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#rockbox log for 2023-02-13

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10:47:23speachyCarlo30: If you try the oldest daily build we still have on the site, does it solve anything?
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17:59:53_bilgusCarlo` are you familar with git bisect?
18:00:32_bilgusi found this to help another user
18:01:12_bilgusspecifically Git Bisect in Practice
18:02:35_bilgusstart where you last had a failure and whatever build you were coming from that works and it'll spit you out a few builds or hone it in a bit more and find another newer workin build up to you
18:03:23Carlo`I will do that, I was just trying to reduce the time window between the last known good version and the first bad one
18:03:34Carlo`I can confirm 20230106 has the issue
18:04:36Carlo`Clean install after make zip, changed the theme to Informative Beauty, repeat -> all and started cycling through a single directory
18:06:02_bilgustruly you should also do a make clean and typically I omit plugins in /tools/configure
18:06:12_bilgusthat way it speeds it up
18:06:21Carlo`This looks definitely suspicious
18:07:20_bilgusthe clip+ is monochrome
18:07:38_bilgusthats why git bisect is so helpful
18:08:04Carlo`Okay, will try bisect
18:11:23Carlo`rb@debian:~/rockbox/rockbox$ git bisect bad  5d0c382a59d84208be5ed719b510794f465ccd8b
18:11:23Carlo`rb@debian:~/rockbox/rockbox$ git bisect good 1773e56447785931968d46002b73307c1fb3a35a
18:11:24Carlo`Bisecting: 10 revisions left to test after this (roughly 4 steps)
18:11:38Carlo`bad is that commit I've linked, good is the last one from 20221230
18:12:19Carlo`Then i should simply build as usual?
18:13:07_bilgusyep then install and try
18:13:24Carlo`Roger that, doing it right now
18:13:26_bilgusif it works type good if it doesn't type bad
18:13:50_bilgusI should say 'git bisect good'
18:16:36_bilgusmake clean is a v. good idea but its probably close enough that its not necessary
18:16:45Carlo`Would copying my config.cfg from a previous build be of any harm?
18:17:38_bilgusI always start with a clean settings file but if you keep them the same between it should still work out fine
18:18:25_bilgusespecially with such a short window but if you need to do that try to keep it the same through the git bisect process wo sav hair pulling
18:18:26Carlo`Not a problem, I'm only changing theme and repeat, meanwhile I'm testing on another Clip+ with the cabbiev2 theme and the issues doesn't seem to be crop up with that
18:18:47_bilgusthere are some hardware differences with the clip's
18:19:15_bilgusand voltage issues between them with the CPU clocking
18:19:37_bilgusif it turns into a heisenbug it usually leads t that
18:20:01_bilguslater revisions handle lower CPU voltages it appears
18:20:08Carlo`I have seven Clip+, any way to tell them apart?
18:20:38_bilgusnot taht I've found I bet theres a serial number somewhere
18:20:50_bilgusbut hardware wise no
18:21:49Carlo`I haven't installed fonts this time, just the IB theme
18:23:05_bilgusas long as you can reproduce it then whatever you need but minimizing the amount of variables will save you a headache later
18:23:16Carlo`I'd hate to have a false negative mostly
18:23:48_bilgus4 steps is not much when its 50 it matters more
18:24:22_bilgusthats when I disable plugins or limit it to a subset of them
18:24:46Carlo`So, I'll reproduce the same condition as the last crash: clean install, repeat -> all, install fonts and IB
18:25:35Carlo`I'll test for another couple of minutes and then I'll tag this build as good and move on
18:25:51_bilgusonce we have a build I can then go look and we start adding or removing a variable at a time
18:26:23Carlo`Thank you so much for your time
18:27:04_bilgussome bugs jump right out others are subtle/insidious
18:27:15_bilgushey thank you for finding our bugs
18:27:49_bilgusblame will be applied later :p
18:27:50Carlo`Well, it's the least I can do, as I quite enjoy Rockbox on my devices
18:28:08Carlo`okay, this build is good, onto the next
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18:31:31Carlo`Your build with the cabbiev2 theme isn't affected by the bug
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18:36:33Carlo`I have two unusual characters in my tags, Ö and ø
18:37:54Carlo`however the bug appeared even while skipping files without strange characters in a different directory
18:38:59_bilgusI can try the theme what fonts are you using?
18:39:21Carlo`I've just installed the standard  font package with the rb utility
18:39:35Carlo`I haven't changed the default IB fonts
18:40:23Carlo`this build looks good too, let me compile the next one
18:43:21 Join massiveH [0] (~massiveH@2600:4040:a992:a300:5876:20dc:6e8b:80ec)
18:44:08_bilgusare you setting a particular font?
18:44:55_bilgusthen that shouldn't matter unless the theme is using one of em
18:44:56Carlo`The default Informative Beauty font is Rockfont 8px
18:48:01Carlo`hm.. three good builds in a row, I was hoping for a bad  one
18:50:52Carlo`Bisecting: 0 revisions left to test after this (roughly 1 step)
18:50:53Carlo`[b444ecfca2218068233a89c278cc86b9e9ef67d7] plugins: Properties: Add 'Last Modified' for audio files
18:52:19Carlo`this is going to be the final showdown
18:52:34Carlo`.. unless I have mis-tagged a build as good
18:58:50Carlo`Nope, this build doesn't seem to have the bug
18:59:31Carlo`Let me just try the next commit, the "Rewrite 16bit alpha bitmap blit" one
19:01:14Carlo`I'll just do a bisect reset to that commit
19:02:39Carlo`"plugins: Properties: Add 'Last Modified' for audio files" from 20230106 doesn't show any crashes
19:18:48_bilgus i tried the theme you referenced for a bit like 20 songs or so what about 15 20 mins and so far can't repro it i skipped fwd reverse fast forwarded rewound etc and so far no luck (unluck?)
19:20:03_bilgusif you try a few times and still no dice I can make you a build at max cpu voltages
19:20:03Carlo`This is truly a heisenbug, known bad builds aren't crashing anymore
19:21:09_bilguscan be your cfg file too I had one a week ago that we searched thru for a good hour and copying the settings file off and back on disappeared
19:22:14Carlo`Let me check one thing
19:23:16_bilgusbut likely you just need to find that bad variable thats why minimal reproducible case saves you a headache later
19:26:20Carlo`This may be just a coincidence, but with that config file 20230106 crashes, without it doesn't (or at least it doesn't seem to crash)
19:35:25_bilguswe did change the dsp stuff but it crashes with it the try it when you bisect
19:36:20_bilgushaas surround got a bug fixed if you look it the file itll say whats changed from default
19:36:35_bilgus(re settings)
19:37:32Carlo`It's definitely one of those settings, as the build you gave me earlier doesn't crash with a default config and the IB theme
19:39:27Carlo`"Haas Surround add flag so the settings can be read back from the config file"? That's from 20221212, but 20221230 works fine with my config
19:39:52Carlo`20221230 is the last known good configuration that I'm absolutely positive doesn't have the bug
19:40:01Carlo`*version I mean
19:41:25_bilguswell veify that it works through gitbisect and it might appear otherwise it could be a bad setting or a change to the settings format that is bad or even a bad spot in your disk which I my guess on my bug
19:41:39_bilgusis my guess*
19:42:01_bilgusi mean how else does copying and deleting and recopying fix a bug
19:43:04Carlo`I'll use another Clip+ for testing from now on
19:43:47Carlo`anyway, I did use my daily driver Clip+ for a couple of hours last week, updated to the 20230208 build, and the crashes started to appear immediately after that
19:44:38Carlo`Compiled 20221230 and it worked fine for another couple of hours, installed 20230115 and immediately got the crashes again
19:46:28_bilgusok so can't reproduce them now at all or is it still specific builds?
19:46:48Carlo`Your daily with the .map file you gave me earlier doesn't seem to crash with a stock config and the IB theme, but the crashes reappear as soon as I overwrite the stock config with the one I've pasted
19:47:27Carlo`Maybe I did tag as good a bad release just because the bug didn't trigger somehow
19:47:41_bilgusits always possible
19:47:42Carlo`I'll continue a bit more, then I'll get back at it tomorrow afternoon
19:48:14_bilgusill keep trying on this clip+ did you say you pasted the cfg file somewhere?
19:49:00_bilgusthe compressor is dealing with the dsp system
19:49:27_bilgusthere was a user having issues with it let me build you this build and try it with your current settings
19:50:56_bilgusoh nevermind it appears amachronic already merged it
19:51:45_bilgus on 12-18
19:52:05_bilgusanyway ill apply those settings on mine
19:53:39Carlo`Could that be the issue, finally?
19:55:17 Join jacobk [0] (~quassel@
19:55:51Carlo`"there is a race condition here that causes prefetch abort panics on the Clip+.", this sounds exactly like what I'm experiencing
19:56:58_bilgusmaybe it only looked fixed then
19:57:23_bilguswe were doing a dummy loop prior let me check what changed
19:57:53Carlo`It's triggered randomly, by repeteadly skipping songs, and it only happens as soon as a given file starts playing
19:59:40Carlo`I believed fast forwarding also triggered it, but I may simply have tapped forward instead of keeping it pressed
20:00:29_bilgusthis was done on Dec 18th didnt you say you were using 12/30 build fine?
20:00:50Carlo`Yes, I've used the 20221230 build for a couple of hours and the bug never showed once
20:02:53Carlo`However, given how elusive it is, I could keep using that build for a couple of days just to be sure it's bug free
20:03:51Carlo`It's quite random, however nothing crashed as fast as your 202302013 build you gave me earlier
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20:09:18_bilgusthats the build at HED
20:09:54Carlo`I know, it was just to say that the latest build crashes almost instantly
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