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#rockbox log for 2023-01-09

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02:27:08Saijin_Naib[m]Is something like the Anbernic RG300 a reasonable target for RockBox? I'm not sure its CPU is used by any other target, unfortunately...
02:27:08Saijin_Naib[m]However, they are easy to get, cheap, user-friendly, control rich, IPS display, swappable internal microSDXC as well as hot-swappable microSDXC, 3.5mm with video out, USB Type C, and a user-replaceable battery.
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02:40:07sporkit has a JZ4760 which is listed in the rockbox wiki
02:40:18sporkand the firmware is upgradable, which is always a good sign
02:40:49jssfrrockbox has no risc-v target (yet), right?
02:42:09Saijin_Naib[m]Ahh, awesome. I was reading it has a JZ4760B, didn't know if that was significantly different
02:42:09sporkxDuoo X3 uses that JZ4760
02:42:26Saijin_Naib[m]Yes, currently OpenDingux Linux or RetroFW
02:42:51Saijin_Naib[m]What would help someone take a poke at this? A donated unit?
02:43:43sporkmaybe speachy knows the answer to that
02:43:48Saijin_Naib[m]I have an MPIO HD300, but I fear the ribbon cable for the drive finally kicked it, so I'm needing a replacement RockBox
02:44:34jssfrfwiw, I'm happy with the sansa clip variety devices, they're still reasonably available second hand
02:44:42sporkspecs for that Anbernic RG300 look promising
02:45:29sporkjssfr: mostly at insane prices though
02:45:40Saijin_Naib[m]Does the OpenDingux/RetroFW source help illuminate what hardware is on board?
02:45:56jssfrspork, define "insane".
02:46:19jssfrI think I spent 60 or so on my most recent clip-ish device a few weeks ago.
02:46:35sporki guess you have to get lucky and find one in reasonable condition for a reasonable price
02:46:49jssfrmyeah, I intend to keep scouting to have one or two spares
02:46:51sporki still use a clip+ daily
02:46:56jssfrbut all times I checked there was at least one unit below 100
02:47:00jssfrmaybe it's easier in germany, dunno
02:47:11sporkthey retailed for 35 euro or something
02:47:23sporkso 60 for second-hand seems 'insane'
02:47:32sporkbut supply/demand, i get that
02:48:00jssfrhence I was looking at RISC-V, I'm thinking of trying a port myself to ESP32, find a small OLED, DAC and battery to attach and have a last-resort
02:48:20Saijin_Naib[m]At least you can find your player! I've not seen an HD300 or HD200 on ebay in years 😭
02:48:22jssfruhh, maybe that's finally a good reason to dabble with epaper
02:49:10Saijin_Naib[m]You may like this thing,
02:49:51jssfrohh looks nice
02:49:57jssfrnot enough buttons to be useful though I'm afraid
02:51:06Saijin_Naib[m]Yeah, nor expansion
02:51:16Saijin_Naib[m]But wireless control from phone?
02:51:26jssfrentire point being I don't want to deal with touchscreens
02:55:33Saijin_Naib[m]Worthy goal, haha
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10:33:29speachyHmm, that RG300 has promise. If it's already runnign Linux then a hosted port ought to be pretty trivial. A native port will be more work though. Do you know if complete Linux sources are available for it?'s a mangled kernel, probably derived from Ingenic's original source drop.
10:41:39speachywith that (and the related uboot sources) we should be able to get all teh info we need abut the hardware.
10:42:16speachyso a native port would require drivers for the display and input, and likely the audio codec too.
10:42:38MarcAndersenI just downloaded daily builds and I just wondered why so many rocks are missing from the xduoo x3?
10:43:09speachy(we use the 4760's internal audio controller but an external codec.)
10:43:30speachyMarcAndersen: tiny monochrome screen, a lot of stuff simply doesn't apply.
10:43:54MarcAndersenOh thanks, then it's not an error
11:02:16q3kbtw, i've been recently making some progress on nano 5g hacking, notably i have u-boot running on the nano 5g. i'll be focusing on porting linux, but if someone wants to lead porting rockbox, i'll gladly help out :)
11:02:45q3k(current main blocker is reverse-engineering and reimplementing the FTL used by the original firmware, i still think there's no solid progress on that)
11:03:02q3k( )
11:20:28Saijin_Naib[m]speachy: would a donated unit help? I think I can swing that
12:05:47MarcAndersenq3k, I have a nano 5g and it would be so cool with rockbox on it
12:08:00MarcAndersenI just have to find it... I can't find either my nano 1g and 5g
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12:17:23MarcAndersenJust found both of them in a drawer
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13:08:02lubaturHi, the activated sleep timer turns off after a full charge. Can it be changed?
13:25:44MarcAndersenIs it correct that the gigabeat s can not charge through the mini usb port but only the round port on the right side?
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14:56:39Saijin_Naib[m]Sounds right for that era hardware. My MPIO is the same
15:07:33Saijin_Naib[m]speachy: does this provide any info on how the sound chip works, or is it abstracted away to a library like OSS, sdl, etc
15:07:58Saijin_Naib[m]That's the native music player for OpenDingux on the RG300
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15:33:19amachronicSaijin_Naib[m], speachy: jz4760 support in upstream Linux looks quite complete to me, and someone actually maintains it.
15:34:29amachronicfor example it has a modern DRM display driver, and the internal audio codec is implemented. most other peripherals should work as well.
15:35:13Saijin_Naib[m]Whoa, what? That's great news!
15:35:17amachronicthe external codec doesn't work because it's seemingly impossible to model the codec switch correctly in ASoC.
15:35:42amachronicbut you can patch it in locally very easily.
15:35:50Saijin_Naib[m]Does that mean that it isn't limited to whatever crazy 2.x kernel speachy found before?
15:36:11Saijin_Naib[m]Does RockBox even lean on the Linux kernel?
15:36:16amachronicyes, it can run modern Linux provided you have access to the bootloader.
15:36:31speachyno, the core SoC stuff is well known and solid; it's just the board-specific stuff that matters.
15:36:36amachronicRB has a native port for the jz4760 but hosted would be possible.
15:36:39speachythat differs
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15:37:12Saijin_Naib[m]Ooh, okay, so input, screen, analog out, etc?
15:37:29amachronicyep you need to track down what's used for the LCD and audio
15:37:33amachronicGPIOs etc
15:37:48speachymaybe power management too? The xDuoo X3's power management was basically nonexistent beyond knowing if we're charging or not.
15:37:49Saijin_Naib[m]amachronic: I'm ignorant on this point, but assuming native is desired outcome?
15:38:21amachronicnative usually works better
15:38:38speachyyeah, due to architectural "quirks" in how our hosted ports work
15:38:45amachroniceg. a system call blocks the whole application
15:42:12Saijin_Naib[m]Hmm okay, makes sense
15:42:37Saijin_Naib[m]I'd be surprised if this thing did any power management
15:43:19amachronichave you (or someone else) taken apart this rg300 to see the pcb?
15:43:41Saijin_Naib[m]Seems to lack dpms even, just blacks the screen which is kind of lol for IPS
15:43:57speachythere's teardowns on youtube
15:44:36speachyactually that's not necessarily true; a lot of fbdev drivers are set up to power down the display when the brightness is turned to 0.
15:46:29speachybut true, historically the ingenic kernel has been really crappy wrt power management.
15:49:05speachyhuh, there's also an "RG99" that uses a JZ4725B. about half hte clock speed of the 4760 and probably slightly different peripherals.
15:49:15speachyand an RG350 that has a JZ4770.
15:49:55Saijin_Naib[m]<speachy> "actually that's not necessarily..." <- Back light still very on haha
15:50:28speachyfor that target market probably doesn't matter that much. :)
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15:52:35wsaamachronic: are you ATK?
15:53:03wsaamachronic: FYI, I just updated
15:53:21wsathis is the commit breaking my Clip+
15:54:13amachronicok... what if we keep the ->configure() loop in dsp_core.c
15:54:19amachronici wonder if this is a timing issue.
15:54:21wsai'll check
15:58:49Saijin_Naib[m]<speachy> "for that target market probably..." <- Very true!
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15:59:50wsaamachronic: good guess, it works again
15:59:54_amachronicugh crappy wifi
16:00:08_amachronicI wonder if this is related to g#4905
16:00:11rb-bluebotGerrit review #4905 at : [Bug Fix] dsp_proc_enable init race / crash by William Wilgus
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16:00:56amachronicwe didn't find the cause of the race
16:04:11wsabut that one is already upstream, right?
16:05:26wsaI successfully double-checked: reverting my WIP -> crash, using the WIP -> works
16:05:29amachroniccan you check if it still works if you replace the configure() loop with mdelay(1)?
16:05:40wsawill do
16:05:57amachronicif it does it pretty much proves it's a race condition
16:07:47wsayup, still works
16:07:55amachronicg4905 was getting triggered due to haas surround dereferencing the s->proc_entry.process NULL pointer
16:08:02wsathat would also explain why _bilgus did not see the problem
16:08:27amachronicbut if there is a race then it might be dereferencing a junk pointer before the dummy function gets assigned
16:09:23wsathe junk pointer is stable, though. always the same address
16:09:48wsabut a different address depending on the file selected
16:10:57amachronichmm, I forgot this is happening before playback even starts.
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16:11:41amachronicwhat on earth could dsp_init() be racing with?
16:17:13amachronicI'll add the configure loop back in for now
16:18:37wsawith a comment I assume?
16:18:56amachronicyeah just until I can figure out what the real problem is
16:19:16wsaI'll be around for testing
16:21:11amachronicwsa: I can CC you on gerrit if that works for you
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17:31:58Saijin_Naib[m]<amachronic> "GPIOs etc" <- Is this stuff I can suss out looking at the kernel config or what? I'm not proficient in any of this type of stuff, unfortunately
17:32:19Saijin_Naib[m]About all I'm good for is donating hardware and testing builds 😑
17:34:52Saijin_Naib[m]Speaking of, no chance donated Creative Zen Vision Micro or Rio Karma would be helpful to the project, right?
17:35:11Saijin_Naib[m]Their compilers are not open, I think?
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20:56:35MarcAndersenI've read somewhere about a rbspeak shell script, what is that?
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22:42:15MarcAndersenAre there any rockbox players with a usb-c connector?
23:28:09Saijin_Naib[m]<MarcAndersen> "Are there any rockbox players..." <- The RG300 might be a candidate!
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