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#rockbox log for 2023-01-16

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03:22:13_bilgusamachronic (logs) something between 2d9cb67 (add chunk_alloc to playlist.c #2) and head is hanging here->
03:23:29_bilgusi'm not sure if its mine or yours but it works at 2d9cb67 and it hangs at head
03:24:01_bilgusbut only when replacing a dynamic playlist
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03:58:32_bilgus g#4956 is the first commit that breaks
03:58:35rb-bluebotGerrit review #4956 at : buflib: Remove CRC checks by Aidan MacDonald
04:09:20_bilgushmm disabling CRC paranoia checks in the previous commit breaks it too
04:12:53_bilgusbut setting BUFLIB_NUM_FIELDS 5 it works without the crc checks
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04:19:17_bilgussetting BUFLIB_NUM_FIELDS = 5 at head works as well
04:19:38_bilgusi'll look over my code again to be sure i'm not overflowing the buffer
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11:56:37amachronic_bilgus, unfortunately I can't reproduce the hang at HEAD on device or sim. and everything is fine on ASAN, so probably not a buffer overflow.
11:57:03_bilgusyeah I'm not getting anything in ASAN either
11:57:53_bilgusso far Ive got making BUFLIB_NUM_FIELDS = 5 works and thats about it
11:58:43_bilgusI figured maybe I was overwriting the bookkeeping but I figured switching to your malloc version would catch that
11:59:43amachronicyou can try with g#5070
11:59:46rb-bluebotGerrit review #5070 at : playlist: enable queue send by Aidan MacDonald
12:00:29amachronicapparently queue_send() has a fallback to nonblocking queue_post() without any warning :(
12:05:08_bilgusI had an idea to do that a different way i've already forgotten, hopefully looking at it will jar that loose
12:06:23amachronici noticed while I was there that dcfrefs is in a buflib alloc that can move without warning
12:07:18amachronicif the thread is calling dircache_search() when it moves that will be a problem
12:07:47rb-bluebotBuild Server message: New build round started. Revision aae34b2e7f, 303 builds, 8 clients.
12:07:47rb-bluebotplaylist: enable queue send by Aidan MacDonald
12:11:27_bilgusoddly the sim talks slower and slower as time goes on
12:11:49_bilgusand tracs are playing ~10% slower too I don't remember that being a thing
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12:20:15amachronicI'm not getting any timing or pitch problems with playback
12:20:27amachronicI don't have speech enabled though
12:24:45_bilgusoh dircache_search yields in open_stream_internal?
12:25:01_bilgus*or could?
12:25:22amachronicit does I/O so yeah it can yield
12:25:34_bilguswhat a mess
12:27:49_bilgusre your ltest patch hth did it work without sending enabled sheer luck?
12:31:22rb-bluebotBuild Server message: Build round completed after 1415 seconds.
12:31:25rb-bluebotBuild Server message: Revision aae34b2e7f result: All green
12:32:24_bilgusthat commit doesn't fix it
12:33:45_bilgusi'll try blocking the move of dcrefs
12:36:12amachronicyep that patch doesn't do anything about dcfrefs moving around
12:36:30amachroniconly the playlist changing things behind the dircache thread's back
12:36:46_bilgusoh that appears to have worked
12:41:01amachroniclooks simple enough to convert dcfrefs to a buflib handle and core_get_data()
12:41:11amachronicexcept playlist_create_ex()
12:41:59amachronicit seems dcfrefs are added to a non-current playlist? won't they be unused?
12:42:29amachronicworse they are shared with current_playlist
12:45:35_bilgusand thats why it fails when a current playlist is up and I try to make a new one I suppose
12:47:03_bilguswonder why adding an extra byte to the field made it work.. moved the alloc pattern just enough
12:47:38_bilgusmultithreading woe is me
12:51:30_bilgusluckily the only caller of playlist_create_ex() seems to be the playlist_viewer and it supplies its own buffer
12:52:39_bilgusah ifplayling == true
12:53:06amachronicI'm just going to get rid of the sharing because it seems only current_playlist can use the dircache anyhow
12:58:25_bilgusi'm not sure of the intricacies involved there I presume you would load the dircache so viewing a playlist would go smoother
13:02:30amachronicthe dircache thread only fills in current_playlist so I *think* it would be unused
13:07:30_bilgusyeah i'd agree
13:12:25amachronic g#5072
13:12:29rb-bluebotGerrit review #5072 at : playlist: pin dircache fileref buffer during background scanning by Aidan MacDonald
13:19:52_bilgusnope still crashes
13:22:43_bilgusand now BUFLIB_NUM_FIELDS = 5 doesn't fix it so I guess we now have 1 more piece of the puzzle but no box lid
13:24:13amachronicis it the same error too??
13:25:18amachronicit's still not crashing for me, with or without that patch
13:25:56_bilgusno errors just hangs at alloc
13:27:52amachronichow do you know it hangs at alloc?
13:31:09_bilgusadded a splash(0 before and after
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13:35:06_bilgusmaybe i'm doing something stupid like freeing the buffer out from under it but I don't think I am
13:35:24_bilgusplus I its a straight alloc
13:39:53_bilgusI'll try enabling debugf this eve maybe I can catch it in buflib_alloc_ex
13:40:10_bilgusI haven't tried a serial debug session before
13:41:12amachronicoh yeah usb serial
13:41:19amachronicthat does work actually
13:42:07_bilgusgood since it hangs I wasn't able to get logf
13:43:41_bilgusI can't repro it on the sim but on device its any dynamic playlist (even one track out of the db) and 1 track loaded from disk
13:44:38_bilgusI thought it might have something to do with start_screen resume pb but it happens even from a fresh boot
13:47:49_bilgushuh damnit removing the config file its now gone :/
13:49:04_bilgusluckily I saved it
13:54:57_bilgusamachronic, I'm sorry to waste your time IDK wth is going on
13:55:15_bilguscopying the very same install back the crash is gone
13:55:28_bilgusmaybe its a bad drive
13:56:44amachronicat least a few bugs got fixed along the way :D
14:00:37_bilgusI guess but i'm incredlous I literally made a copy of the install deleted the config file and nvram bin and the crash stopped
14:00:56_bilguscopied back the two files and crash still gone
14:01:54_bilgusif the file was corrupted why would the copy not be
14:02:05amachronicyeah it doesn't make much sense
14:05:12_bilgusok well bbl maybe it'll reappear hope its not a heisenbug
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