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#rockbox log for 2023-03-24

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05:01:23dratdoes using disk mode instead of the main apple firmware solve the corruption issue with transfers over iflash quad?
05:01:52dratalso* solve; the main firmware and itunes sync works
05:17:38q3kthe 'rescue' disk mode and the main firmware disk mode (ie. main firmware plugged into a PC) are pretty much the same codebase
05:18:23q3kso i'd be surprised if there was a significant difference. although i'm mostly experienced with flash-based pods (nanos) and not ata-based pods
05:18:53q3ki assume you're referring to some corruption issue that happens when you attempt to transfer data when rockbox is running?
05:21:22dratcorrect. im just going to chuck it and find out lol
05:33:14q3kthe big problem is, iirc, itunes will really want to restore your ipod when it discovers it's running 'rescue' disk mode. there might be a way to hack around this though.
05:33:25q3kbut if you just wanna transfer files it should be fine
05:34:05q3k(iiuc it bases that decision on the device info plist it gets over one of the C6 SCSI commands, i think there's a field there for what mode the firmware is currently in)
05:34:45q3k(at least on n3g+/5.5g+)
05:36:53dratwell i was going to use disk mode and add music without itunes
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06:01:25q3kyeah that will likely work, but do let me know if it doesn't. i'm not sure i'll be able to help, but it'll be a valuable data point for my RetailOS RE effort :)
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06:06:25amachronicspeachy: I'm pretty sure .syntax unified is fine in pure asm. It's only inline asm that's the problem, because it gets pasted into GCC-generated asm.
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10:30:29speachydrat: Before doing the "boot into apple firmware" please make sure you're using something newer than the 3.15 rockbox release.
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11:01:00dratspeachy: i am/will be using the daily build. q3k: i probably won't do it until sometime sunday/nextweek cause if it goes wrong i need time to reconfigure before the following shift at work
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15:44:13speachywow, so much green.
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19:43:25beverage2000Anyone have experience theming for ipod 4g on linux?
19:45:40hactar|anti've done a lot of grayscale ipod theming but only on windows/osx
19:46:45beverage2000this might apply to other devices too. I'm trying to make a version of FlatCover with a more language-safe font, I just dunno how to execute the applescript in the human-readable wps file
19:47:34beverage2000i have windows on this machine too if necessary
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19:53:08beverage2000all I need to change the font
19:54:30hactar|anti ran into a lot of frustration trying to make a custom font i ended up just using stock ones
19:54:36hactar|antor downloaded them from somewhere i think
19:56:04beverage2000Wow you tried to make a custom font? I'm just using some i converted/downloaded too. changing the font in settings doesn't change it for the wps though
19:56:36hactar|antthen it sounds like the wps is specifying a font
19:57:23beverage2000Do you think it's possible to specify a different font for an existing theme or should i just start over?
19:58:01hactar|antthen later you can specify the fontid in a viewport
19:58:21hactar|antat least that's what i did, cause i used a smaller font for my clock than the rest of the text
19:59:37hactar|antreally hope that wps tags are updated soon
20:00:59hactar|antin my bizarre quest to make my (admittedly minimal) theme as lean as possible i only used bitmaps where i absolutely had to
20:01:13hactar|antpreferring to draw what i could
20:01:24hactar|antbut the drawing tools are pretty crude
20:01:56beverage2000Yeah im so used to graphical bitmap editors idk if i'd have the guts to do that
20:10:39hactar|antonly bitmaps are the charge/plug icon, the interior of the volume wedge, playback, mode (not visible), lock, and disk access icons
20:11:06hactar|anti use that for 3g/4g, mini is basically the same but smaller
20:11:51beverage2000This is sick
20:12:10hactar|ant if you want to take a peek
20:12:16beverage2000So if youre drawing all the rest, what does that entail?
20:12:18beverage2000hell yeah
20:12:29hactar|anti don't have it uploaded because of the project's real name policy
20:12:41hactar|antbut if you want it or to modify it i can send you the whole thing
20:13:26beverage2000You have a .sbs too?
20:13:52beverage2000I didn't know there was a real name policy ._.
20:14:23beverage2000Awesome, thanks
20:14:23hactar|anti think all told the bitmaps are less than 1kb
20:16:04beverage2000where should i keep the bitmaps folder? just in /icons?
20:16:34hactar|antcheck out the structure of mine
20:16:51hactar|antdid i zip it without structure
20:17:02hactar|antbitmaps go in a folder with the same name as the wps files
20:17:58beverage2000got it
20:18:29hactar|antthe drawing includes e.g.
20:18:30DBUGEnqueued KICK hactar|ant
20:19:10hactar|antfirst is a rectangle for the outline of the battery, second is a 1px wide "rectangle" which is the little nub on the battery (really). last one draws the battery level inside the first rectangle
20:20:16beverage2000oh wow
20:21:13beverage2000also yeah I dont think the zip had the right structure, it's using the fallback when i select the wps
20:21:54beverage2000but also I'm totally new at this i just modded my ipod like 2 days ago so forgive me
20:22:02hactar|antthere should be two files and a folder, and you put them in /.rockbox/wps/
20:26:33beverage2000Hey sweet, got it working!
20:26:52beverage2000I'm starting to slowly understand how this works
20:27:39hactar|antmy 5g theme is basically the same
20:27:57hactar|ant(5g is my main squeeze)
20:28:36hactar|anti was gonna do album art for it but eventually i decided not to because it really bugs me when the screen doesn't show an entire song/album/whatever name
20:29:02beverage2000yeah, especially on the lcd it's hard to read when it scrolls
20:29:19hactar|antyeah, rockbox's scroll is brutal on grayscale ipods
20:29:34beverage2000I find it worth it to make the trade though, I can't get enough of these tiny album covers
20:29:41hactar|anthopefully at some point there will be customisation of the text scroll
20:29:52beverage2000that'd rule yeah
20:30:10hactar|antyou'd have to ask one of the devs about that though, i am merely a rockbox fan
20:30:50beverage2000I'm criminally bad at asking for stuff so I'll just hope someone who had the same idea overhears
20:33:37beverage2000Oh woah I didn't realize the disk spins in your it
20:36:45hactar|anti really love designing uis for low res screens
20:42:03beverage2000I'm with you.. i think tamagotchi made me fall in love with bitmap/lcd/low res at a very impressionable time
21:25:05beverage2000all right I got my font fix working! Thanks for your help
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