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#rockbox log for 2023-08-07

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18:48:00Nyaahad a very cursed idea, what if one were to bitbang the internet piezo on devices that have one in order to use it as a crappy speaker lol
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20:53:58_bilgusIwonder if itd work if you pushed compressed audio in ultrasound and 'tune' into it with an external device \
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20:54:58_bilgusprobably wouldnt be precise enough nor enough bandwidth
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22:23:54Nyaaif you don't have direct control and instead have to go through a timer, you should be able to use a similar trick to manipulating the PIT in IBM-compatible machines for PCM output
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22:38:38sgdfgdfwhat does this error mean? target is busy (udisks-error-quark,14)
22:55:09Nyaasgdfgdf, on mount or unmount
22:55:28Nyaaif on unmount, it means something is accessing that drive so it can't be unmounted
22:56:02Nyaaif on mount, it means it can't be mounted because something was accessing it at the time it went offline, typically only seen for device mapper / lvm / luks stuff though
22:56:30Nyaafor latter, tracking it down can be really annoying and sometimes it
22:56:37Nyaasometimes it's easier to just reboot*
22:58:27sgdfgdfi have this same issue with 3 ipods. I try to reformat and I cant. i get this error. I believe the file system is supposed to be fat32 and the devices read fat32.
22:59:01Nyaatry formatting from command line
22:59:37Nyaa`umount /dev/sd<n>2; mkfs.fat /dev/sd<n>2`
23:00:29Nyaayou can also pass -c to tell mkfs to check for bad blocks during format, will be very slow though, and idk if rockbox reads the badblocks table
23:04:49Nyaaie like, `mkfs.fat -c -l IPOD -v /dev/sdh2` to long format, provide verbose output during format, and name it "IPOD"
23:05:06Nyaa[double check partition 2 is correct too, usually partition 1 is firmware and 2 is data]
23:16:17Nyaasgdfgdf, does that help
23:17:09Nyaa[oh also the bad blocks check is mostly unnecessary for flash memory (ssd, microsd, compact flash, etc), and in fact causes extra wear]
23:17:27Nyaaif your ipods still have original hdd in it, probably a good idea to do even though it can take 1-2 hours for the larger devices
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