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#rockbox log for 2023-02-02

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10:14:08WACOMaltHey all, is there any way to force my iPod Mini running Rockbox to shut down? The usual holding down Play button doesnt seem to work. I think because this one detects being plugged in when it isnt sometimes. Is there just a menu option for shutting down?
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10:55:37WACOMaltI guess my real question winds up being Is there any way to have Rockbox plugged in, charging, while staying powered off?
10:57:09gevaertsI don't think I've seen any device where the hardware supports that
10:58:16WACOMaltDang. The only way I can get it to really charge over a USB cable is to boot to apple firmware and put it in sleep mode and lock it.
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11:22:57speachyWACOMalt: some _very_ old targets (archos, iriver) supported that but only because they use a separate charging port.
11:24:27speachywhen you say "really charge" is it that it charges too slowly otherwise, or is it just that you want it to "only charge" without being "on"
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11:29:36WACOMaltboth. When its running while plugged into USB it doesnt seem to get enough charge to stop discharging. When in sleep mode on apple firmware, it will charge.
11:29:47WACOMaltBut I cant get to "sleep mode" behavior on Rockbox
11:30:38WACOMaltalso, related question, is there any way to disconnect USB data while plugged into a PC so it's only charging but still able to use the interface?
11:39:46hactar|antare you certain the battery is discharging?
11:40:20hactar|anti've used rb on a 2g mini and often it has a hard time reading the battery correctly
11:41:23WACOMaltit could just be misreading, but I know the battery is worn out. It will definitely fully run out of power while plugged into a 5v 3a USB power supply with the original USB cable(not PC USB port)
11:41:43hactar|antinteresting. and that's just with rockbox?
11:43:30gevaertsRockbox power usage when just charging with backlight off and disk not spinning should be very low...
11:44:18WACOMaltHonestly havent tried in stock firmware yet. I'll test
11:44:27WACOMaltneed to put a song or two on with iTunes first :P
11:45:37gevaertsFor charging?
11:54:35hactar|anti think my mini is on its 3rd battery now
11:56:23WACOMaltI ordered a replacement on ebay which arrived already swollen, so that was fun
11:57:32WACOMaltI still need to find a good replacement. elite obsolete electronics has a bunch but one of them is the same as the one I got, and the others seem to be shady with massively inaccurate capacity claims
11:58:07hactar|anti've made several purchases from eoe, seems to be reliable and good
11:58:57WACOMaltWhich battery did you order?
11:59:15hactar|antnot that he doesn't probably get his stuff from the same sources, but i'm guessing they're checked beforehand
11:59:31WACOMaltThere's a 1300mAh one which I've read is actually only 400-600. and the one listed at 550 is the same model I ordered that arrived swollen (though maybe his are newer)
11:59:52WACOMaltso I'm just a little gunshy. I guess no one makes these new any more.
12:00:03hactar|anti think i got a 950?
12:00:51hactar|anti think batteries might still be being manufactured
12:00:53WACOMaltok I may just order that one then. At least one report of it being fine :P
12:01:04hactar|anti swear mine had a date on it, or maybe just the packaging, that was only a year or two back
12:01:08WACOMaltI read the wires on that one are a little thick, did you notice a difference or have any issues with it?
12:01:13WACOMaltoh cool. That sounds much better
12:01:37hactar|antyeah i can't promise anything, but out of a sample size of one i've had zero failures lol
12:02:01hactar|anti don't remember any issues but i've put a lot of batteries in a lot of ipods
12:03:17hactar|antalso i use a compact flash card in mine which means there's a little bit more room in the case
12:03:52WACOMaltI do too now. Was wanting to replace the battery at the same time, but gonna have to do that later
12:04:13WACOMaltCurrently a 32GB card. Tried a 128 but Rockbox failed to write to it for settings and stuff and frequently froze.
12:04:34WACOMaltWhen I do the battery though I'll try the 128 again with dev builds. That was on stable which I hear is pretty behind on flash mod updates
12:04:42hactar|antreally big cf cards are absurdly expensive
12:05:03WACOMaltoh yeah, sorry I mean mine is the SD to CF adapter.
12:05:05WACOMaltnot actual CF
12:05:17hactar|antyeah those things seem to be hit or miss ime
12:05:25WACOMaltworks great with the 32GB card in it now at least
12:05:46hactar|anti'm using one in a 4g but it gave a 3g fits
12:06:00hactar|antmy mini is an actual 32gb cf card that i picked up for just a couple bucks
12:06:44WACOMaltyeah the iFlash one is the only one that looks to be consistently good, but something about my card, or maybe Rockbox, was not happy. It seemed to be fine in apple firmware though, so I think the adapter and card are fine and I just needed the updates that are in the dev branch of RB
12:07:09hactar|antyeah the issue i had on the 3g might be fixed by now, this was a couple years back and i think it was 3.15 anyway
12:07:22WACOMalttime will tell. I also have a 2g Mini coming from ebay in a month
12:09:20WACOMaltDang, stable hasnt updated for awhile huh?
12:09:24WACOMaltstill 3.15 isnt it?
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12:16:02hactar|ant my 5g these days
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12:25:50speachyI believe real CF cards have always been fine, but the CF->SD adaptors (and by extension, the ATA->SD adaptors) have been flaky
12:26:27speachybut there's zero reason to use the stable release vs a daily build
12:27:05speachyand if you're using anything other than spinning rust or a true CF card in the device, you really need to be using a recent dev build.
12:27:28speachy("recent" in this context means something within the past year or so)
12:42:26_bilgus_at this point dev builds are more stable and likely better tested than 3.15 for the majority of devices
12:44:23hactar|antwas mpegplayer really axed
12:45:05_bilgus_its back for now but I still think it should be personally
12:45:19_bilgus_or at least decoupled from core more
12:46:08_bilgus_then again i'm the guy that thinks everything should be a plugin
12:50:20_bilgus_I wonder if __builtin had any success with -fPIC
13:03:18speachythere's a bunch of crap in the plugin API only used for mpegplayer.
13:21:13_bilgus_I saw a few other things i'd like to rip out of the plugin API as well but I promptly forgot about them
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14:36:59_bilgus_my coffee warmer no longer works!
14:56:07speachyheh heh. might be a good use for some old-school 1st-gen Pentiums.
14:58:45speachyOh loook.
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16:51:50_bilgus_ha wonder if the pfp bug makes it work better as a warmer
17:02:33speachydoubt it
17:02:54speachyjust resulted in incorrect results, not a heat-generating lockup
17:19:06_bilgus_heh yeah I know but in theory my pentium with fp bug was probably less efficient than the one they sent me that didn't have it fixed
17:19:43_bilgus_it was a bit of time between the two bet their yields were better at least
17:21:04_bilgus_rather the one they sent me that DID have it fixed
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18:55:22luna1yo im getting a new ipod and i plan to flash mod it, but im on linux so installing the official ipod os would be a pain, is it possible to install rockbox without installing the official ipod os
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22:00:14speachyif it's already formatted in fat32 then it's pretty easy, otherwise it's a bit of a PITA.
22:00:50speachyif it's a device sold as an "ipod classic" (ie 6th/7th-gen) then it's also easy.
22:01:22speachyyou only need to do the iTunes restore step if the device was formatted in with the Mac-specific HFS filesystem.
22:01:42speachy(it can be done manually too but... ugh)
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