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#rockbox log for 2023-05-24

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01:59:32olkhey, I'm back
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02:29:04olk_waiting for speachy or someone to help me with alsa-lib issue
02:53:18sporkspeachy is not in your timezone, that could be a couple of hours
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03:03:51olk_I see. thanks for informing
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04:16:03olkI now see the error: /usr/lib/ file not recognized: File format not recognized
04:16:53olkI googled it, but can't find connection to rockbox
04:17:23olkmy distribution might be the culprit
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09:46:39speachyolk: I don't know what's triggering that error; it's acting like the cross toolchain is trying to use the system libgcc.
09:50:12speachyand it also looks like it tried to recompile part of alsa during the 'make install' phase, which shouldn't have happened either.
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11:11:57olkhey speachy, sorry for not answering, I was busy. how should I fix this, do you have any ideas?
11:17:41speachynot sure, truthfully. I've never seen that failure mode before.
11:18:00speachybeyond blow it away and try again?
11:18:54olkI know some errors disappear on second try, but I don't think this is the case with that one :)
11:21:02speachythat error kinda makes me think something happened to the filesystem between the 'make' and 'make install' steps.
11:21:33speachygranted there may be some distro wonkiness here. I successfully rebuilt everything on Fedora 38.
11:22:37olkok, let me try from scratch
11:25:54olkfor NEC MP201 I should choose arm-linux target, right?
11:26:18olkcan't check if I actually have NEC MP201, but wiki says I do
11:26:37speachyyes; I think it's an ARM11 core.
11:42:41olksame error, let me send the log file and stdout
11:43:56olkstdout:; /tmp/rbdev-build/build-alsa-lib-1.0.19.log:
11:44:06olkspeachy ^
11:45:21speachyya know you can probably just ignore this
11:46:12olkwill ignoring this have consequences?
11:46:13speachymight be a libtool issue
11:47:14speachyI doubt it; the interesting stuff (header and libasound) has already been make-installed.
11:47:59olkwhat do I do now then?
11:48:05speachyif we were trying to _run_ a system with this alsa-lib installation it might be problematic but we're just using this as a placeholder to link against; the stuff we use at runtime is alread present on the target.
11:48:29speachyyou need the toolchain on your PATH, then you can do the regular rockbox build process.
11:51:31olkso add /usr/local/arm-rockbox-linux-gnueabi/bin to PATH?
11:52:51speachyhmm, one difference is that I never do my toolchains as root.
11:53:14olkyeah, I have no write perms for /usr/local
11:53:36speachyI put mine in ~/x-tools/rockbox
11:54:02olkone question: if I run which readelf, it returns /usr/bin/readelf and not /usr/local/arm-rockbox-linux-gnueabi/bin/readelf
11:54:32speachyI think the system readelf should always be ok for what we care about
11:54:37speachyanything not prefixed is generic.
11:54:50olkuh-huh, got it
11:54:56speachy(and the system stuff is all but guaranteed to be more up-to-daye)
11:55:09olkwhat now, tools/configure?
11:56:10speachymkdir build-targetname ; cd build-targetname ; ../tools/configure ; make
11:56:49olkhuh. so I have to pick NWZ-A860 series in configure?
12:02:32olkthere's no nwz-s760 target, how do I create it?
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12:25:24olkstill haven't figured it out, gotta take a break I guess
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13:23:29rb-bluebotBuild Server message: New build round started. Revision f2a5b78b51, 303 builds, 9 clients.
13:23:29rb-bluebotSansa Clip keymap: Playlist on short Down press and Hotkey on long Down press in WPS by roman.artiukhin
13:30:20speachyyay, the commits are flowing again. :D
13:31:08braewoodsspeachy, anything changed on the MTP front?
13:33:03speachynot that I'm aware
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13:35:03rb-bluebotBuild Server message: Build round completed after 694 seconds.
13:35:04rb-bluebotBuild Server message: Revision f2a5b78b51 result: All green
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13:38:33_amachronicspeachy: yep, I'm trying to spend some time on rockbox again and fix the terrible state I left playlists in :)
13:39:37speachy_amachronic: When I got GPT support going I decided to take it for a drive and ended up being loudly told "error accessing playlist file" over and over again, semi-randomly. :(
13:40:31_amachronicoh, I think that's an old problem from trying to resume the playlist after USB unplug.
13:40:40_amachroniceven if said playlist never existed to begin with
13:41:10speachywhat's funny is that it didn't always happen; but when it did, it never stopped.
13:41:31speachyand wasn't even consistent across consecutive back-to-back restarts
13:42:22_amachronicthat's weird, I get it all the time.
13:42:53speachyplay a file in a directory, it's fine. until you skip a track and then it goes haywire
13:43:12speachyclearly I hadn't updated to a newer build in some time. :D
13:45:40speachyI'm wondering it it doesn't make more sense to rework how historical builds are retained so it's like 14 daily and then one per month going back a year.
13:46:10_amachroniclol just now I was thinking the same thing!
13:46:47speachysince right now we don't have an answer for someone who wants to use an ipod+ssd and have working playlists... :/
13:49:26speachyit's been a long time since the dev builds were this janky
13:49:32_amachronicsorry :(
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13:50:38_amachronicmy wip patches fix the glaring playlist issues but I haven't really gotten around to testing them
13:51:38_amachronicI mean, I haven't noticed anything wrong but my playlist usage is pretty basic.
13:52:24speachyeh, I'm hardly one to point fingers; it's not like my various WIPs have seen much action in a while
13:52:49speachyAside from the semi-constant effort needed to keep the infra from sinking into the swamp.
13:53:35braewoodsspeachy, ye old technical debt?
13:54:43speachywell, that, hosting joys, keeping the stack secure, trying to ensure our toolchains remain buildable on modern systems...
13:55:43speachyactually banged out new functionality for the first time in a while, that felt really nice.
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15:05:43olkI'm back, still wondering what target to use in tools/configure
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20:14:37speachyolk: Given that you're starting from naerly zero knowledge, I'd say pick one close-ish in specs to teh one you care about, and build that.
20:15:29speachyto add a new target, you'll have to edit a bunch of files; I'm pretty sure theres's a guide on the wiki but it ought to suffice to cut-n-paste an existing NWZ target as a starting point.
20:15:51speachyI'd also look at nwztool to see if your device is supported already by it.
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