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#rockbox log for 2023-03-18

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13:18:36dconradI'm looking into this but I also want to ask... anyone have any immediate thoughts on this?,54481.0.html
13:19:20dconradquite bizarre, but reproducible - some buffer isn't being emptied when stopping playback?
13:19:31dconrad(that's my thought at least)
13:24:06dconradI thought we were always guaranteed to get l+r pairs of samples but perhaps not
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13:56:00dconradperhaps the question I should be asking is "what mechanism on m3k (most similar port?) ensures that we always get a pair of l+r samples into the DAC? And how does the eros q differ?"
13:56:45dconrador maybe it has to do with stopping/starting the i2s clock
14:08:10amachronicreading the i2s spec the word select line (aka. frame clock or LR clock) is low for left and high for right.
14:08:32fourHZhow does a wrong DAC sound?
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14:09:01amachronicon the cpu side it's AIC_I2SCR.RFIRST that defines channel ordering from the FIFO
14:09:04fourHZis it the bass or treble? have you any test media to share?
14:10:27dconradI think I've discovered through testing that it might be related to switching audio frequency - test file is in that thread from Oktan
14:11:54dconradwhich might actually make sense, because I think the m3k manages switching frequencies much more closely (or at all?) than the eros
14:35:15dconradfourHZ - the left and right channels actually swap sides sometimes
14:37:43fourHZdconrad that would be nasty. i did not hear something like that before afaik
14:44:24dconradnot nasty, just a bug we can get sorted out
14:45:21dconradthanks amachronic - I believe we shouldn't ever have reason to switch the channel ordering, right?
14:45:28fourHZah just one bug of dac that can happen i get it now.
14:45:59amachronicyep, the ordering is set at boot and shouldn't change.
14:46:54dconradso perhaps when we switch frequencies the word select doesn't necessarily get changed correctly
14:49:05_bilgusor samples are still sized by the old sampling rate and causes it to get out of sync?
14:49:32dconradhmm that certainly seems possible too
14:49:45_bilgusdoes it happen if you jump from something tiny to the largest
14:49:49amachronicunless the DAC has a hardware bug how could it *ever* get confused about left/right?
14:49:53_bilgussampling rate that is
14:50:05amachronicthe i2s bus is *telling it* exactly what channel its sending at all times
14:50:42dconradI guess I was thinking the x1000 actually gets its outputs out of sync, but I guess that's managed so it couldn't?
14:51:12_bilgusamachronics leaning towards a config bug then
14:51:26dconradit seems to happen just changing the frequency setting between 2 values, like between 44.1khz and 48khz
14:52:09amachronicwell... I'd assume normally the outputs couldn't get out of sync but it depends on the FIFO config.
14:52:23amachronicdoesn't the erosq use 32-bit FIFO entries?
14:52:30amachronicwhereas the M3K used the packed 16-bit format?
14:52:53dconradI thought it was 24 bit IIRC
14:53:12dconradI seem to remember the x1000's aic doesn't support 32 bit samples
14:53:22dconrad(or was it the dac, I don't remember)
14:54:19_bilgusi'm thinking you have a slightly more than random chance of ending up unaligned between pairing like that but less so between 48 an 96khz I'd think
14:55:01amachronicI'm guessing that on the M3K we're always sending the L+R channel together due to the packed format
14:55:19amachronicon the ErosQ there are two FIFO entries (one for each channel)
14:55:38amachronicif you stop the FIFO between the left and right samples then the channels *might* swap
14:56:31_bilgusso you'd either need a dummy sample or to skip forward half a sample? could you detect thaT LIKE EVEN ODD OR SOMETHING
14:59:55amachroniclooking at the X1000 manual, they recommend to wait for the FIFO to drain when stopping playback.
15:00:04_bilgusinteresting way to find that bug too wonder how many headphones they mislabeled before they discovered it
15:00:57amachronicas long as you always write an even number of samples and let the FIFO drain the parity shouldn't go wrong.
15:03:53dconradthat makes sense... I'm thinking this might be fixable then by doing that before stopping the i2s bit clock to change frequency
15:04:14dconradit seems to be directly related to changing the sample frequency as far as I can tell
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18:43:47dconradwell, no matter how thoroughly I try to reset x1000 aic in audiohw_set_frequency(), I can't get it to where the issue doesn't occur at all
18:44:15dconradit seems to get better but I'm not sure if I'm just imagining it
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18:46:07dconradin trying to trace the function calls upwards I did find that the audio buffer is aligned in pcm_play_data_start_int() (pcm.c) to 16-16 through some magic macro I can't make heads or tails of... would it be possible (and if so, advantageous?) to change this to better suit the larger 32-bit sample sizes?
18:46:34dconradI think I'm in over my head, but that seems like something that might influence this issue
18:52:14dconradI think it's a situation where we can reset AIC all we want, but there's no guarantee that the next sample in the buffer is a left-channel sample
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20:08:12dconradseems like maybe there's a fundamental flaw in that trying to use the pcm system with larger-than-16-bit samples means there's no way to ensure they are always treated as pairs?
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20:16:47dconradI tried to compile a version which is limited to 44.1k, but wow it screwed up all the strings bad
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20:31:48dconradnevermind, just needed to clean my build directory
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