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#rockbox log for 2023-05-25

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04:02:10olkspeachy: I checked utils/nwztools/database/models.txt (if that's what you meant by nwztool), and NWZ-S765 is already there. scsitool also says the device is supported, if I specify that it's s760-series
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04:33:29olkI'm currently adding new entry to tools/configure, how do I check how much RAM my device has? if wiki says that NWZ-A860 and NWZ-S760 have identical hardware, then should I even touch that?
04:46:12olkwhere should I get modelnum from to add in tools/scramble.c?
05:09:24olkalright, I just made one up
05:15:59olkI see some mentions of NWZ-S765 in rockbox database (0x12010004), but no S760-series target of any kind
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06:55:12olkspeachy: rockbox built fine
07:01:47olkweird question probably, but what's next?
07:03:23sporkenjoy the music
07:37:09olk:D I meant how do I flash it on device to check if it's even working? and what's more important: how do I revert if it's not?
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08:01:40olkspeachy: I build the bootloader successfully, but have an issue making utils/mknwzboot:
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08:21:20olkno one ever encountered this NWZ_MD5_SIZE issue before?
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08:33:29braewoodsI'll take a look.
08:37:44braewoodshow did this even compile before? the macros it is using are defined in a header in a different location.
08:38:02olklol, so I'm not alone
08:39:23braewoodsthough i get the impression nwztools maybe takes the place of mknwzboot? not sure why there's two sets here.
08:40:06olkwhat's nwztools? scsitools? upgtools? emmctools?
08:40:07braewoodsanyway the missing macros are only defined in utils/nwztools/upgtools/keysig_search.h that I can tell.
08:40:27braewoodsthis program was in utils/mknwzboot
08:40:41braewoodsbut i found the macro in utils/nwztools/upgtools
08:41:00olkso I have to use upgtools instead of this?
08:41:07braewoodsNo idea.
08:41:21braewoodsI am just stating that I found it strange there's two tools seemingly related to NWZ.
08:41:44braewoodsAnyway, you can fix the build real quick with a patch.
08:42:21braewoodsAdd these to utils/mknwzboot/mknwzboot.h
08:42:41braewoodsaround line 32.
08:43:01braewoods#define NWZ_KEY_SIZE 8
08:43:05braewoods#define NWZ_SIG_SIZE 8
08:43:19braewoodsBasically just duplicate from the other header.
08:44:01olkmake: *** No rule to make target '../../utils/nwztools/upgtools/fwp.c', needed by '/home/k1gen/development/rockbox/utils/mknwzboot/buildposix/fwp.c.o'. Stop.
08:44:22olkso I guess we have to use upgtools
08:45:00braewoodsWell something is missing.
08:45:10braewoodsThis source is missing.
08:46:29braewoodshow strange.
08:46:33olkthere is no fwp.c in rockbox dir
08:46:49braewoodsIt exists I see but why is the folder here... hm
08:48:40braewoodsOk probably bad makefile. Let's try something.
08:49:15olktried to build upgtools, didn't have cryptopp, installing it now
08:54:28olkok, upgtool is more complicated than I thought. where do I have to get the kas from?
08:55:12olkyeah, I don't know what is that
08:55:42braewoodsMe either.
08:55:50olkand why do −−no-color and −−create have the same short form -c?
08:56:44olkA KAS or a keysig is needed to decrypt the firmware
08:56:55olkI don't think that's what I need
08:57:13olkI want to create NW_WM_FW.UPG
08:57:33braewoodsI honestly can't tell you. I'm not an expert on this.
08:58:23braewoodsspeachy, I fixed the compile errors for mknwzboot I think. I guess they consolidated source code at one time and forgot to update this thing.
08:58:57olkif you don't know then I'll get a few-hours break and hope that when I return speachy will be here or miracle happens and apouly returns
08:59:23braewoodsI can help with general compile issues but I don't know anything about this port.
09:00:22braewoodsIt just makes me wonder if this utility is still relevant because of the fact no one fixed it until now.
09:00:36braewoodsThen again new bootloaders are released so infrequently that may be why.
09:01:21olkthanks for diff, mknwzboot compiles now
09:02:13olk[ERR] This player is not supported: s760 :|
09:02:31olkgotta modify nwz_model_desc_t I guess
09:02:51braewoodsyea, probably. Most of the times these things use hardcoded values.
09:03:49olk[ERR] Codename 'nwz-s760' matches to entry in upg database
09:04:01olk[ERR][INTERNAL] Cannot get keys for model
09:05:55olkgtg, will figure out kas with speachy when I return. thanks for helping with mknwzboot, braewoods
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10:16:57olkI'm back. speachy, you there? what's a kas key?
10:17:36speachymy guess is the firmware needs to be signed or encrypted using a model-specific key. I don't know how that's obtained.
10:18:17speachyI have nearly zero knowledge of how the sony port bootstrapping works. I've never even seen one of them in person.
10:22:04olkwell, I have a line kas,032 in utils/nwztools/database/nvp/nwz-s760.txt
10:22:21olkbut how to I convert that 032 into a long string
10:25:04olkthere's a lecture on KAS in upgtools/upg.h
10:38:37olkI got the kas and the upg
10:42:26olkmknwzboot segfaults when I try to make an uninst upg:
10:43:02olkI'm not good at reading traces, can anyone notice what's wrong?
10:52:16braewoodssegmentation fault. usually means a null pointer dereference but not the only cause.
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10:52:40braewoodsI'll try tracing it.
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10:54:47braewoodsoh ffs, is this it? let me check.
10:55:26braewoodsyea, that will do it.
10:55:45braewoodsI was wondering about those warnings earlier.
10:56:28braewoodsolk, it seems the API was changed at some point to take a pointer to a pointer and it was just feeding it a regular pointer. Maybe trivial to fix. Try it with this patch.
10:57:37braewoodsIt was attempting to dereference an invalid pointer.
10:58:36braewoodsThis is part of why I said C experience is usually necessary. Some parts of rockbox aren't well maintained so may need patchwork to get working again.
10:58:46olkthanks braewoods
10:58:58braewoodsIn any case this needs to be patched in GIT.
10:59:10braewoodsYou can include this in your work.
10:59:14olknow strlen(sig) != key_len in upg.c
10:59:28olkThe key must have the same length as the signature
10:59:28braewoodsMeaning what, a crash?
10:59:42olkyeah, graceful exit
11:00:55braewoodsok.. I need to work on this I guess.
11:01:11olkat least it's now [ERR] Cannot create UPG file and not a segfault
11:01:18olkclear progress :)
11:01:32braewoodsIt may need a refactoring due to an API change.
11:02:05braewoodsIs there anything special in your working repo?
11:02:26braewoodsI need to know if there's any special like input files it needs.
11:02:35olkoh, that. yeah
11:02:52braewoodsotherwise I can't debug this locally.
11:03:26olkhow can I send all the changes?
11:04:13braewoodsI'm starting to wonder if I need a proper environment to debug this.
11:04:26braewoodsI have no toolchains built currently.
11:05:39olkhere's git diff:
11:06:29braewoodsUgh. Do you use github at all?
11:06:46olkyeah, I was thinking about creating a repo
11:07:07braewoodsIt would probably be best to make a branch there and squash it down to a single commit once you have this all sorted out.
11:07:51braewoodsThis looks like it needs an experienced C developer to look at it and figure out what it was doing before.
11:08:01olkit would in the long run, what about now? do you need me to create a repo with these changes?
11:08:28braewoodsWell, if i'm going to be involved this much, I need to share current code with you somehow.
11:08:40olkgot it, give me some time
11:08:54braewoodsAnd I need to build a toolchain for this which will also take time.
11:09:32braewoodsJust keep in mind I can't help that much because it's not my device, literally.
11:09:41braewoodsBut I can help debug issues with the host side tool.s
11:09:54olkof course, I understand
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11:12:47justkamiiigod damn, I haven't fired up IRC in over a year. I always love how it looks like
11:13:24speachybut... but... how could you ever live without animated avatars?
11:13:39justkamiiiis that a reference to discord orrrrr
11:15:47justkamiiianyways, for some reason rbutil's appimage 1.5.1 has some ssl issues when checking for updates n trying to dload rock for my ipod 6th gen
11:16:08justkamiiiis it okay to post a few log lines in here?
11:16:24olkI usually post not more than one
11:16:53justkamiiiin that case, I'll try to send it through a pastebin-like service
11:16:55justkamiiione sec
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11:20:12justkamiiilines 65, 125, and 690 already show some issues
11:29:04olkhey braewoods, you still here?
11:35:00olkwondering if you compiled the toolchain successfully
11:37:59justkamiiialr gonna relog for a sec, brb
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11:39:45justkamiiianyways, yeah, if anyone knows what might be happening with rbutil n ssl connections, I'm all ears
12:02:29olkalright, after I did scsitool do_fw_upgrade I'm stuck on this 'updating' screen
12:03:46olkno lsblk entry and host dmesg is empty
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12:09:25olkpressing reset button on the back doesn't help, device just reboots back to this screen
12:13:55rb-bluebotBuild Server message: New build round started. Revision 220fb04250, 303 builds, 9 clients.
12:13:56rb-bluebothosted: Fix the disk storage display in the rockbox info page by Solomon Peachy
12:27:11rb-bluebotBuild Server message: Build round completed after 796 seconds.
12:27:13olkI bricked the player, didn't I?
12:27:14rb-bluebotBuild Server message: Revision 220fb04250 result: 0 errors 15 warnings
12:28:21braewoodsolk, no idea.
12:29:21braewoodsk1gen... the name is familiar but I doubt it's the same one from NTK. lol
12:29:45braewoodsA game.
12:29:50braewoodsDon't worry about it.
12:30:14braewoodsok let's get this setup
12:30:32olkit might not be needed
12:30:50braewoodsWhy? You think you bricked it?
12:30:55olkI probably messed up somewhere
12:31:12olkyeah, it's frozen and resetting gets me nowhere
12:31:27braewoodsWell I thought you were going to wait until I had a chance to look ati t.
12:31:39braewoodsEither way I may as well try to fix this.
12:33:04olkwe were debugging creation of uninstallation firmware, the installation one created normally
12:33:53olk"this SoC has NO USB RECOVERY MODE":
12:35:03braewoodsYea. I guess kinda like the iriver H100 and H300 series..
12:36:18braewoodsSorry to hear it in any case.
12:36:26olkyeah, thanks
12:36:36braewoodsLet me read it though.
12:37:24braewoodsbootloader is usually a special case
12:40:25justkamiiiokay, I really don't understand why I'm getting ssl issues
12:40:43justkamiiii can see the lets encrypt certs just fine from my browser
12:40:58justkamiiibut the appimage for some reason thinks they arent being sent
12:41:19braewoodsIt may be a problem with the build or its certificate store not having the right ones to verify it.
12:41:42braewoodsI have zero idea how AppImage really works.
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12:47:33rb-bluebotBuild Server message: New build round started. Revision 11e858b209, 303 builds, 9 clients.
12:47:33rb-bluebotfix yellow introduced in previous commit by Solomon Peachy
12:47:56justkamiiialright, I'll try building the rbutil source. is there any building guide?
12:49:02braewoodsspeachy, LMAO. guess what I found when I looked out of boredom?
12:49:14braewoodsA packard bell vibe 500, pretty rare to find these days.
12:53:52speachynice. IIRC that was the last hurrah of the PP502x line
12:55:08speachyhard to justify $112 on it though
12:55:13braewoodsyea i know
12:55:24braewoodsi'd rather buy a newer thing for that kind of cost.
12:55:45speachy$122 for a Surfans F20 listed just below it. :D
12:57:01justkamiii i wonder if my ipod 6th gen is rare at all
13:00:34rb-bluebotBuild Server message: Build round completed after 782 seconds.
13:00:36rb-bluebotBuild Server message: Revision 11e858b209 result: All green
13:10:39braewoodsspeachy, how are the X1000 ports doing?
13:11:02*braewoods is currently preparing a rockbox development container.
13:11:05speachyano automated installation for the native ports but otherwise they're good.
13:11:30braewoodsSo our best ports among modern ones I take it.
13:14:20sporki used 2 of them daily, they are great
13:14:55sporkcompared to some other stuff a lot power/memory
13:15:17braewoodsWhat would you recommend?
13:15:39braewoodsI still have my other players but I was considering whether to get a newer one for testing USB developments.
13:16:07braewoodsAdding MTP would probably be a bit of a challenge.
13:17:45sporkthose surfans f20 and clones can still be bought i think
13:17:49sporkthat is a plus
13:18:13sporkmy fiio m3k is hard to buy
13:18:27sporkshanling q1 is my favorite device
13:19:02sporkbit heavy and touchscreen though
13:19:30braewoodsI plan to work on MTP support. It has a lot of potential for some extra features.
13:19:44braewoodsLike setting the RTC from host time.
13:19:55braewoodsIf the device has an RTC.
13:20:27sporkfor file transfer it is annoying though
13:20:45sporktip 1 on the sansa's used to be turn off mtp
13:21:12braewoodsPerhaps so. It does offer some safety. I don't intend it to replace the existing UMS, just be an alternative.
13:21:24braewoodsOur own MTP stack that we can fiddle with.
13:21:30sporkthe extra stuff is nice though
13:21:52braewoodsYea, there's a chance that the main problems with MTP were due to proprietary firmware bugs.
13:22:16braewoodsUMS will still be needed one some devices for like full recovery.
13:22:28braewoodsThat raw access is still sometimes needed.
13:22:54braewoodsBut it is a good way to expose multi volumes and more in a safe manner.
13:48:50braewoodsspeachy, btw, how do we enable the usb_serial driver? I think I should test it to make sure it works with some other open source kernels.
13:49:16braewoodsWhen I was doing research for another project I discovered some differences in drivers could make ACM devices work or not.
13:49:33braewoodsI wish to test the rockbox implementation to see if it needs patching.
13:50:19braewoodsMostly just tweaks to USB descriptors if they have the same bug as this other device I ran into.
13:50:45braewoodsI noted this being an issue with the BSDs mostly.
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14:40:40justkamiiioh well, ended up giving up n just using a windows laptop for rockbox. at least it works
14:52:09justkamiiigonna close hex, prolly won't come back any time soon. good luck!
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15:26:19justkamiiiwell, nevermind lmfao. tried building my songs database, but because of how fucked up the battery is, even at full charge after a few minutes of building the 10k songs it has, it just shuts itself down because of low bat
15:26:44justkamiiiis there any way to build the database on my computer and then somehow transfer it to rock so I can fire songs up immediately?
15:29:59sporkthere are some tools but no idea if they work:
15:30:41justkamiii gives a 404, oof.
15:30:52speachycan't leave it plugged in?
15:32:00speachyalso, there's a (D)atabase tool build option
15:32:42justkamiiii do have it plugged in, it's just that the battery is _that_ fucked up
15:33:41justkamiiii do have another ipod 6th gen which I'm waiting for pieces to arrive so I can replace the battery n disk, but the one i'm talking about is my mother's and I can't really open it up or do much
15:34:11justkamiiiwanted to see if rock would give a slight increase of battery life to at least do some stuff lmao
15:34:46justkamiiishould I use RDM for the database tool build option you're talking about?
15:40:38speachyugh, the dbtool expects to be run in the root dir of the player.
15:40:44speachyneed to fix a couple of things
15:44:40rb-bluebotBuild Server message: New build round started. Revision e803daae0a, 303 builds, 9 clients.
15:44:40rb-bluebotdbtool: Fix it up so that it runs from the CURRENT working directory by Solomon Peachy
15:46:36speachyok, this fixes the dbtool build so it is useful. I can't guarantee it _works_ correctly but it will at least generate a complete database with all the files. Though now that I'm checking there's another thing I need to fix.
15:49:05justkamiiioh neat, at least my question brought something good for the sake of everyone else who attempts to do this lol
15:49:15speachyit's still broken, yay bitrot.
15:49:27braewoodsspeachy, any suggestions for how I should integrate MTP support? I was thinking of changing the way drivers are handled so only MTP or UMS + HID are enabled due to the total # of required endpoints.
15:49:39justkamiiithanks anyways! i'll be keeping an eye in the irc channel, if you need to ask me anything just lmk
15:50:39braewoodsa lot of our ports have only at most 3 endpoints allowed so HID is likely impossible to have running with MTP in many cases.
15:50:47speachythat semes sane.
15:51:24braewoodsMTP needs to be mutually exclusive with UMS anyway.
15:54:45speachyat some point the dbtool got switched from being "simulator" based to "app" based.
15:55:06rb-bluebotBuild Server message: Build round completed after 626 seconds.
15:55:08rb-bluebotBuild Server message: Revision e803daae0a result: All green
16:02:55braewoodsI'll try to enable HID with MTP if the target supports enough end points though.
16:06:34rb-bluebotBuild Server message: New build round started. Revision 8bc7ba5d22, 303 builds, 9 clients.
16:06:34rb-bluebotdbtool: More fixes to dbtool operation by Solomon Peachy
16:07:14speachyjustkamiii: this last commit seems to behave as expected.
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16:10:31speachyAnd I think it's been completely broken for 3-5 years.
16:14:55justkamiiishould I download rdm?
16:15:36justkamiiirockbox database manager
16:15:51justkamiiii thought that's what we were talking about
16:15:56speachyI don't think I'v ever heard of that.
16:16:17justkamiiiit's in the link spork sent, coming from rockbox
16:16:18speachyI'm referring to the mostly-braindead database tool that's in the rockbox repo.
16:17:14speachyah RDM seems to be hosted on sourceforge, is completely unofficial.
16:17:47justkamiiii see
16:18:19rb-bluebotBuild Server message: Build round completed after 706 seconds.
16:18:20rb-bluebotBuild Server message: Revision 8bc7ba5d22 result: 4 errors 0 warnings
16:18:33justkamiiithat doesn't sound good
16:18:43speachyhasn't been touched since 2009. :D
16:19:50justkamiiiwait, is that an exaggeration or has it actually not been touched since 2009?
16:20:21speachyRDM has two files for download, a source and a binary.
16:21:49justkamiiii'm confused, should I download RDM then or should I use the database tool in the rockbox source?
16:22:01justkamiiin compile it myself ofc
16:30:05speachywtf... ok, I see what I did wrong.
16:30:30speachyif all you care about is generating a database, you can do that from the rockbox sources.
16:31:21speachyI have no idea how well RDM works.
16:31:29rb-bluebotBuild Server message: New build round started. Revision 0f941488af, 304 builds, 9 clients.
16:31:30rb-bluebotdbtool: Fix red. by Solomon Peachy
16:31:56speachygood, 304 vs 303 builds, now both dbtool code paths will be compiled.
16:42:15rb-bluebotBuild Server message: Build round completed after 646 seconds.
16:42:16rb-bluebotBuild Server message: Revision 0f941488af result: All green
16:51:15justkamiiioh, I see. alright then, I'll try compiling the database tool, I'll lyk about any issues I might have
16:51:18justkamiiithanks a lot!
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17:47:37justkamiiispeachy, just built the database tool following the steps in the readme. now what?
17:48:14speachyrun it in top-level directory of your rockbox filesystem
17:48:50speachyeg: cd /run/media/rockbox ; ~/devel/rockbox/build-dbtool/database.whatever ; cd -
18:03:40speachyit'll walk the filesystem, and generate a new database in .rockbox
18:04:19justkamiiiso far so good, it's running and correctly detecting everything
18:04:30justkamiiihopefully that also doesn't drain the bat
18:04:47 Join braewoods [0] (~braewoods@user/braewoods)
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18:11:14speachyit's walking the filesystem but not doing as much processing (hopefully)
18:11:38speachywhat's the device type?
18:13:04justkamiiiipod 6th gen
18:13:06justkamiiiwait what the FUCK
18:13:18justkamiiiTHAT'S SO COOL, WTF
18:14:04justkamiiialright, it finished building on my pc. now what?
18:16:26speachydisconnect cleanly, restart your player.
18:17:08speachyupon startup the DB should be kosher.
18:18:48justkamiiidangit, I unplugged it but didn't restart
18:19:07justkamiiitried building it from the ipod n then it shut itself off after a bit, i'll do the process again
18:19:18justkamiiiby disconnecting it "cleanly", do you mean ejecting it from my pc?
18:25:03justkamiiiit still shows the "Database is not ready" message on the ipod
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18:27:25justkamiiispeachy would it be a good idea if I sent you the ls output of my .rockbox folder?
18:27:51speachythere ought to be a bunch of database* files in there.
18:28:12speachyoh, also helps if the database is turned on.
18:28:26justkamiiiis that a setting or...?
18:28:45speachyfor santiy checks, go to system-debug-view database info
18:30:06justkamiiiinitialized: yes, db ready: no, ram cache: no, ram: 0/0B, progress: 0% (0 entries), curfile: −−-, commit step: 0, commit delayed: no, queue length: 0
18:30:15speachyand settings/general/database/
18:30:48speachyhuh, didn't like the DB.
18:30:59justkamiiiload to ram, auto update, initialize now, update now, gather runtime data, export modifications, import modifications, select directories to scan
18:31:12justkamiiiit's worth mentioning I'm running 3.15
18:31:24speachyah, well, that's a bit out of date.
18:31:30justkamiiiya think? :^)
18:31:43justkamiiianyways, should I go for the latest commit then?
18:31:44speachybut on the other hand, the current dev builds are seriously wonky with respect to playlists.
18:32:01speachyI'd back up your rockbox dir and yeah, use the current dev build.
18:32:16speachybefore you do that, anything show up if you browse to the top-level database menu item?
18:32:46justkamiiii mean, I haven't really done anything with rock yet, so idc if anything is lost (except for the original ipod firmware, i'd preferably not want to fuck that part up lol)
18:32:55speachyI'd not be surprised if the DB format changed since 3.15.
18:33:24justkamiiishould I run the rockbox utility and reinstall?
18:34:13speachynah, you can just unzip the file over the existing installation
18:34:26speachyrbutil can give you the latest dev build too, it's up to you.
18:36:27justkamiiiill do the former then
18:38:55justkamiiiccache: error: Could not find compiler "arm-elf-eabi-gcc" in PATH
18:39:05justkamiiidnf can't find that package
18:40:51justkamiiigonna assume that arm-none-eabi-gcc is what I'm looking for
18:41:19speachyor you could just grab it off of the web site
18:41:36justkamiiithe zip?
18:41:53speachythat way you don't need to build the toolchain too. :)
18:42:05speachysince you're not making any code changes (yet, heh)
18:42:47justkamiiii really wish i could have more time to learn other langs like c, but highschool's a thing
18:43:27justkamiiionce I'm in uni and in a CS or CE career, I hope that I'll have time or be required to learn em
18:43:40speachyalways has the absolute latest of everything
18:43:51justkamiiihow so?
18:43:58speachydon't sweat it; one has to start somewhere and ultimately what you choose to spend your time on is up to you.
18:44:25speachyhonestly, this sort of thing is pretty niche these days. Not that it wasn't before too, but considerably more so now.
18:45:58justkamiiiofc, I already have some decent knowledge in some high-level langs like type/javascript and python, it's just that I wanna expand that and be able to do some low-level stuff. it's just that I can't do any coding at all or tinkering cause I spend more than half of every week day @ school, and then I have to either study or do other activities out of school
18:46:21justkamiiirepeated school
18:46:25speachythe real world isn't much better once you have to earn a living
18:46:53justkamiiii've heard that a lot, at least I can have a choice on what I want to spend my life on
18:46:58speachytrue enough
18:48:28justkamiiii might even enjoy doing so. of course, a lot of things are gonna change throughout my life. maybe I'll find out that I have a secret talent and enjoyment for making food for cats (?
18:49:04justkamiiibut for now, I think of the present, and in the present me I'd like to do computer/electronics related stuff
18:49:18justkamiiiI might get lost in the future heh
18:49:43justkamiiianyways, went a bit out of topic with that part, excuse me. copying the latest rock to my ipod
18:49:59justkamiiiwait whaT
18:50:10justkamiiiwhy is .rockbox a file on my ipod now
18:50:27justkamiiinevermind, refreshed the folder and it shows up like normal
18:51:09justkamiiishould I delete the existing .rockbox install n then paste a new one or should I merge it? do I do it from my original ipod firmware or from rockbox booted up?
18:52:34speachyunzip over it, overwrite all files.
18:52:38speachywhich is a merge I suppose
18:52:43speachyyou can do it from either.
18:53:01speachyif the rockbox firmware is running, when you disconnect the device it'll prompt you to restart.
18:54:43justkamiiidamn that was fast
18:55:05 Quit LjL (Ping timeout: 240 seconds)
18:55:08justkamiiiyipee, everything shows up now
18:57:03speachydatabase you mean?
18:57:24justkamiiiyep! i can even play my songs, kewl
18:57:57justkamiiii definitely don't know how to use this though lmao, immediately took my iems out of my head because of how loud it was lmao
18:58:30justkamiiijust figured it out
18:59:27justkamiiitysm! at least I know what to do once all the replacement parts for my 6th gen arrive
19:00:25speachyFrom what I understand, the 6th gen doesn't have the same flash/ssd issues that the <=5th gen still seem to have under some situations.
19:01:17justkamiiioh, good for me then :^)
19:01:42speachythough at least some of the 6th gen stuff can't handle >128G of storage.
19:02:15justkamiiiyeah, i really don't care much about that limitation. my mom has 10k songs on this 80gb one, and it still has around 30gbs left of space
19:02:21speachyIIRC that's only a problem if you want to use the Apple firmware.
19:02:41justkamiiii think the rockbox wiki said that it was a hardware imposed limit
19:03:36speachymaybe. haven't found anyone willing to be a guinea pig to confirm this systematically.
19:05:14justkamiiii do have a friend that has modded quite some ipods, and is the one who actually instructed me on all of this ipod modding stuff
19:05:23justkamiiiwhat are you looking for exactly?
19:05:48speachyjust someone who's tried to put more than 128GB of flash into one with a recent build.
19:06:20speachyfrom a 30 or 60GB device.
19:06:35justkamiiiany specific gen? video? classic?
19:06:38speachyfrom what was originally a 30/60GB device, that is.
19:06:42justkamiiii see
19:06:46speachyone sold as a "classic" so 6th gen.
19:07:18justkamiiigonna ask if he's willing to test or share results, are you connected 24/7 here?
19:07:21speachythough all of the old hdd ipods are called "classic" these days
19:07:48speachyif you put it here, I'll see it.
19:07:59speachy(we log everything in this channel)
19:08:09justkamiiiyeah, saw that on the rockbox site
19:08:13justkamiiiare ips logged too?
19:08:50speachywhatever comes across the IRC channel is logged, so if the message includes an IP, that's kept.
19:09:01justkamiiigot it
19:10:24speachyyeah, channel join messages are logged but we filter those out for the pretty display version
19:14:31 Join LjL [0] (~ljl@user/ljl)
19:14:39justkamiiiuh oh
19:15:03justkamiiiDivide by zero at 08076b0c
19:15:48justkamiiioops, meant to make it a c, not C
19:15:59justkamiiiabruptly disconnected the charging cable n that showed up
19:27:47braewoodsspeachy, reviewing the code, i think i will add something similar to use_hid to decide which file transfer driver to use. and on targets with insufficient endpoints, it'll only enable MTP if it was chosen and hid was disabled, to minimize the number of extra code changes that would be needed. it seems to work the best with the existing code.
19:41:10justkamiiigonna leave for now, will definitely come back l8r. thanks a lot for the help n info speachy! see ya
19:41:15 Quit justkamiii (Quit: Leaving)
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