips I just don't see anything
09:59:59_bilgusI thought maybe the device was running out of ram but it has 64MB so thats pretty unlikely
10:00:25_bilgushave you looked in the debug menu does the voice menu show any errors?
10:01:11MarcAndersenIt's hard when it can't spell, I'd need sighted assistance
10:01:24_bilgusmaybe we could make a plugin that goes through every voice clip and see if it fails at a particular point or just all together
10:02:21MarcAndersenBy the way have you tried if it does it in the simulator? I haven't.
10:02:39_bilgusno that would be nice brb
10:05:35MarcAndersenIt unfortunately uses another voice file so I'm not sure
10:06:42MarcAndersenI'm pretty sure it's the size because that pf commit expands it by around 20 kb
10:08:25rb-bluebotBuild Server message: Build round completed after 961 seconds.
10:08:27rb-bluebotBuild Server message: Revision 282a54b23c result: All green
10:09:00_bilgusMarcAndersen, I'm beginning to lean towards that as well
10:09:22_bilgusbut I don't see anywhere where it matters
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10:11:11MarcAndersenNo, specially when gigabeats has 64 mb ram and ipodnano1g has 32
10:12:33_bilgusit works in the sim
10:12:56MarcAndersenSo you say the bug is gone?
10:13:18MarcAndersenDam it
10:13:20_bilgusnot that the sim is a 1:1 representation
10:13:53MarcAndersenThen we need real targets. I'd be willing to test some more and help out where I can.
10:15:21_bilgusI'll add spelling to the voice debug menu
10:16:09MarcAndersenIt already does, but when it produces garbage I don't think it would work
10:16:32MarcAndersenYou did it for me some time ago
10:22:10_bilgusdoes the voice menu talk/spell thought I think its only the top level
10:22:33MarcAndersenOh I think you're right now I think about it, sorry..
10:23:01_bilgusit has some stats about the number of clips and cache misses etc
10:25:49_bilgusMarcAndersen, on my second buid od the sim with the talk stuff added to the voice menu it is now reproducing the bug
10:26:10_bilgusjust starts talking random entries for each and every menu
10:28:06MarcAndersenIs it saying a letter after each option, and if yes which one?
10:28:48_bilgusbut its the spelling thats really screwed up
10:29:05MarcAndersenThat was also what my daily builds from the website did, some of mine said y and some x
10:30:13MarcAndersenIt's good that the sim does it so more people can try.
10:30:27_bilguswe reproducing it in the sim at least gives me a chance to figure it out
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10:59:06MarcAndersenI just build a windows sim and that produced it too
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11:17:39speachy_bilgus: I vaguely recall there being a upper/lower split in lang IDs.
11:17:53_bilgusyeah 0x8000
11:18:18_bilgusit appears to be an overflow atm voice zero plays LANG_CANCEL
11:18:30_bilgusbut it might just be a red herring
11:19:23_bilgusi'm looking for commits that might have changed the overflow on the id
11:30:14_bilgusit appears id2index is working right -> get_clip id: 32769 index: 880 talk_id: Say voice clip 0x8001
11:32:11_bilgusjust saw this message notice: Invalid mode encountered. The stream is corrupted.
11:32:54_bilgusmaybe its a buffer overflow in buf lib I'll try enabling asan
11:33:21_bilgusprobably should have done that first
11:52:11_bilgusnothing from asan
11:52:44_bilguswonder if it could be genlang or the voice clip generator
12:04:40_bilgusin the hex editor the header count is right hndle table is a little more difficult to decipher
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12:11:21_bilgusthe offsets and sizes seem to jive i guess ill check what the offset and size returned by buflib is
12:12:08MarcAndersenThis bug is harder to track down than I thought.
12:45:07_bilguswell the index has the right offset and size coming back from buflib
12:45:27_bilgusso I guess tha leads back to the .voicefile
12:45:44_bilgusgarbage in garbage out
12:46:19_bilgusI guess I do a voice make and check the clips before they are assembled
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13:40:20_bilgusok so our custom speex is putting out the right files
13:41:25_bilgusthe size in the header is different though now I need to see if it strips the file I assume wavtrim was run before encoding
13:45:53_bilgushmm wonder if this is normal or an issue mp3 file ./LANG_INSERT_SHUFFLED.mp3 not found!
13:45:59_bilgusquite a few of those
13:50:11_bilgusah its voicefont.c and it appears to be normal
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14:40:09_bilgusWell I figured out the why
14:43:06_bilgussomehow its picking up IDs > the max regular IDs(LANG + VOICE) instead of labeling them voice only IDs and inserting them into the file stream prior to the voice IDs
14:46:21_bilgusit goes something like index[879] [1000] .. [1008] [880] [881]..[999] [1009] [1010]..
14:46:41_bilgusnow I just have to figure out the why
14:52:10_bilgushmm it might have something to do with the not found! messages afterall
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15:21:12_bilgushaha buffer overrun
15:22:45_bilguswe hit 1000 entries and then it started eating the rest
15:28:16MarcAndersenIs that easy to fix?
15:34:26_bilgusvery much so
15:35:11MarcAndersenBut it was hard to track down!
15:39:20_bilgusyeah I was sure to add some checking and an error code
15:39:41_bilgussave the next me some tme
15:41:09MarcAndersenSo was it at my bisect bad commit that it went over 1000?
15:46:13_bilgus g#5033
15:46:16rb-bluebotGerrit review #5033 at : [BugFix] voicefont.c buffer overflow by William Wilgus
15:46:22_bilgusMarcAndersen, Yep
15:46:37_bilguswell 99 technically
15:46:46MarcAndersenWhen will it get into master?
15:48:00rb-bluebotBuild Server message: New build round started. Revision 3694314058, 303 builds, 9 clients.
15:48:00rb-bluebot[BugFix] voicefont.c buffer overflow by William Wilgus
15:48:14_bilguswhen thats done it should be fixed
15:48:48MarcAndersenI think I'll wait till the dailys are built and then update all my players
15:49:15MarcAndersenThanks so much for the help!
15:50:13MarcAndersenLet's hope it's green
15:51:37_bilgusit will be
15:52:14_bilgusthank you for the bug report we don't use the voice much so things like that might get missed for a while
15:52:48MarcAndersenThat's ok, as I said I learned a lot too!
15:53:35_bilgus@speachy now we know why that paticular commit caused the bug
15:56:51MarcAndersenOh I don't need to wait because the fixed code is in rockbox itself, not the voice file right?
16:05:51rb-bluebotBuild Server message: Build round completed after 1072 seconds.
16:05:54rb-bluebotBuild Server message: Revision 3694314058 result: All green
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16:14:39_bilguswell as long as you generate the voicefile then yes
16:15:07_bilgussorry was gerriting?
16:15:08MarcAndersenOh I see it's not in rockbox, it's the generator. Then I'll wait.
16:15:15_bilgusits up
16:15:48MarcAndersenI know but I'll just wait for the daily voices to be built
16:32:29MarcAndersenThat makes it easier to deploy on all my players with rbutil on windows
16:58:49speachy_bilgus: that's.... really asinine.
16:58:52speachygood find
16:59:03_bilgustook literally hours lol
16:59:26speachyMarcAndersen: yeah, tonight all voices will regenerate and all will be well
16:59:43MarcAndersenThat's excelent
17:00:18speachyI guess the gigabeast had some target-specific stuff that pushed it over the limit before some of the other devices. my daily drivers are all monochrome which excludes a lot of strings.
17:00:24MarcAndersenOh do the voicefont executable get rebuilt before?
17:01:26speachyit uses the latest git to generate everything nightly, and building the executable is part of that.
17:01:34speachytechnically builds it per-target
17:01:41speachy(should be identical though)
17:02:19MarcAndersenBut the executable is in /tools, does that get rebuilt as well?
17:02:35speachythat executable is not part of what runs on the player
17:02:51speachyyou could do a git update, make voice, and then you'd get a fixed voice file.
17:03:03speachywell, git pull anyway
17:03:06MarcAndersenI know, that was why I asked if it gets rebuilt before the voices
17:03:36speachyeverything built is done from a completely clean work area; everyhting is regenerated as it's needed.
17:15:26_bilgusthat solves weird issues too
17:16:39MarcAndersenWhich issues?
17:18:56_bilgusbuild issues
17:19:31_bilgusthats why when you were doing git bisect I told you to make clean && make reconf
17:20:22MarcAndersenOh I thought it was an issue in rockbox, I misunderstood
17:20:42_bilgusas things change you can have a file already build so the makefile won't rebuild it but there might be something missing or still in it that is no longer there
17:21:13_bilgusprobably better makefiles would help but they are a terrible curse to work on
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