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#rockbox log for 2023-04-14

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13:41:34CaptainBloodhello everyone, the Rockbox wiki pages are unavailable as of yesterday. Did something happen? Does anyone have any information? When will the Rockbox Wiki be back up? Thank you.
13:42:15fourHZcould reach that right now
13:43:06CaptainBloodyes, is up. But is unreachable.
13:44:26CaptainBloodI was reading some pages on to update my ipod 5 gen on Wednesday. Came back on Thursday to actually do it −− the Wiki is offline. Still offline today. Does anyone know anything?
13:45:45CaptainBloodTry or any page off that directory tree they are all unreachable 504 Gateway timeout. As of sometime yesterday.
13:48:17fourHZi see
13:48:38fourHZtakes ages to load
13:49:45CaptainBloodyou got it to load ?!!
13:49:46CaptainBloodI would be happy for it to load I don't care if I have to wait.
13:49:46CaptainBloodFor me No Pages are available.
13:49:53speachygimme a sec
13:50:31fourHZyes 504
13:51:22fourHZ... restart ...
13:52:35fourHZnow the whole thing down
13:52:52speachyshould be up now
13:53:15fourHZpressing F5
13:53:48speachyslow but it's working
13:53:59fourHZit is up but the wiki is slow
13:54:34CaptainBloodwow. you guys are awesome!
13:54:34CaptainBloodthank you so much. I can now put rockbox on my ipod 5.5
13:54:35CaptainBloodthanks so much for such a quick fix / quick solution.
13:58:05fourHZspeachy what was it?
13:58:28speachywiki wedged itself yet again. surprisingly it didn't take down the whole www server, which is how I usually catch it.
13:58:54fourHZever wanted to have a nagios monitor for this?
14:10:34speachyI ahd something watching the www site but not the wiki specifically
14:10:53speachymost of what I've had running tends to fail due to flakiness on the remote side though
14:12:55fourHZ1. you need more sensor going to specific URIs
14:13:03fourHZ2. monitor the remote side
14:13:24fourHZpreferably on a third host
14:14:34fourHZpoint 1. you would have to specify the most interesting URIs as i dont know them
14:14:59fourHZthis system could be setup quickly i have experience in it
14:16:34fourHZusing just the standard sensors like:
14:17:03speachymonitoring it is (relatively) simple, yes.
14:17:38speachyreaplcing the wiki is something that's been on the to-do list since approximately forever.
14:18:25fourHZnagios is simple but you can drive it to complex levels. no need for doing that right now. i dont't know what is wrong with the wiki right now. have you considered wikimedia?
14:18:30speachywhat I think is the sanest thing to do is to scrape the wiki into a read-only static view.
14:18:57speachyand leave the read/write thing as something requiring a login to even view.
14:19:15speachyit's not a matter of "Considering"
14:19:18speachyit's a matter of "migrating"
14:19:36fourHZthat would be ok if the wiki is done and you dont need to edit it.
14:19:38speachythere's literally decades of history that needs to be preserved.
14:21:00speachythe crappy performance and keeling-over-under-random-crawlers isn't a problem if you only need to hit the "wiki" in order to edit it.
14:21:06fourHZyes a snapshot of the old wiki could be done by wget and the rest github?
14:21:52speachyI have multiple replacement/augmentation projects in various stages of progress
14:22:48speachyautomated static export of the current wiki is there (and works) except for needing appropriate theming to make it look right.
14:23:30speachyI did a test migrate to foswiki 2.x and that seemed ok until it ate itself and I had to put all that aside due to other, more pressing problems.
14:24:11speachyevery other wiki requries converting the syntax of every page.
14:24:46speachy(there's some special foswiki-specitic constructs (beyond just formating syntax) too, it's an odd mismash of features...)
14:25:50fourHZgot to check foswiki
14:25:57fourHZdid know it yet
14:29:37fourHZhmmm looks interesting
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15:35:53speachyfull static export of the wiki, though attachments are hotlinked.
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15:51:46speachyIF I can work out how to hook into the page edit/update stuff so that it can auto-export this stuff, then I'm gonna split-brain this sucker.
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17:40:50speachythe 3 pack of the 1.5" 240x240 displays showed up. the Seed Pod should be here tomorrow I think?
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