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#rockbox log for 2023-01-31

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02:57:28sporkwas there not a 'play' and 'play shuffled' option in the context menu of the playlist catalogue before ?
02:57:54sporki used that all the time but cannot find it anymore after upgrading to yesterday's dev build
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05:47:33chris_sspork (logs): Should be in the "Playing Next..." submenu:
05:53:17chris_sWACOMalt (logs): I've noticed people recommend against using Sandisk cards with iFlash adapters. Don't ask me why, I haven't tried them... Samsung seems to work well ime, though
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06:50:27spork'playing next' only has 'play', not 'play shuffled'
06:51:26sporkthis is on a shanling q1 but i doubt other players will be different. that i can check though
06:51:47sporksame on fiio m3k
06:52:09sporkplaylist catalogue -> play next -> only 'play' available
06:52:38sporkthat was with playback stopped
06:53:12sporkwhiule playing i have 'play next', 'add', 'play last' and 'play'
06:54:25sporkexactly that screenshot in your link
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06:58:34chris_sAh sorry, just remembered the default had changed. You need to enable "Show Shuffled Adding Options" (as described in the first note from that link
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07:14:06sporkthank you
07:14:12sporkdo you remember why that default was changed ?
07:17:47sporkthough i suppose 'why' does not really matter
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07:32:43chris_sjust to make the menu a bit more approachable by default, with the expectation that a majority of users would not use the option (same as the Queue options) – which may or may not be a correct assumption... :D
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07:48:02_bilgus_that seems like a sily reason to have another setting
07:49:43sporki think any assumption or generalization about rockbox users is risky
07:49:46_bilgus_the settings are what users find unapproachable in my experience
07:51:47sporkthere are lot of settings
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07:57:20chris_sI'm not a fan of the many Settings either. That particular menu used to contain a huge number of items by default though. I'd consider at least the Queue options to be somewhat esoteric...:
07:57:28chris_sHaving said that, I don't feel strongly about *what* should be the default
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07:58:53chris_sNot sure what the solution is
08:01:14_bilgus_me either
08:02:54_bilgus_I was thinking about a learning mode the other day like it starts out with all options and slowly prunes them
08:03:52_bilgus_you've never used these options so they were moved to the other settings list or something
08:04:32_bilgus_that or a advanced menu but thats probably just a bunch of code for yet another unapproachable menu
08:06:31_bilgus_I guess hovering over a menu item could have a voice prompt help item
08:06:47_bilgus_ship it as a default voice that the user can later disable
08:07:34_bilgus_but then we have more languages/prompts to worry about
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09:54:53speachyWACOMalt (logs): You didn't mention what build you were using with the mini1g and the iFlash adapter. Make sure it's a semi-recent daily build instead of the "stable" 3.15 release.
09:55:31speachy... which reminds me, we really should cut a new release, if only to lessen these support requests.
09:56:04speachyas a random aside, would there be any interest in a minimalistic pastebin-type thing running on
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20:15:51_bilgus_wouldn't that just open us up to spam and potential liability?
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