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#rockbox log for 2023-09-20

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10:12:58rb-bluebotCodecs: mp4: Fix sbr detections for some files by roman.artiukhin
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10:27:38speachythis one ^^^ fixes a 13-year-old bug reported against 3.1.3 :)
10:27:58dookI was hoping to work on some minor additions to the theme engine before the next release, since I imagine it might be a while before the next one
10:28:20dookUnfortunately real life is pretty packed right now, so I don't really have time to work out the system
10:28:50speachyit's not like any of us are in any better of a situation
10:29:22dookYeah, of course. Pretty commendable the work you're all able to do!
10:31:39speachyI'm deeply disappointed I've not been able to give rockbox the attention it deserves
10:32:41speachylots of meta stuff (infrastructure, tooling, etc) to make it easier to contribute, plus shrinking the backlog through reviews and whatnot.
10:33:48dookI'm thinking, would it be worth perhaps setting up some kind way of letting users donate money regularly to the project?
10:34:02dookopen collective etc.
10:34:08speachyI'm grateful for the folks who keep feeding us patches, and it's particularly important to encourage more of that
10:35:07speachythere's already the paypal link that sees some piecemeal donations but it's honestly not funding that's a problem; it's carving out time/attention.
10:35:57speachythe DAP space hasn't been mainstream since the rise of smartphones (doubly so since streaming services came along).
10:36:28dookAh, true. I imagine it would be hard to generate enough money through it to allow someone to work funded, even part time, on the project
10:36:34speachyso it's a niece problem space, and being able to _develop_ in this space is even more specialized vs mainstream sw stuffs.
10:37:41speachyI can't speak for everyone involved but we're proably at that point in life where we have kids, a mortgage, and other responsibiliities that preclude very short-term gig work.
10:39:31speachywe have about $2K in cash. Burn rate is about $40/mo. Donation rate is about half that. We'd probably need 100x the monthy donations to make funding a developer even wort talking about.
10:40:29speachy(and with the sort of skills we're talking about, $2K/mo isn't even 1/3 of what what those skills would fetch on the open market)
10:41:10speachyI'd expect folks contributing here already have full-time work. speaking personally what I need is more *time*, not more money. :)
10:42:05speachy(And that's just so I can catch up on $maeatspace projects. Like, oh, continuing to clean up after a hurricane strike, to say nothing of the projects that got postponed by said hurricane...)
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11:14:25_bilgusspeachy I got a few major changes added I still have 2021-9-5 to 2022-1-9 qued up and left to go through
11:34:05speachylemme know when you'd like me to kick off another static site refresh. I spent some time trying to tweak the wiki's templates, and gave up when my eyeballs started to recurse within themselves.
11:36:22_bilgusno point till i'm thru it
11:36:36_bilgusbut ill let you know
11:37:04speachyfeel free to consolidate stuff on the list too..
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