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#rockbox log for 2023-10-09

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08:41:52rb-bluebotBuild Server message: New build round started. Revision ff0055ba6b, 304 builds, 9 clients.
08:41:52rb-bluebotlist allow VOICE_ONLY strings by William Wilgus
08:52:22rb-bluebotBuild Server message: Build round completed after 632 seconds.
08:52:24rb-bluebotBuild Server message: Revision ff0055ba6b result: All green
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09:13:04speachy_bilgus: what was the reason for the VOICE_ONLY list stuff? That's not supposed to happen, I thought?
09:23:57_bilgusI wanted o use VOICE_BLANK
09:24:32_bilguspretty sure P2STR should return "" for them but instead segfaults
09:24:54_bilgusmenu.c got a similar patch last time I was messing with thios
09:35:17_bilgusI only include them in munus (VOICE_BLANKS) because as a test I went a day with the screen taped to 'see' how it was using voice prompts and it really made navigating menus easier
09:37:45speachyfor deliberate gaps in the menus I guess?
09:37:47_bilgusactually that is probably something we should make a routine I assume you already do somewhat but none of us usually get to the dark corners that might be difficult for the non-sighted
09:38:20_bilgusyeah I needed dynamic menus and the menu.c method is pretty clunky
09:38:24speachymost of my use of the player (when not activly browsing files) is without looking at it
09:38:44speachyOne of these days I'll get around to generating strings for the files themselves
09:39:32speachy(the X3's goofy button layout is really nice for sight-less interaction)
09:40:23_bilgusphysical buttons are good enough but that is why I prefer the clip+ over the zip
09:40:49_bilgusthey changed to that wobble pad its far less defined
09:41:09speachynow if only we could get more translators. :(
09:42:21speachyAnother thing I'm toying with is tagging each string with it actual language, so (eg) untranslated strings don't get interpreted as something other than English.
09:43:15_bilgusI was thinking a while back it'd be nice to have some joiner for lan strings
09:43:17speachyand filenames could be pretty much anything unfortunately.
09:43:33speachyjoiner? you mean concatentate two strings together?
09:43:41_bilguswe have a lot of do this do that but we could have do, this and do, that
09:43:55speachyor "include" substrings?
09:44:39_bilguswell it could be do(%s) this but I wouldnt want to carry buffers around
09:44:40speachyI think the problem with that idea is that different languages can have very different phrasing/grammer requirements, so you can't just stick two end-to-end
09:44:56_bilgusyeah thats a good point
09:45:37_bilgusso maybe just common verbs
09:45:56speachyI did add a couple of hooks for that stuff (for numeric and time voicing) but it's messy.
09:46:23_bilgusits all pretty messy thats why I stopped the last time
09:47:11speachydoesnt help that I only really speak two languages, English and Bad English.
09:47:28_bilgusI only got the latter
09:47:44speachyand my awareness of other language needs is mostly driven by growing up in Arabic-speaking societies.
09:48:42speachyI'd love to add more translation/voice features but I just don't know what's missing/needed to better fit non-English.
09:49:53speachybut tagging each string with its "native" language (or at least "English/Not") would enable better pronounciation of non-translated things.
09:50:43_bilgusheh if all our devices were recorders we could have users record them on first use
09:51:46_bilguswouldn't be too hard to put a translator plugin together actually
09:51:47speachyI'm concerned that we only really have active translators for Pilisn and Italian.
09:52:12speachywhat I'd love to see is built-in TTS. the mips-based targets have the raw oomph to pull that off
09:53:15speachy(speaking of tts, the "spell out the file names" feature only covers the English alphabet)
09:54:19speachyyikes, that should be 'Polish'. Nice half-offset typing.
09:54:43_bilgusI threw together a very rudimentary talker at somepoint using monophemes or halfphones it was source for something old bbc micro comodore 64 it was BAD
09:55:16speachyBAD is a lot better than nothing though
09:55:50_bilgusmaybe for english
09:56:12speachywell, presumably each other language would needs its own rules.
09:56:26_bilgusit sounded like a drunk whiny speak and spell
09:58:17_bilgusi'll see if I can find the source again if you want to check it out It is an adaption to Javascript of the speech software SAM (Software Automatic Mouth) for the Commodore C64 published in the year 1982 by Don't Ask Software
09:58:22speachySpeaking of, I wonder what our friends across the pond would think if we added Scottish English voicing.
09:58:49speachy(or if we switched our US English voicing to New York City variants)
09:58:50_bilguswonder if Big clive uses MP3s?
09:59:27speachyespeak+ng + mbrola keeps adding more voices
09:59:30_bilgusI didn't touch that javascript port but mentions the original
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10:00:22speachyI think we could theoretically generate voices for every transaltion, but my self-imposed "needs to have 90% coverage" rule cuts most of 'em off.
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10:02:06speachyROFL. espeak-ng can generate Klingon.
10:03:08_bilgusthank goodness at least we can TRY to negotiate
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10:03:39kirvesAxeLol Klingon
10:04:36_bilgusI think I have a pretty good plugin with db_commit now it pops a menu allowing backup/restore/delete database, dis/enable auto_commit, and knows if a commit is ready
10:05:27_bilguscurrently it warns if a utf8 string is not displayable but maybe it can be extended by someone interested
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10:06:28_bilguslike pop a prompt to allow renaming..
10:06:53speachynot displayable in what sense? We don't have font converage for it?
10:07:19_bilgusno code point in the UI_font currently
10:08:02_bilgusto make it better it would need a bit of info on the theme
10:09:06_bilgusmaybe parse the available themes and keep a list of the display fonts IDK seems too much trouble
10:09:52speachyIIRC the biggest file in the native hibyplayer targets (x3ii, rocker, etc) is a unicode font file.
10:09:59_bilgusspeaking of I bet thats how a tool long tag would arise now
10:10:57_bilgusit was pretty slow checking every name but I started doing strlen != utf_len and it made it pretty cool
10:11:35_bilgusthere could still be some that get through but I think its down to lottery odds
10:11:50speachyhmm, there's a bug in the translation editor
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10:12:19_bilgusnot letting translations thru?
10:12:44speachyIt's visible in
10:13:26speachyhmm, maybe it's not a bug, but an oversight in the english file.
10:14:28speachyTIME_REVERT doesn't have a voiced string in English. That seems wrong; if we don't voice the prompt...
10:14:46speachy(and it's also a candidate for that sub-string thing you talked about..)
10:15:24speachywhat we need is a voiced version of every button, and a way to substitute those in...
10:27:38_bilgusmacros and perl you say?
10:28:59_bilgusI have about 1/3 of what you need in the (lua plugin?) and in the button remapping plugin
10:45:06_bilgusoh good I put it in plugins.lib action_helper and button_helper
11:32:50speachyI'm thinking a generic subsitution mechanism, the language processing script substitutes {{ID}} with the translated {{ID}}
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12:51:05chris_sbilgus: don't know if this is an issue anywhere else, but in the simulator on macOS, I'm getting a stack overflow due to (from g#5345) – maybe it's best to remove the prompt for simulators in general?
12:51:08rb-bluebotGerrit review #5345 at : [Feature] add a prompt to database commit on start-up by William Wilgus
12:57:38chris_smay be my own fault though... due to the macos-specific changes I made...
13:04:02kirvesAxespeachy, if I would want to help with some translations, is the easiest way to go with ? :)
13:09:48speachyyep, the web site makes it a lot easier than trying to do it by hand.
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13:10:27speachyin a perfect world it would submit updates to gerrit directly
13:12:09chris_sbilgus: nice progress on the commit plugin, btw
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13:58:06bilgus_phchris_s thanks i hope it allows us to get a bit better info on where the db is failing from the gen pop that and make it less likely to effectively brick your player till you get to a PC
13:58:36bilgus_phthat said its fine to block the prompt from sims
13:59:40bilgus_phit might be that the gui isnt ready ive seen that buf before
14:00:14bilgus_phdoes it crash everytime or randomly?
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14:39:20chris_sI get "Stkov tagcache" everytime. But I'm polling for SDL events in button_queue_wait (g5279), which is probably a bit of a hack, and I'm expecting that to be run from the main thread, because of MacOS requirements so that must be the reason
14:43:41chris_sI can't reproduce the stack overflow on Linux (although it has the issue with the dialog automatically being dismissed which we discussed)
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17:28:31_bilgusit doesn't have any real use in the sim so lets just ifndef it
17:28:58_bilguslikely though its covering up a different issue
17:29:12_bilgusor uncovering rather
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17:31:03speachyI'd not #ifdef it out −− most likely it's due to the non-merged macos sim changes.
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17:46:07chris_syeah, the stkov (almost certainly) does and I can handle as part of the unmerged changes. It still may be worth it to ifdef it out (g5428), at least for the moment, until the button thing is resolved, because it's not very usable right now? Either way is fine with me though
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19:55:43_bilgusII'll get to the button thing shortly
20:03:52_bilgushmm chris_s looking at the code it is guarded with && end_tick <= current_tick oh it does do int for ticks to a long maybe some weird OVFL condition??
20:04:25_bilgusdid you say it was the m3k sim you were seeing it in?
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20:20:12_bilgusoh I bet its because I didn't use the TIME_AFTER macro
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20:21:53usr_40476hi, is there any mp4-mpg converter written in lua for rockbox?
20:21:54usr_40476Better yet, is the an mp4-mpg converter with video scaling, output directory selecting?
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20:24:42_bilguschris _s could you try g#5429?
20:24:45rb-bluebotGerrit review #5429 at : [BUGFIX] yesno.c use TIME_AFTER macro by William Wilgus
20:38:15usr_40476hi, is there any mp4-mpg converter written in lua for rockbox?
20:38:15usr_40476Better yet, is the an mp4-mpg converter with video scaling, output directory selecting?
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