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#rockbox log for 2023-08-12

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02:58:20kirvesAxeNyaa, IIRC there is an option to disable automatic database updates
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06:19:56NyaakirvesAxe, there is, but that's not quite the same thing
06:21:25kirvesAxeNot quite but usable enough in most cases - just don't activate the manual database update unless you're plugged in.
06:22:09Nyaawhen the database update takes like 70 hours that's still not a great option :p
06:22:33Nyaathere isn't a way to generate the database on a computer is there
06:23:00jssfrwhat kind of HDD do you have in that ipod?
06:23:03kirvesAxe(I do that even on a player that doesn't have a HDD since I've noticed my database is so big the update won't work well on background anyway)
06:23:08jssfrmy iriver with 60 GB used to take only a few minutes for an incremental one
06:23:17Nyaajssfr, it's the stock one
06:23:26Nyaaand tbf i copied like 90k files to it
06:23:51Nyaamost of which it can't even play until i figure out how to fix the sid player lol
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06:25:06jssfrah synth, that explains.
06:27:59Nyaai should like, poke around at the video decoder chip and see what i can do with it [or manage to brick it lol]
06:35:09*Nyaa confuse noises
06:35:33Nyaawhat even is this chip
06:39:21Nyaait looks less like a video decoder and more like a general coprocessor
06:41:34kirvesAxesid chip?
06:41:47Nyaano the "video" codec in the ipodvideo
06:41:59Nyaa> Highly integrated solution combining video and audio processing, polyphonic sound synthesis, an LCD controller, and 32Mbits of embedded SDRAM on a single package
06:42:31Nyaa~time to port rockbox to the video chip itself~
06:45:58Nyaaalso it apparently does video _encoding_ too
06:46:40sporkthere some (old) tools for manipulating the database externally:
06:47:31*Nyaa wonders if it has 3d acceleration too like later videocore chips
06:48:37Nyaaknowing broadcom though, probably have to use a blob from OF to get the chip to work though
06:49:47Nyaathen again, maybe it's old enough to be before they started doing that
06:51:48Nyaaalso what even does broadcom mean by "Fully programmable architecture which enables the full range of multimedia codecs to be implemented in software."
06:51:53Nyaathat sounds like "there's a CPU in it"
07:23:55Nyaaunless they mean that it functions more like an FPGA
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