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#rockbox log for 2023-09-11

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12:06:14speachySo last night I made more wiki config changes, subjectively feels a bit peppier than before. Time will tell if this is enough to alleviate its self-wedging pathologies.
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12:07:38speachybut I also have things set up such that if it happens again, I'll switch the main stuff to point at a static copy, and make the real wiki live at a different URL, requiring loging in before even allowing viewing, much less editing.
12:08:37speachy(still need to tweak the template, but the export/publish seems to work. Unfortunately I can't seem to set it to automatically happen upon page updates, so instead it'll need to be a nightly cron thing)
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12:31:15dookWould switching the wiki over to a static site generator be simpler?
12:31:19dookI've been looking into Hugo as a possible solution for the wiki, it would look identical but we'd have to use git for changes instead of the current account system
12:33:49speachyoh, that's my preference too
12:34:25speachythere's something to be said for being able to edit it in situ, but I'd prefer a SSG too
12:34:32speachydata migration is going to be a real beast though
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12:35:15speachy(I use nikola for my personal site)
12:39:32dookHugo has some cool features, like it can grab data from commits so we could actually keep the page author information
12:40:15dookI'd be interested taking it on when I have some free time soon, even just for a proof of concept. But data migration will definitely take a while
12:42:29speachyCurrent snapshot:
12:50:02braewoodsspeachy, since most of our contributors are developers to some capacity, would switching to a git based content system be a good idea?
12:50:40braewoodsThings like "github pages" is a growing trend.
12:50:51speachyI think it's a reasonable compromise
12:51:08speachyvs having two different login/credential/permission sets.
12:51:32braewoodsIt would also pretty much eliminate the spam angle for the documentation part.
12:51:49braewoodsOnly downside I can see is having to approve changes.
12:52:12speachyspam hasn't been a problem in a while, but only because self-registration was disabled. :D
12:52:55speachywe could allow the doc pages to not require approvals. or at least a different set of credentials vs the code repos.
12:53:23braewoodsThe fact it is based on git means we can revert bad changes.
12:53:31braewoodsIt also acts as a ledger.
12:53:54braewoodsAs long as they can't do a forced git push to destroy the history.
12:54:19speachyforce-pushes are kept disabled except for gerrit admins
12:54:26speachythough I think that's also disabled
12:54:36speachy(if not it should be, heh)
12:55:12braewoodsI use forced pushes for development when i am still developing a code submission... but then i have unusual situation.
12:55:34speachyyou can force-push all you want onto your own branches. Just not to master
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18:19:03WilliamCThis might sound like a slightly OT but my headphones keep falling out of my Rocker.
18:19:13WilliamCAny suggestion, the jack seems loose.
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19:01:56_bilgusspeachy in the static wiki above is broken
19:17:38_bilgusWilliamC, What I have done in the past is solder a small dot on the headphone plug closest to the rubber (not the jack on the device though)
19:21:25_bilgusthat worked great with a bit of sanding to get it just right, pretty much that is the only way Ive found
19:27:15WilliamCI wish thinking about maybe adding a gasket to the socket.
19:30:15WilliamCIf I can get one small enough
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21:30:11_bilgusget a right angle headphone adapter
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22:03:31WilliamC_bilgus, that's what I have.
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23:35:00_bilgususe some moldable silicone to fix it to it maybe?
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