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#rockbox log for 2023-08-23

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05:27:36kirvesAxeI just ordered an Aigo Eros Q and while waiting for it to arrive, I'm wondering if i should go with the hosted or the native port.
05:30:25kirvesAxeI assume the hosted port has similar limitations than my aging AGPtEK Rocker hosted port - connecting USB (no matter if power or data) always makes the player go to connection mode (unless holding a button while connecting) and no support for the wake-up mode
05:31:48kirvesAxebut the hosted port seems to support exFAT formatted microSD cards
05:33:28kirvesAxeHow about the Aigo Eros native port, does it support 1) power-only usb without disabling the player / MTP mode 2) wake-up mode 3) exFAT microSD ?
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05:35:48sporknative rockbox does not support exfat
05:39:06kirvesAxeOkay, that' a big drawback compared to the hosted port...
05:45:48kirvesAxe(A 256GB FAT32 microSD does not sound like a nice idea)
05:46:36sporkusing the hosted port first probably has the least impact
05:50:15kirvesAxeYeah. I'd get pretty much the same things I like with the Rocker and miss the same things from the clip+ :)
05:51:32kirvesAxe(Would native rockbox be able to support ext4 microSD or something similar? :D)
05:54:47sporkno, just fat32
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05:58:19kirvesAxeWould any other filesystems be easier to implement in the future?
06:08:33sporkany new filesystem is a lot of work
06:08:42sporkexfat would probably be most desirable
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07:54:20kirvesAxeYeah. exFAT is the standard for SD cards above 32GB after all...
07:54:59*gevaerts grumbles about standards for block devices specifying filesystems
07:55:53kirvesAxe(And most rockbox capable players available nowadays seem to be without internal storage but support for 128-256 GB cards... would feel awkward to be limited to 32GB or using FAT32 on those huge cards)
07:56:59speachyrockbox now supports GPT partitioning at least.
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07:57:26speachybut you can just reformat any SD card (up to 2TB anyway) as FAT32
07:57:33kirvesAxegevaerts, well yeah, kinda... except that it kinda improves certainty of devices working together (even though thoose cards can be formatted to other filesystems lol)
07:58:12speachy(...I'm 95% sure taht my camera formats all of its SD cards as fat32 instead of exfat.)
07:59:08kirvesAxespeachy, would you consider a 256GB FAT32 card (with huge sector size) with an Aigo Eros Q native port better than just using an exFAT card with the hosted port?
07:59:24speachyactually, yes
07:59:49speachythe native port has only two plusses in its favor, exfat and the potential for bluetooth. Otherwise it's worse in every way.
08:00:46speachywell, I suppose it also has USB-DAC support, and I also added the ability to access usb-attached storage too
08:00:53speachyso make that four plusses
08:02:47speachythat said I don't recall the underlying problem with respect to the plug-in-at-powerup issue.
08:03:17speachyI know I did a ton of work a while back to improve the platform integration but I don't remember if that was one of the things I improved.
08:04:23speachy(the ROcker got those improvements too, but you had to re-flash the newer rocbox "bootloader" (aka application switcher). the real bootloader isn't something we touch)
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10:01:51kirvesAxeYeah, haven't really bothered re-flashing a dying player (left channel dead already etc), just been focusing on what replacement to order and from where :)
10:03:16kirvesAxeBut guess I'll wonder around while waiting for the delivery :)
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11:00:52_bilgusIve been using 128 and 256gb cards with fat32 with no issues for years what does exfat buy you?
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11:42:34Nyaaipodvideo also seems to struggle with opus playback
11:43:09Nyaadoesn't seem to skip but the interface does become quite sluggish
11:43:19Nyaa[the audio]
11:44:04bertrikit was last synced upstream in 2019
11:44:47*Nyaa is half tempted to read the opus spec and try to write a faster decoder
11:45:26Nyaawell maybe a newer version would also be faster who knows, don't think i tried opus playback last time i had a portalplayer device lol
11:46:01bertrikwow, initial opus implementation is from 2012, time flies
11:46:40sporkspeachy: you mean hosted, not native
11:47:47Nyaa_bilgus, i mean, with an iflash quad on ipod devices with 48-bit addressing it should be possible to have 2tb of storage :p
11:48:28Nyaawith larger sizes often comes higher latency when using fat32 because of larger clusters
11:49:20Nyaanot sure if rockbox's fat32 implementation is impacted by that, but other embedded implementations i've seen are
11:50:02Nyaait generally becomes noticeable at 256gb and gets worse as you go up
11:51:10Nyaafor slower cards may be noticeable at 128 or even 64
11:55:19Nyaaif rockbox's implementation is impacted, it's likely it wouldn't boot at all without a modification to the drive timeout
11:55:22Nyaaon 1tb or 2tb
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11:59:35Nyaa[or, if it does boot, would be quite slow when doing any kind of disk searching]
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12:13:59speachyspork: yeah, you're right
12:15:08speachyNyaa: IIRC we updated to then-modern opus a few years ago. if anything it slightly hurt performance.
12:15:29speachywhoops, bertrik I mean.
12:16:26speachythere's almost guaranteeed to be optimization opportunities in opus if you're willing to do some arm7tdmi asm work.
12:16:57Nyaawhat is that, armv4, armv5?
12:17:14Nyaaisn't that the same as the gameboy advance?
12:17:30Nyaait is lol
12:17:39speachyyep, IIRC the GBA was the first commercial use of that core
12:17:50Nyaamight take me a bit of stumbling but i could probably do something
12:19:08Nyaawatch me get distracted and write a gameboy advance emulator-pseudohypervisor thing /s
12:21:33Nyaaidk i tend to make really weird stuff if i get focused on it, has been a while though
12:21:49Nyaalast time that happened i reimplemented most of discord's client-server api in a week out of spite
12:29:09speachythere's already some ASM for armv4t but looks like armv5 is where most of the asm lies.
12:29:26Nyaaah, for opus?
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12:33:00speachythere's more asm in current opus code but I don't know if any of it matters for us.
12:33:47Nyaaarmv4 has a lot less instructions than i expected
12:35:21*Nyaa looks at the thumb part
12:36:25Nyaaah ok that brings it closer to what i expected lol
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13:33:14Nyaalol, can't do opus playback with any audio effects enabled [haas, bass enhancement, etc]
13:42:18kirvesAxe_bilgus_, well first of all my current 256GB microSD card in my player is in exFAT so at least the beginning transition will be more annoying :) but in general, exFAT increases the maximum filesize and decreases the minimum filesize...
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