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#rockbox log for 2023-10-06

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08:10:53chris_sbilgus: Removing the static buffer from get_next in tagcache.c (commit 6634a60, L1854 in previous file) causes issues with Load to RAM enabled. Entries in DB tables get unexpectedly shortened to some fixed length
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09:06:02_bilgushmm it just puts the buffer at the caller might be the weird stuff I was observing though
09:09:03_bilgusoh I see it
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09:09:22_bilgusL1920 sizeof (buf));
09:10:26_bilgusi think I called it 'hopefully it wasn't a harbinger of something stupid on my part'
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09:12:47_bilguschris_s I assume it wrote 7 chars or so
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09:19:14chris_sAh, ok, that explains it then. Thought it might have had something to do with the comment/warning. In the simulator it was 7, on the M3k 3 I think. Looks like L1938 there's another one
09:19:43rb-bluebotBuild Server message: New build round started. Revision 17a8a54780, 304 builds, 9 clients.
09:19:43rb-bluebot[BugFix] tagcache/tagtree remove static buffer from tagcache_get_next by William Wilgus
09:20:47_bilgusI was actually more worried about Pictureflow
09:22:09_bilgusI made a couple of the stack allocated 'tag bufs' static if they were going to be stacking allocs
09:22:33_bilgusbut it really needs a bit of refactoring I suspect
09:22:52chris_sNot sure I've tried PictureFlow yet – i did run into a stack overflow with the commit plugin, unfortunately, on the m3k ... :o
09:23:12_bilgusIOW it leans a bit heavily on that buffer being static in the callee
09:23:45_bilguschris_s is that the current HEAD then?
09:24:25_bilgusI'm slightly surprised its still having issues but I suspect its blowing the stack while the core stuff runs as well
09:25:01_bilgusI may pull it apart a bit more but I was really trying to keep the code unified
09:26:02chris_sI think so, I'll check again to make sure. One other thing I've noticed: The 5s commit countdown (only) in the simulator seems to get interrupted by some ( non-button?) action, so you have to be very quick to be able to react to it
09:27:46_bilgusugh yeah the sim has the battery running down and that throws a SYS event
09:28:09_bilguswell actually theres like 5
09:28:28_bilgusup down charger on off and one other I think
09:31:24_bilguscommitting on device through the plugin is for sure slow but my hope is that it can be expanded to allow rules
09:31:26chris_swith regard to the stkov: i was surprised that you're running the commit stuff in the main plugin thread instead of the seperately crated thread which just displays the log file, unless I'm missing something?
09:31:59rb-bluebotBuild Server message: Build round completed after 736 seconds.
09:32:01rb-bluebotBuild Server message: Revision 17a8a54780 result: All green
09:32:04_bilgusIt was not stable for me
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09:32:33_bilgusbut that was before I started removing the stack allocs
09:32:47_bilgusso it prob was just hiding it
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09:33:48_bilgusI prob should have saved that version to test as it was a bit cleaner feeling
09:37:38_bilguschris_s I'm testing this on a 6.5MB .tmp file how big is yours?
09:52:17chris_s8.8 MB – I just checked again – stkov on latest build 17a8a54780 using M3k– commit using core, or using the plugin from the simulator with the same set of files, works fine
09:53:46_bilgusI'll try moving the thread around
09:54:25_bilgusI'm not sure about the stack in the plugin I suppose the main thread has a size defined somewhere
09:55:12_bilgusI'll try flipping the action stuff back to the main thread
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10:28:11chris_sbtw, I think the main problem with errant events in the sim is that they immediately *cancel* a pending commit and that the sim forces you into rebooting, so you always run into the countdown
10:29:21chris_sThe Playing time screen has the same issue  though, in terms of closing itself without button input
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10:50:04_bilgusI made a filter for that somewhere
10:50:27_bilgusshould probably just make a macro sys wide
10:52:13_bilgusprobably several forms maybe like IS_SYS_EV, IGNORE_SYS_EV, ONLY_SYS_EV
10:52:30speachythat seems quite useful
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10:58:29_bilguschris_s g#5404 swaps the threads and adds the ability to cancel
10:58:31rb-bluebotGerrit review #5404 at : db_commit swap threads, add ability to cancel by William Wilgus
11:19:50chris_sthat seems to work very well! :)
11:23:07_bilgusthere is still an issue I'm running out of buffer with a 12mb file
11:23:55_bilgusI mean thats like 60-70k files but I'd like it to be less dependent on buffer sizes if possible
11:24:59chris_syeah, 12 MB doesn't seem out of this world
11:25:39_bilgusI'll keep working on it hopefully the solution leads to a more stable version in core
11:28:49_bilguseh it still has buffer left something else I think but I'll have to look later'
11:32:14rb-bluebotBuild Server message: New build round started. Revision 57713f6308, 304 builds, 10 clients.
11:32:14rb-bluebotipod: Support IAP remote MENU/SELECT/UP/DOWN keys in MODE2 by Solomon Peachy
11:35:50speachygiven that the wiki wedged things _again_ when its' not even on the hot path I think the only real option here is to stand it down completely.
11:37:46speachyin favor of a static markdown-based site I think, unless there's a better idea. There are _some_ dynamic features of the old engine that are nice to have (eg creating topic index pages autoatically)
11:43:34rb-bluebotBuild Server message: Build round completed after 680 seconds.
11:43:35rb-bluebotBuild Server message: Revision 57713f6308 result: All green
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15:29:53_bilgusthat feature is slightly annoying sometimes too though
15:44:39_bilgusre the OOM error on that 12mb file wasn't actually a OOM it was an out of index issue due to the remnants of the previous canceled commit, So I guess I should delete all of them if the user cancels
15:46:08_bilgushmm that could get you in trouble too though
15:46:55_bilgusmaybe it should back up existing db files and do a restore in case of a failed/canceled update
15:47:55speachyHmm, there's also the case if the exsting db is b0rked
16:03:48_bilgusyeah wouldn't do much good to auto restore it in that case
16:04:08_bilgusso it should ask before it restores the backup
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16:04:58_bilgusbeing that its a plugin I suppose just ask for both
16:05:04_bilgussave a backup?
16:39:31_bilgusugh can of worms now I want to add the onplay file and directory copy routines to misc.c and the plugin api
16:42:05_bilguseh I'll just leave it extensible and sitting in the plugin I'm not sure how many other users there'd be since it took me quite qa while to find a copy routine that already existed
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18:19:12dookI've been thinking about the wiki situation during the week, threw together a quick proof of concept for generation it with markdown files via hugo
18:21:24dookI'd be open to working on this as a complete solution, but I'd probably start from scratch with the html and css.
18:22:18dookThe table layout the site currently uses isn't great for screenreaders
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