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#rockbox log for 2023-04-26

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16:17:43jssfrspeachy, oh? what displays?
16:18:18jssfrI have a bunch of embedded projects behind me and I have a loose TODO item to get a daisy and mess with it and maybe rockbox it once my current hardware project is finished.
16:18:55speachy16-bit, 1.3", 240x240 IPS (supposedly), SPI interface
16:18:57jssfrright, let's see if I can find something like that in europe.
16:19:27speachyit's easy to find parallel-bus-attached displays, but SPI-attached ones are trickier.
16:19:48speachy(well, there's a ton of really low-res/monochrome ones...)
16:20:24jssfrhaha, there's an adafruit breakout based on the same driver IC and they just slapped a μSD card plus pinout on it apparently?
16:20:28jssfr*card slot
16:21:18jssfrthat would go well with a daisy
16:21:20speachynot a "standard" SD clot
16:21:35jssfrmicro SD
16:21:44speachy1-bit interface only, and even then it might only work in SPI mode, which not everything works with
16:21:51speachy(at least that's been my experience...)
16:22:08jssfrI see six pins dedicated to the SD
16:22:10speachythe full SD card pinout isn't brought out to the header
16:22:18jssfr(plus presumably Vcc and Gnd)
16:22:31jssfr(I never used SD on microcontrollers, so I know nothing)
16:23:12speachylet me double check on adafruit
16:23:23jssfrgood idea
16:26:11jssfrack, it doesn't seem to be fully wired out on the pin header
16:26:32jssfrwell, wouldn't matter with the pod for development
16:27:55speachyI think it only has a CS for the SD card, the rest are shared.
16:28:16jssfr"suboptimal", as they say
16:28:18speachythat's why I didn't bother with some of the similar display boards I'd encountered.
16:29:09speachythat's a nicer display than what I picked up, granted. adafruit also has a nice 240x320 2" screen with similar I/O.
16:29:42speachyUsing SD cards in SPI mode is a real PITA.
16:31:43speachyheh, I've always wondered if an e-ink display might not be a bad idea
16:32:48jssfryeah eink would be pretty neat
16:34:54speachyanyway −− SPI normally isn't ideal but we should be able to use the hardware's native SPI +DMA to refresh the screen with zero CPU interaction.
16:35:29speachy(leave it to auto-refresh whenever the display is on, or only get triggered when necessary, both are doable..)
16:35:40speachycould even double-buffer things to keep it seamless. :D
16:36:08speachythe STM32 dma engines are really capable.
16:37:22speachyhuh, 16 bit @ 240x240 yields just shy of 1Mbit per frame, which means @1MHz we'd get 1fps.
16:41:56speachyif I read the datasheet correctly we can drive the SPI interace to 62.5MHz, which basically means we're going to be limited by how fast we can drive the STM32's SPI interface.
16:45:04speachythat depends on the clock tree we use, but 24-32MHz should be no problem at all, and in theory it can hit at least 133MHz. :D
16:46:10speachybut that would mean using a PLL, and I don't know if we'd have one to sapre.
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22:07:10hactar|ant1.3" ips?
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