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#rockbox log for 2023-04-25

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14:03:36yang2Damn, this simple portable audio player costs insanely 4300 €
14:12:31speachygeez. That's a lot of money for an android phone with a knob attached.
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17:20:22buZzisnt there some 'arduino-rockbox' yet? :P
17:20:37buZzi'd love to solder/ducttape/3dprint a mp3 player
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18:07:24speachymost (all?) of the arduinos lack the RAM for a usable port.
18:09:39speachyit takes a pretty high-end microcontroller to have the raw oomph and either enough ram or support for external ram, to the point where it actually costs more than using a more "traditional" SoC. Many SoCs actually have on-package DRAM (the various Ingenic ones we already run on, Allwinner FCxxx and V3 series) or stacking DRAM on top of the die (eg what the RPi uses).
18:11:32speachyIMO those Allwinner parts are probably the best choice for a new just-for-rockbox design.
18:14:18buZzthat new arduino has 8MB
18:15:49buZz , 1MB on the STM32, 8MB external SDRAM
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19:31:21speachybuZz: sweet, that thing will definitely cut the mustard.
19:32:04speachyFWIW the Daisy Seed we were talking about earlier is conceptutually the same, (STM32H7 + 64MB DRAM)
19:32:13speachyalbeit a single-core version
19:32:52buZzi guess daisy is a lot cheaper too
19:33:09buZzgiga is 72 usd preimport
19:33:32buZzdaisy seed 28 :P
19:34:40speachydaisy doesn't have as much I/O breakout. and by the time you add their daisy pod breakout board it's about $100 shipped
19:35:02speachymost of what's on the that GIGA R1 is superflous though. And no SD slot!
19:35:38buZzimho just deadbug connectors and parts of a loose daisy seed :)
19:35:44buZzno pod needed
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19:37:17speachyand its audio out is just hooked up to the STM32's analog output, not up to the quality we'd need
19:37:34speachyglad to see more widespread use of these high-end parts
19:38:02buZzwell i mostly listen to punk, all this quality nonsense is lost on me ;)
19:39:07speachyit has a USB-C connector but it's only USB-1 speeds.
19:39:18speachy(USB2 requires a ULPI PHY)
19:40:40speachytime permitting I'd like to port to the daisy. I picked up some SPI-attached 240x240 LCDs
19:41:24speachypunk or not I think you'd notice the difference between a 12-bit DAC and 16-bit.
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19:53:44buZzlikely :)
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