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#rockbox log for 2023-03-29

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18:06:36lizziethis thing is made for people who want to use python, I think... but regardless of that... it's a microprocessor with I think all the right hardware to be a good rockbox host. Available for super cheap.
18:06:48lizzieAnyone know if this would actually be a good target for rockbox, and how easy it would be to port to?
18:07:26lizzieand I know rockbox probably wouldn't touch the bt or wifi connectivity but... maybe could just be dual booted with some other firmware to do net streaming and such
18:08:02speachybt and wifi for those are handled by a separate standalone module.
18:09:10speachyit's going to be a bit on the slow side −− the CPU cores are capable enough but the bulk of the RAM is off-chip SPI-connected PSRAM.
18:14:07speachyup to 24bit @96KHz.. line level output.
18:18:00speachyso to port rockbox over to this thing, we'd have to first port the core OS to the Xtensa CPU, write drivers for the core SoC stuff
18:18:31speachyand then for the externally-attached stuff (display, dac)
18:19:53speachythis thing doesn't have any sense of power management (expects constant USB supply) either, and the pair of toggle switches is pretty limiting.
18:24:31speachyoh, that's right, the ESP32 can only actually address 4MB of PSRAM. So a total of about 4.5MB means a lot of the rockbox plugin ecosystem won't work well.
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23:58:11lizziespeachy: oh wow, okay... I guess I just assumed that modern microprocessors that can do bt and wifi would be much more powerful than whatever was in my ancient sandisk devices, but I guess not

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