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#rockbox log for 2023-09-05

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11:23:23bertrikI'm trying to install an ipod mini (2nd gen) with rockbox utility, but it's not showing me any rockbox version as install candidate
11:26:02gevaertsHave all the weather-induced server issues been resolved yet?
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14:43:16_bilgusI think so its coming from download.rbo correct?
14:44:08_bilgusworks from here
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17:06:24mendel_munkis_how stable is the current dev build?
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17:37:28WilliamCAre there any new music players that can be recommended?
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19:04:52TrzyzetHi, I had a really weird issue with eros/surfans build today. When I hold the play button during playback to show repeat/shuffle menu I had segmentation fault, just once so I didn't wrote it. but after restart the shuffle option under the holding play button was like frozen and I wasn't able to change it. In playback options shuffle was off! When I switch it on and back off situation went back to normal.
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19:13:32bertrikwe managed to get the ipod mini installed, following the manual method
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19:34:39_bilgusmendel_munkis_, I suppose it depends the device but I haven't had a panic in months
19:36:12_bilgusTrzyzet, it might just be a wonky setting but I did just change the callbacks on the shuffle stuff, might be that it returns playing in a race condition
19:36:34_bilguslet me know if you manage to repro
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19:37:57_bilgusI could have missed another callback from elsewhere aswell
20:02:53mendel_munkis_I recommended it to a user in order to pick up a feature.
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20:42:06WilliamCSo, Bluetooth support will never be a thing?
20:42:37_bilgusoh never is pretty line in the sand
20:42:55_bilguseventually maybe
20:43:29WilliamCMy device doesn't like my headphones using the regular software right now.
20:44:42WilliamCSo, right now it's the same level of Bluetooth support with my stock software
20:45:31_bilgusif that level is 0 then yes'
20:45:54WilliamCI pair it, and then as soon I play music, it disconnects.
20:46:03_bilgusI've moked up a menu but I don't speak bt
20:46:14_bilgusahem mocked
20:47:01WilliamCOnly reason I like Bluetooth is I don't have to deal with this blasted audio cable.
20:47:06_bilgusthe hosted stuff would possibly have it but IDK
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20:59:04speachygevaerts: Except for a brief disruption when the DNS slaves were being resynced (literally ~10 minutes) there shouldn't have been any disruptions other than inbound and outbount email. That was fully restored on the 3rd.
20:59:23speachyThat said, I know at least one ISP is rejecting our email right now.
21:01:06speachyWilliamC: As bilgus said, never say never, but it's not particuarly likely due to the lack of a suitably-featured stack with an acceptable license.
21:03:11speachyStuff on the hiby-based hosted targets (eg Rocker, ErosQ/K+clones) is technically possible but they use a very obsolute version of bluez and nobody's really attempted to write the necessary glue yet. That said, we do have all the low-level bits in place should someone suitably motivated step up.
21:06:22WilliamCI have a Rocker
21:06:53WilliamCWell, two, I thought one got stolen, so I bought another. It somehow ended up in a shoe that I stopped wearing due to it falling apart.
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