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#rockbox log for 2023-05-19

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09:27:26speachyok, here's something useful I hacked up late last night: g#5229
09:27:30rb-bluebotGerrit review #5229 at : WIP disk: Support GUID Partition Tables (GPT) by Solomon Peachy
09:28:35speachyI need to format a couple of SD cards to make sure it all works but it should make things simpler for folks just reformatting a modern (exFAT) SD card into FAT32 without needing to repartition anything.
09:29:57speachyI also have the beginnings of support for >2TB drives/partitions, though there's a decent amount of diligance needed to make sure the sector representation is bumped to 64-bit everywhere, and that's before the individual drivers are fixed.
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10:35:25speachyok, it works, I'm using a GPT-formatted SD card in my X3!
10:43:13speachyonce we have >32bit sector representation internally (ie move from unsigned long/uint32_t to unsigned long long/uint64_t) we can go into the drivers to make sure they handle >32b addressing −− ATA already supports LBA48, so it's a matter of just using the additional bits. SD core will need to switch to the extended address commands, and of course target-specific drivers might need tweaking.
10:45:18speachythere don't seem to be any >2TB cards yet.
10:48:04speachyit's an open question if the iFlash SD adapters can handle >2TB total capacity, even when each individual card is <=2TB.
10:50:26braewoodsspeachy, does the 2TB barrier matter that much?
10:50:37braewoodsThat's still a lot of music.
10:51:01speachyit won't matter until we support something other than FAT32. :D
10:52:15braewoodsOh, the max volume size is 2TB... but if we were to use GPT, we could use multi-volume.
10:52:20speachyI'm surprised we haven't heard a complaint from someeone using an iFlash Quad and four 1TB cards or something.
10:52:42braewoodsThat's one option.
10:52:43speachyyeah, with GPT we can at least handle multiple 2TB volumes.
10:52:55speachyonce we get >32b sector representation, that is.
10:54:12braewoodsI find it interesting how 48 bits seems to be the go-to addressing bit limit. Most x86_64 hardware only uses 48 bits for physical addresses according to the claims.
10:54:55braewoodsLBA48 seems to fit naturally with 64 bit cpus but rockbox doesn't really run on those other than desktop builds.
10:55:13speachyLBA48 was a thing long before 64-bit processors became common.
10:55:14braewoodsUnless we've got a 64 bit port I'm not aware of?
10:55:21braewoodsYea, I recall.
10:55:34braewoodsA pretty forward thinking ATA extension.
10:56:53speachyLBA48 allows for what, 128 PiB drives, and that's with 512 byte sectors. with modern 4K sectors it's what, 1 Exabyte?
10:57:47speachyIIRC x86_64 allows up to up to 56 address bits, and the first implementations were only 40 bit physical.
10:58:44braewoodsMy current one says 48.
10:59:44speachyah, ok, 48 bits virtual memory per process, but up to 56 bits physical memory.
11:00:23braewoods48 bits for both
11:00:32braewoodsaddress sizes: 48 bits physical, 48 bits virtual
11:00:48braewoodsThen again I only have 37 bits that the board supports.
11:02:44speachy"Currently, the AMD64 architecure defines a mechanism for translating 48-bit virtual addresses to 52-bit physcal addresses. The mechanism used to transmate a full 64-bit virtual address is reserved and will be descrived in a buture AMD64 architectural specification."
11:03:21speachyAMD64 ARchitecture Programmer's Manual Volume 2, Rev 3.40 (Jan 2023)
11:04:55speachy(typos mine, heh)
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11:25:56buZztransmate sounds romantic :D
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