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#rockbox log for 2023-02-28

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05:09:44chicoHi there! So I've been searching around in the forum but I don't think I can find my particular issue:
05:10:20chicoso I get this new, allegedly, Sansa Fuze+, I rockbox'd it, but he can't read the SD card. Two particular things happens on that issue:
05:10:53chicoI've tested 2 cards, both works, one of them was in another rockbox device so I know it is good, and they both show up on linux and on windows systems
05:11:27chicoOne them was an old one I had laying around, it read it, but after formatting it to gpt fat32 it is unable to see it again, I've formatted with fdisk and on windows 10
05:11:41chicoDoes someone know or had the same issue and can help shine some light, please?
05:12:42chicoI've also tried formatting with a dos label, fat32 w95 but he didn't like it either. Als otried exfat on windows but I'm aware other *fat formats are not supported so I didn't test it further that way
05:18:07chicoAh, some more details, cards are class 10 and 4, and if I put the device on the usb the computers still see the cards, so I believe the device is not broken
05:18:49chicohowever, when i do that, I need to do fdisk /dev/thedevice in order to be reconiced, then I can mount it like any other device
05:19:08chicoit does not do that on a sd to usb reader
05:23:42chicook I've tested one more thing, on this last case, if I put the device on USB on linux, both storages are separated, but
05:24:09chicoif I do the same on window, it kinda puts all content together, and tells me that I have to format the sd
05:26:00sporksounds like you might be seeing it in 'MTP' mode in windows
05:26:14sporkwhile you want 'MSC'
05:26:19chicoI thought I tpyed it, sorry, I've always checked it is on MTC mode
05:26:58chicoat least that's what OF tells me it is, no auto
05:27:54chico*MSC, sorry, like you said, thats what OF says, should I try auto just in case?
05:28:32sporkno, msc is what you want, auto would not make that better
05:28:43sporkthe combining you describe sounds a lot like mtp though
05:28:55sporkbut i only have other sansa devices, no fuze+
05:29:25chicoyes, that's my thought tho, but before and after putting it on windows I've checked OF and it says *MSC
05:29:40chicoand I don't think rocbox does MTP, does it
05:32:09sporknobody should
05:32:14sporkuseless option
05:35:20sporki think you want mbr fat32 for your cards
05:35:41chicohm, I can try that, let me see
05:37:07sporkthat might be the same as the win95 mode you describe
05:37:55chicoI was about to type that
05:38:16chicois using the option 'o' on fdisk, then 0b tyoe for the partition
05:41:20chicotrying again after using the VolDown to ensure MSC mode
05:44:18chicokinda same behavior, although now I get the "format your card on fat32", but still says "no usd card" if I go to settings -> format
05:45:41chicoon windows tho, with VolDown I do get MSC, but ignores the SD
05:46:20chicomy bad, it still shows up as raw, gonna try to format from windows again
05:47:02chico>the system cannot find the specified file
05:53:07chicoWindows refuses to format it from the reader too, am I cursed
06:12:16chicoCould this happen if I have a V1 instead of a V2? The OF was 02.xx.xx
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08:58:31paulcarrotychico, there's no fuze+ v2
08:59:57chicoThat could mean I fucked up the upgrade?
09:01:31paulcarrotymaybe your cards are broken, who knows.
09:02:00chicoThey both work/worked as always
09:02:13paulcarrotyI have fuze+ too, but don't know how to help ya
09:03:29chicoI think the issue might be that I upgraded the wrong firmware. Although the zip from the sansa forum was called, yeah, I have this archive in ~/Backups.
09:06:06chicoI guess that's not the issue either. The weird thing is that if the reader was broken, I don't think I could see them on my computers
09:06:27chicoHowever, I can see them with no issue and copy files onto them, is when I boot the device when they ignore the card
09:14:05paulcarrotychico, can you boot to original firmware and test the cardreader?
09:14:52chicoyes, it doesn't read any of the 2 cards, no maatter the format
09:18:40paulcarrotyis there the sd format option in original firmware? if yes test it.
09:21:11chicoyes, that's how I test if the card is being read
09:21:26chicowhen I go to Settings -> Format it says "no usd card found"
09:32:35paulcarrotychico, that's sad. what about sdreader brush cleanup? And I'd try any third card to test anyway. You said Windows refused it to format too.
09:33:30chicowhen I tried diskmgmt.msc it refused to format it if I gave it any particular argument. Same for diskpart, but when I used defaults it worked perfectly
09:34:14paulcarrotythat's a bad sign
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19:22:04chicohey there, so I've been testing further, seems like a previous card I had from some live os isntalation is recon, but if I format the already tested cards with the exact same format, they get ignored, again
19:22:26chicoI've tried to zero out the cards but idk
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21:02:11chicoI think I've found the solution, will report better later
21:05:19chicodefinitively I'm gonna report later because somwehow I've made a fuccen miracle and even lucky this is weird, the .rockbox directory I copied into the sd got cloned to the internal memory of the fuze+, so it greeted me booting up rockbox without sd
21:07:56chicoThe fix for the 4GB card was: sd into the device, usb to windows, format from there, fat32 4k, unfortunately the 64GB one only allows exfat so we will see, otherwise will try the formatter
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