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#rockbox log for 2023-04-27

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02:17:02jssfr also looks interesting as a display (yes, I am happy with monochrome)
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09:47:32tertuwhat's the least amount of RAM a currently supported device has?
09:48:22tertualso idk if this would help but while my current player is an eros K i have both an eros K and a fiio X1 if that would be helpful in any way
09:48:34speachy2MB I think.
09:49:29speachyand IIRC that means not all codecs fit, along with a substantial portion of the plugins(+games).
09:50:39speachyjssfr: OLED displays are far better than LCDs IMO, though in this specific case the lack of any backlight means it's unusuable in the dark.
09:50:59gevaerts2MB also it requires a small screen, ideally monochrome. Screen bitmaps are big!
09:51:40gevaerts(remove that "it")
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09:52:46speachyjssfr: for example
09:53:08speachywhich is essentially what we have on the xDuoo X3 and most of the Sansa Clips.
09:53:31tertuI miss the sansa clip
09:53:42tertumy friend had one but not rockboxed and it was like oh this is perfect
09:53:57speachylike anything with onboard flash they've all been slowing dying off.
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09:54:21tertuidk if i mentioned it here but i did get an ipod mini and was sad to find it's not beefy enough to handle opus, but vorbis works fine at least
09:54:48speachyI need to do a display/parts swap on mine; the one with the good display has a compltely dead flash chip, whereas the one whose flash part still works has a mostly-dead display. and flaky headphone jack.
09:54:50tertumainly because i wanted one when i was a kid, so it's not a huge loss
09:55:05jssfr"mostly dead display"?
09:55:07speachythe mini2g should handle opus fine.
09:55:47speachyjssfr: it takes various amounts of percussive maintainenece to get it displaying everything properly.
09:56:25jssfrI have a sansa clip thing (not sure which variant) where the display would only work while USB power is plugged in, and even then only with very little contrast
09:56:28speachyIIRC the mini1g has the original PP chip that effectively runs at half clock speed due to a design flaw.
09:56:29jssfrI wonder if they have the same illness
09:56:57tertuoh that could be it
09:56:58speachysymptom sounds the same, but mine was regardless of power source. poor thing took one too many impacts.
09:57:05tertui'm not sure when generation mine is
09:57:29speachy(or ate least the mini2g I have here plays the handful of opus test files okay. :D
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