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#rockbox log for 2023-08-27

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00:39:53rb-bluebotBuild Server message: New build round started. Revision 8a22660770, 304 builds, 9 clients.
00:39:54rb-bluebotFix #13369: shuffle setting not working from shortcut. by JJ Style
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01:01:46rb-bluebotBuild Server message: Build round completed after 1313 seconds.
01:01:47rb-bluebotBuild Server message: Revision 8a22660770 result: All green
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07:34:30chris_sBilgus: re the just-merged g#13369 - I'm not sure you can attach a callback to the Shuffle setting
07:34:41chris_s E.g. it will be executed when reading in the settings during bootup and will
07:34:42chris_s cause to a crash if Shuffle is enabled then
07:36:06chris_sugh g#5288 I meant, of course
07:36:09rb-bluebotGerrit review #5288 at : Fix #13369: shuffle setting not working from shortcut. by JJ Style
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08:54:17_bilgus__chris_s are you speculating or have you observed this? or SWAG?
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09:39:59chris_sthe crash I've observed in the simulator ( settings_load is run before playlist_init in the init function).
09:43:59chris_sthe callback function is called in settings_load_config (l435 of settings.c)
09:54:28_bilgus__good enough
09:55:33_bilgus__let me look at it a few, I understand the intended functionality JJ was going for
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10:05:26chris_seven if it didn't crash, my understanding is that you wouldn't want to reshuffle the playlist when that settings is read. The callback also seems to lead to redundant shuffling when the option is enabled from Settings. Not that I necessarily have a better implementation idea, except for naively treating the Shortcuts menu as a special case the way
10:05:27chris_sit is done for the Sleep Timer, for example (l686 in shortcuts.c), which doesn't seem like great design
10:15:12chris_slooks like the QuickScreen is already treated it as a special case already (L451 quick screen.c)
10:17:48_bilgus__if we guard it on pl->started = true that would solve the first issue
10:18:41_bilgus__but that wouldn't help with the others though
10:32:50chris_sThere's probably a few other settings that have the same issue. Frequency adjustments, for example don't have an (immediate) effect when set from Shortcuts or QuickScreen (in the latter case that may be fallout from 362f7a
10:35:31chris_snot exactly the same...
10:44:47_bilgus__ugh the main issue is that the callback and setting are changed immediately
10:51:43_bilgus__F_CB_ON_SELECT_ONLY should fix the rest
11:00:23_bilgus__chris_s g#5292
11:00:34rb-bluebotGerrit review #5292 at : [Bugfix] shuffle shenanigans from g5288 Fix #13369 by William Wilgus
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11:02:10_bilgus__likely that will work on the others too unless there are other sideeffects :p
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13:27:37chris_sSeems to behave better now. The callback  in playback_menu(L276) has to be removed as well to prevent redundant shuffling when the option is selected from the Settings menu.  Also, when a .cfg file is loaded in that contains a "shuffle: on" line, Rockbox (except when booting) will *re*shuffle a playlist even if the shuffle option is turned on and
13:27:37chris_sthe playlist already shuffled. Maybe that is acceptable though, or even expected behavior, since at least a non-shuffled playlist will get shuffled now whereas it wouldn't have before?
13:36:29chris_sand the special case for the QuickScreen is also redundant (l447 quick screen.c)
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22:02:26_bilgus__I think in the case of loading a setting .cfg reshuffling is acceptable
22:22:07_bilgus__chris_s the updated patch should do most of what you want
22:23:42_bilgus__I think about the only downside maybe if the playlist was stopped and you wanted to reshuffle immediately but isn't there a setting for that already?
22:24:11_bilgus__if this works ok I think repeat should get the same treatment
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23:02:47_bilgus__hmm downsides to not checking for changed state apply to shuffle and repeat items
23:52:52_bilgus__Ok i think g#5292 should check all the boxes now
23:52:56rb-bluebotGerrit review #5292 at : [Bugfix] shuffle shenanigans from g5288 Fix #13369 by William Wilgus
23:55:25_bilgus__I used F_TEMPVAR to allow only running a callback when the setting was actually changed might come in handy for some others too
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