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#rockbox log for 2023-07-03

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08:59:49DookTrying to set up git to push to the gerrit and I've been getting a " ! [remote rejected] HEAD -> refs/for/master (no common ancestry)" error. Anyone know a fix?
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10:07:28speachyDook: Sounds like what you're trying to push doesn't properly line up with the master branch.
10:08:14speachywhat does 'git pull −−rebase origin master' come up with?
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10:18:47Dookspeachy: says that the "Current branch master is up to date."
10:19:13DookIf it helps I'm currently testing on the sandbox repo
10:19:37speachyah, I can't comment about the state of the sandbox. I've never even looked at it. :D
10:20:27DookShoot. I'll try it on the themesite repo as well since it's what I want to commit
10:25:13DookYeah I'm getting the same error on the themesite repo, and the same message with rebasing
10:30:06speachyThis error is only supposed to be _possible_ if there are no commits in common in your repo vs the one you're trying to push to.
10:31:55speachyall I can suggest is to export the changes you want (ie with git format-patch), start with a fresh (and complete/non-shallow) clone of the source repo, re-apply those patches (git am) and try again?
10:50:36DookGot a fresh clone, added in the changes manually since it's just one line. Then used pretty much the same steps in the UsingGit wiki page, same result as earlier
10:50:55DookThink I'm going to go and look at how to debug this better, since it really should be working.
10:52:07gevaertsWhich *exact* git commands did you run?
10:54:08Dookgevaerts: to start I used "git remote set-url −−push origin ssh://", "curl -Lo .git/hooks/commit-msg" and "chmod +x .git/hooks/commit-msg" to setup
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10:55:31speachyhow did you clone the original repo?
10:55:46DookThen git add, git commit and git push origin HEAD:refs/for/master
10:56:19DookI used "git clone git://"
10:57:58speachyI went through all of that and succeeded, here.
10:58:12speachysome global git config wonkiness?
10:59:34DookPossibly yeah
10:59:42DookI'm going to try it in a vm
10:59:54gevaerts"git remote set-url −−push origin ssh://" is for the *rockbox* repository. For the themesite you need to adjust that
11:00:22speachywhoops, heh, eyes auto-corrected that.
11:00:28DookOh my god
11:00:43DookThank you, I'm gonna blame tunnel vision on this one
11:01:35DookYep, worked! Thanks again gevaerts
11:04:28speachyDook: 100 files in a theme isn't enough? :D
11:04:55DookI've somehow managed to hit 114 and still be under 2mb haha
11:06:22speachyit'll be live in another 10 minutes. if that's not quick enough for you I'll force a refresh
11:06:29gevaertsThe 100 was probly picked fairly arbitrarily as "more than any theme currently there"
11:06:57gevaertsObviously that should have been a power of two like 128 :)
11:07:11DookOh no worries I can wait! Decided to make a few extra changes to the theme in the meantime
11:07:34gevaertsThemes are never *really* done
11:07:49DookThey really aren't haha
11:08:01speachyit's live
11:08:08DookThanks speachy!
11:08:36DookThis theme is pretty big, the sbs itself is 22.9kb
11:09:56speachythemesite definitely needs love, more patches welcome
11:10:43DookYeah I would like to make it allow a theme's asset folder to have subfolder since rockbox itself works with them, definitely will be working on it again :)
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16:35:26fourHZoh the wiki is up. thank you.
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