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#rockbox log for 2023-08-08

00:01:58sgdfgdfNyaa the ipod mounts in 2 blocks. one 8,1 gb the other 67 mb
00:02:34sgdfgdfNyaa weird how it mounts as two
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09:04:53speachysgdfgdf: most of the ipods have a separate partition for the actual apple firmware; that's what you're seeing.
09:05:15speachyit's usually flagged as "hidden" but not everything respects that.
09:16:24Nyaathey're not in the channel anymore :p
09:17:15Nyaaanyway, neat, i managed to create a voice file with piper-tts
09:17:40Nyaa[ if you haven't heard of it before ]
09:21:12speachyOh, I'm aware of that, just put it in the logs for future readers
09:21:35speachyas for Piper, patches welcome! :D
09:22:14speachyI'm also more than happy to move the auto-generated voice files to something superior.
09:23:16Nyaaah, i literally just wrote a little bash script to parse the args it passes to espeak-ng and rearrange them to what piper expects lol
09:24:14Nyaai guess i can take a look at the auto generation stuff, it should be pretty easy to modify
09:24:16speachythe voice generation scripts alerady understand several different engines, one more would be fine
09:24:48Nyaa[i went off espeak-ng because piper uses espeak-ng's phoneme generation system, so corrections for espeak-ng should also apply to piper]
09:25:21speachylooks like every language we auto-generate today is covered by Piper except for Slovak (sk)
09:25:34Nyaaoh that's covered now too
09:25:39Nyaait's just not listed in the list yet
09:26:13Nyaaoh, i see why, the voice isn't published yet [will probably be soon then]
09:26:51speachyanyway, you'd need to modify tools/configure and tools/
09:26:58Nyaaoh no, perl, lol
09:27:41speachythere's also tools/ for what is fed into the nightly builds.
09:28:09speachybut that's probably best changed on a case-by-case basis based on feedback from native speakers/listeners.
09:28:25Nyaamakes sense, each voice model needs to be tested until one is found that works though, a few of the older ones will crash with certain words due to missing phonemes
09:29:08speachy(configure just prompts the user for which tool to use, and makes sure it's present on the system)
09:30:21speachy( is what actually generates the voices, but engine-specific stuff is largely contained to 1 or 2 places there, mainly what invokes the actual executables)
09:31:45Nyaadoes the build system cache spoken lines of text between targets
09:32:10speachyyes, it caches as much as possible
09:34:33speachyWe could add more autogenerated voice files but the cutoff is >90% coverage.
09:39:03speachybut seriously, I'd love to see patches to configure and to utilize piper
09:39:26Nyaait looks like all the ones with over 90% coverage all the ones already autogenerated lol
09:40:39speachythat's not coincidental
09:41:08speachy(actually it was more like 95% when first added)
09:41:13Nyaai mean, obviously, but idk if that's automatic or just the status hasn't changed since last time it was updated
09:41:24speachyit's not automatic, no
09:42:05speachystuff has to be manually added, and it wasn't added to the nightly list until a native speaker gave at least "eh, it's not terrible" feedback
09:42:34speachy(it's also more disk space and CPU cycles to generate all of this stuff every night...)
09:43:13speachy(hmm, I wonder if I ever added optimizations that checked to see if anything changed before generating new stuff...)
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09:53:01Nyaai think it's kinda funny that rockbox feels faster than stock firmware on ipod video lol
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10:30:32_bilgusat this point we probably have spent more man hours on the GUI than apple spent on the whole shebang..
10:39:41speachyplus ours is multi-platform and theirs wasn't.
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17:39:55CtcpIgnored 2 channel CTCP requests in 26 days and 3 hours at the last flood
17:39:55*Nyaa randomly had the idea of encrypting music and found
17:40:05Nyaasmh someone else having the same idea 17 years ago
17:42:13Nyaadidn't even notice the date until i saw someone mention RC4 lmao
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20:40:49Nyaawas there a performance regression in the last 5 years on ipodvideo or something
20:41:01Nyaai tried to play a sid and device locked up after about a minute
20:41:54Nyaawell, not quite locked up, because extremely unresponsive and took like 2 minutes to register inputs
20:44:02Nyaai vaguely remember it working fine last time i had one of these which was late 2017ish
20:44:47Nyaai guess nearly 6 years now
20:52:33Nyaacodec2 support when /s
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23:07:07_bilgusI bet we could get rb on here
23:07:35_bilgusI suppose no headphone but it does have ble
23:08:12_bilgusit says mic and class d amp guessing thats for the mic?
23:14:33_bilgusmeh it wouldn't be worth it but it gives me hope minus the psram
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