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#rockbox log for 2023-04-28

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06:11:27sudormonce rockbox is installed on a iPod, can I plug the cable, and it is recognized as a USB flash drive, and I can just copy/paste the MP3 in folders?
06:11:44sudormUMS stlye ? (USB Mass Storage)
06:13:20sudormok perfect :)
06:13:32sudormthe dream for an IpoD to just copy/paste without iTunes :)
06:15:06sudormand last question: my MP3 library is organized in folders like MP3/Artist - Album name/01-Songname.mp3 and without ID3 tags. Can Rockbox just use folder names and filenames, instead of using ID3 tags?
06:15:47gevaertsAt least back in the day, that's what most developers used to do
06:15:56jssfrsudorm, you can use the file browser at least in that case
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06:17:27sudormre, i was disconnected
06:17:38jssfrsudorm, you can use the file browser at least in that case
06:17:40sporkthere are logs
06:17:54jssfr(I don't think that the database supports extracting tags from file system tree structures)
06:18:19sudormjssfr, would you have a screenshot? is the UX of file browser ok for daily use ?
06:18:31sudormspork, thanks
06:18:36sporki only use the file browser, it is fine
06:18:42sudormspork, great :)
06:18:43gevaertsWhy would you want to use the database if you have your files organised in a decent structure and you explicitly don't want to use tags?
06:18:58sudormi can't wait to install rockbox :)
06:19:05sudormgevaerts, i don't know yet, i haven't installed it yet
06:19:20sporkgevaerts: to be constantly surprised ?
06:19:30jssfrsudorm, it's basically a what you'd expect from a file browser :)
06:19:32sudormi'm looking for a "buyonceforlife" portable audio player
06:19:43sudormwhich one would you recommend me to buy ?
06:19:49sudormiPod classic 4th gen?
06:19:50jssfrone line per folder, some key to go into a file, and you can add whole folders/subtrees to your playlist at once
06:20:13sudormI'm looking for something solid, that can last 10 years and easily replace it by another one if damaged
06:20:30sudormwith ok battery and good navigation
06:20:47jssfrmost rockbox targets have ok battery and good navigation
06:21:01jssfrI've been bouncing between sansas after having used an iriver h320 for nearly a decade.
06:21:02sporknothing you can buy today will be easy to buy in 10 years
06:21:03sudormI see many iPod classic for 30 € second hand. Would you go for this?
06:21:17gevaerts"ok battery" is something that has changed over the years though
06:21:18sudormspork, I think there will still be many iPod classic on second hand market
06:21:39sudormjssfr, sansas fuze ?
06:22:09jssfrno, clips
06:22:09sporki use a sansa clip+ daily
06:22:20jssfrsansa clip, clip zip, clip+
06:22:27sporkand just put a new battery in a clip zip
06:22:28gevaertsBasically if you buy second-hand and you want to do 10 years with it, flash-based players are a big risk
06:22:59sporkwith my sansa's i flashed the mukti
06:23:04gevaertsThose things are ten years old by now, you're basically expecting 20 years from flash. That won't happen
06:23:15sporkmulti-boot bootlader as soon as possible
06:23:26gevaertsThat will help, true
06:23:27sudormwhich ones easily upgrade to 100 GB ?
06:23:46sudormipod classic (replace HDD by SSD?) or Clip+ ? or ipod mini?
06:24:11gevaertsHard disk based players can usually have their hard disk replaced with some flash part, which you can then do again should it wear out.
06:24:16sporkipods sold much better so more used available and parts too
06:24:49gevaertsInstalling a CF card in an ipod mini (2nd gen ideally) is fairly easy
06:25:38sudormgevaerts, so ipod mini + CF card mod + 128 MB SD card + new battery = good to go for 10 years ?
06:26:00sporka good start for sure
06:26:12jssfrthe clip+ things take a micro-sd and should easily take a 128 GB card
06:26:54sporkmy 2nd clip+ does not do anything at all anymore. does not even turn on when plugging in usb :(
06:27:04sudormjssfr, oh good to know!
06:27:47sudormwhat do you think about Apple iPod Classic 6G 2007 ? ? For 49€ it seems a good option ?
06:27:48jssfrbut they're plastic, with all that implies
06:27:50sporkdown to 7 rockboxed players now i think
06:28:22gevaertssudorm: there is of course the caveat that the ipod mini was discontinued in 2005 (if what I find is correct. It won't be more than a few years off though), so they're 18 years old *now*. I don't know if those things get capacitor problems, but if they do, they'll start appearing soon. It's tricky...
06:28:24jssfr(I fondly recall having accidentally thrown my iriver h320, turned on, with spinning disk, across the room without any damage. only six years later or so the disk died of tick of death)
06:29:51gevaertsTo be honest, I think the secret to getting a player you can use for ten years is to buy five of them that are in decent condition
06:30:02jssfrthat sounds about right
06:30:05jssfrand never let them fall down
06:30:06gevaertsIf you're talking about that golden era of players of course
06:30:13sudormIs this one a Ipod mini 1 or 2 ?
06:30:17jssfroooor build one yourself ;D
06:30:28sudormThis one is 30€, seems ok
06:30:52jssfrgevaerts, and regularly make sure the batteries are in good charge
06:31:12gevaertssudorm: very hard to say from that side. You need the model number. Although I vaguely seem to remember that maybe they were sold in different colours?
06:31:24gevaertsjssfr: or take the batteries out of the spares entirely
06:31:40jssfrgevaerts, with the sansas, that involves side cutters unfortunately
06:32:01gevaertsOh, there's a second photo :)
06:32:28sudormgevaerts, yes :)
06:33:07gevaertsHmm, while I'm pretty sure the model number is on the back there, it's not exactly legible
06:33:56gevaertsHang on, says they have the same model number?
06:34:17gevaertsI find that hard to believe...
06:34:44paulcarrotyfuze+ is good
06:34:50gevaerts might help?
06:35:18sudormI'll try this!
06:35:34paulcarrotypainless upgrade and repair, built-in fm radio
06:36:01paulcarrotyipod sucks for all above
06:36:14sudormgevaerts, you mean it's easy to open the case of this iPod mini, replace battery, replace flash, close case again ?
06:37:05paulcarrotyopening ipod is hard by design
06:37:25gevaertssudorm: easy is relative, but there's harder ones than the mini, definitely
06:37:26paulcarrotythx, apple
06:39:13gevaertssudorm:−−-No-More/ seems to be a decent guide
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06:40:03gevaertsI think they're easier to open without too much visible damage than most other ipods
06:44:13jssfrah, if that in the article there is how a gen2 looks, the one you posted, sudorm, is likely to be a gen1.
06:44:33jssfrjudging by the discrimination criteria on the apple website gevaerts linked ("The hard-drive size is engraved on back of the device")
06:44:47jssfrthat engraving seems to be missing in the photos
06:44:52gevaertsAh, right!
06:45:16gevaertsMakes sense
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13:29:02bilgus_phClip+ is my favorite player i have mine set aside for retirement and have been using NOS clip zips for probably the last 5 years #1 has button issues and on #2 ATM with TEO more in the blister pack (need to open them ABD charge batteries like the one I sent speachy
13:29:17bilgus_phTwo more ahem
13:30:09bilgus_phThe fuze+ is my FAV hardware out of the sansas but the touch pad leaves a lot to be desired
13:31:05bilgus_phThe fuze V1/2 are tricky to replace batteries in without breaking the scroll wheel I'm told
13:32:52bilgus_phThe clip zip has external ribbon with the buttons it gets moisture under the metal button bubbles so IVE started using some cellophane tape to seal them a bit better to great effect
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14:01:30paulcarrotyf+ touchpad works better with lower sensitivity
14:26:25speachyyeah, I've personally ruined 3, 4 fuze v1/v2s trying to change the batteries.
14:26:56speachyf+'s touchpad did wonders to raise my blood pressure
14:27:22speachythat said I picked up a handful of 'em recently, and they could go do an interested home
14:30:14_bilguseven with the touchpad its very good hardware quite speedy and a good DAC
14:30:54_bilgusthe Fuze+ was my truck MP3 player for years
14:31:47_bilgusI'm still waiing on a family friend to 3d print a back big enough to hold @ 18650 liions
14:31:56_bilgus2 of them
14:32:32_bilgusI think it was something lik 10x the original capacity
14:58:47paulcarrotyspeachy, any video/photo guide for fuze disassembly?
15:00:10paulcarrotystill have one, rented by family member
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16:53:16speachypaulcarroty: "don't do what I did" :D
16:53:52speachyOther than the keypad, my only complaint about the Fuze+ was a lack of a line out. Otherwise it was quite nice.
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20:23:34gevaertsI can't say I'm impressed by the name research done by those Daisy people. DAISY has an established name for audio players (mainly audiobooks) for visually impaired people. It feels a bit odd not to find that when coming up with a name for your audio player board
20:31:35speachyit's not meant for audio players per se, it's meant as a component for instruments, effect pedals, etc.
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20:35:03gevaertsRight. Still feels a bit close though
20:35:16gevaertsIt does look like useful hardware
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20:36:24speachyyeah. so naturally, Somebody(tm) needs to implement DAISY on Daisy. :D
20:37:00gevaertsOf course!
20:41:22speachy... that might ruffle some feathers
20:42:27speachyhuh, DAISY has been supersceded by EPUB,
20:42:37speachyEPUB with media overlays, that is.
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