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#rockbox log for 2023-01-29

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06:44:18berberoften, when i play the first song of an album or playlist or whatever (not the one in the first position, i mean the first one that i select), it doesn't immediately start, but it "fades in" from quiet to loud. is there a way to turn this off, or does this have to do with the hardware? because it doesn't happen between songs or when i select something else after that etc...
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08:34:47dconradberber, do you have Fade On Stop/Pause (under Playback settings) enabled?
08:35:10berberno i don't
08:37:54dconradhmm, I figured that had to be it
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09:05:08speachyberber: what device?
09:05:22berberxduoo x3
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09:44:51speachyhmm, what _may_ be happening is that the first time the codec starts it has to ramp up.
09:45:13speachyI've noticed that on mine, but usually it's when player voices the "recent bookmarks" menu item when starting up.
09:45:30speachydoes this matter how long you wait before starting the audio playback?
10:00:39berberi don't have recent bookmarks (or i don't know what you mean). and what do you mean by when the player "voices" it?
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10:37:58speachyrockbox can voice menus, filenames, etc
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10:55:41berber<speachy> "hmm, what _may_ be happening..." <- this does sound right though. because it usually (i think) only happens after startup, and afterwards its usually fine
11:03:10speachyit's probably due to the soft ramping.
11:03:12speachycs4398_write_reg(CS4398_REG_RAMPFILT, CS4398_ZERO_CROSS | CS4398_SOFT_RAMP);
11:04:37speachynormally that's a good thing but perhaps we should disable it on initial startup
11:04:45speachyworst case it takes 21ms per 1/8dB..
11:06:22speachyeasy enough to test that this is the culprit though
11:10:21speachyberber: Try this and let me know how it sounds:
11:10:43speachyI disabled ramping altogether.
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11:39:48berbersry i am out shopping, give me another 30mins
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12:04:44dconradI think I found a bug, can anyone reproduce with the steps here? FS #13389
12:04:47rb-bluebot Changing playlist after power cycle can cause panic under certain conditions (bugs, new)
12:05:21dconradIt only occurs with the database, and seems to require a reboot to occur
12:14:34dconradAlso probably a factor is that when you resume after rebooting and then hit the back button, you're now browsing with the file browser instead of the database
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12:42:01berberspeachy: so i should just replace my `.rockbox` with this one, correct?
13:10:16_bilgus_breber yes reanme your current one to .rockboxold and copy over the new one
13:10:57_bilgus_or delete it but starting from a clean dir is the first step and its nice to be able to go back
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14:40:40gartraloh hey
14:40:45gartralya'll moved over
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18:40:38speachyberber: I was out running errands, otherwise I'd have been able to test myself. :D
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