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#rockbox log for 2023-01-23

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08:16:10Gataoalou alou rockeiros de plantao, alguem de sp ?
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09:53:43KenLaHello all.  I have latest version of Rockbox installed on an Apple iPod Classic 5th gen, with iFlash boards and Samsung Evo SD cards.  I am having problems tranferring files onto the unit - it starts fine then drops a 0 bit transfer rate after a few gigabytes then crashes.  However, I can load file on fine if I revert back to the Apple OS.
09:53:43KenLaI've tried with different cables and laptops and same problem.  Does anyone know how to resolve this please?  Never had the proble with any previous iPods or versions of Rockbox.
10:00:05amachronicKenLa is this happening with a recent daily build?
10:00:52KenLaNo, I've not tried that, just the standard version thta the installer uses
10:01:22amachronicupdate to the daily build then 3.15 is ancient
10:01:35amachronica lot of iflash/SSD related issues have been fixed since 3.15
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10:04:17KenLaThanks.  Will I need to reformat the unit and manually install using the daily build?
10:05:25amachronicyeah if your FS is corrupted it's probably a good idea to reformat
10:06:10amachronicto install the daily build you just download the zip and extract it to your drive manually.
10:06:58amachronicI don't use rbutil, but I think it does have an option to install daily builds if you prefer doing it that way.
10:08:47KenLaOK. So it's recently been reformatted and has RB installed.  To be clear, should I go back to pure Apple OS via iTunes first or can I just extract it the daily build onto the iPod as it is now?
10:10:28amachronicyou just need to boot the apple OS, delete your old .rockbox folder, then extract the daily build.
10:10:55amachronicthere's no need to remove the bootloader
10:11:07KenLaGreat, I'll give it a go.  Much apprecaited Amachronic.
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10:35:08KenLaAmachronic - just teried to do this via the 1.5.1 RB utility and it crashes the unit.  *panic* null ctrl req
10:37:10amachronicok, you're running into this bug:,54414.0.html
10:37:23amachronicseems like my fix didn't fix it, unfortunately.
10:38:04amachronictry this build:
10:39:28KenLaAh, OK - thanks.  I guess I'll need to reformat it, reinstall the 3.15 then replace the .rockbox folder as above, right?
10:40:00amachronicNo need to reinstall 3.15
10:40:11amachronicjust remove the .rockbox and unzip the new one.
10:41:11KenLaYes, but I can't see the unit in file explorer because of the *panic* error
10:42:34amachronicyou can use the apple OS for the transfer
10:44:19amachronicit does have a disk mode you can boot into, doesn't it? I'm not that familiar with ipods so sorry if i'm mistaken.
10:47:36KenLaYes, it does.
10:48:15KenLaI'll try swpping out the .rockbox for that one you sent now
10:54:03KenLaOK, great - that build at least seems to let me connect the unit and start transferring.  I'll leave it running copying 30gb of music and see how it gets on.  Thanks for all you help this afternoon.
10:56:25amachronicNo problem
10:57:22amachronicnow that I know what's wrong I'll upload a fix to get the daily builds working again.
11:04:16KenLaI'm currently 10% into that 30gb transfer and it's looking OK so far, touch wood.  Transfer rater around 4.5 - 4.8 MB/Sec although I'm using a USB hub so that might reduce it.
11:05:19rb-bluebotBuild Server message: New build round started. Revision 1025283042, 303 builds, 9 clients.
11:05:19rb-bluebotusb: Fix iPod video connection issues by Aidan MacDonald
11:07:13amachronicThere you go. After the build round is done you can grab it from
11:08:23amachronicat least now it won't die as soon as you plug it in :)
11:09:07KenLaAlways a good sign!  Great, I'm going out now but will leave this running and post later on whether it fixied it.
11:20:20rb-bluebotBuild Server message: Build round completed after 901 seconds.
11:20:21rb-bluebotBuild Server message: Revision 1025283042 result: All green
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