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#rockbox log for 2023-10-11

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04:04:36elweenHi everyone. First I'd like to thank you for the awesome work on Rockbox !
04:04:37elweenSince the lastfm scrobbler became a plugin I configured my iPod to start it directly on launch. Now each time I turn on my iPod I see first the settings menu of the plugin, I'd like to just see the main menu or WPS one.
04:04:37elweenAlso, this scrobbler setting menu have a "Back" item, I cannot just use the left button of my iPod to go "back".
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04:10:42CH23_Melween: if you go into the scrobbler settings, please check that 'resume playback' is set to 'yes'
04:11:26CH23_MThen 'save and exit'
04:14:11elweenYes indeed its set to true, it seems that it doesn't happen all the time, maybe when actually I don't have anything to play left in the playlist. I'll check.
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04:18:06CH23it does feel like a regression from how it used to work in this regard though
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05:50:09_bilgusthe 50 scrobbler users sure are a vocal bunch
05:58:53_bilgusI caught an article yesterday about bFLT binaries with address fixups might be a way forward
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06:13:26_bilgusmy other thought was setting up a second address area and retarget plugins store a diff of the two binaries and load them on the fly
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06:37:40kirvesAxeWell one of the main reasons I use rockbox is because it has support for scrobbling...
06:38:12kirvesAxe(but i have not heard of any plugin related to it o_O)
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06:48:07CH23<_bilgus> the 50 scrobbler users sure are a vocal bunch | I get why it was moved from core system to plugin, but it´s exactly the people who do use it, who have to take extra steps to make it work again.
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07:13:00rb-bluebotBuild Server message: New build round started. Revision 3c89adbdbd, 304 builds, 9 clients.
07:13:00rb-bluebot[Feature] lastfm_scrobbler don't return to plugin on WPS resume failure by William Wilgus
07:13:22_bilgusCH23 no worries :)
07:14:41sporkperhaps some scrobblers are not the adventurous kind and still on 3.15
07:16:22_bilgus<elween> Also, this scrobbler setting menu have a "Back" item <−− not sure about this all the menus have a item to exit already
07:16:58_bilgusback or cancel
07:18:34_bilgusI don't mind getting rid of pain points
07:27:31rb-bluebotBuild Server message: Build round completed after 873 seconds.
07:27:33rb-bluebotBuild Server message: Revision 3c89adbdbd result: All green
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08:57:53CH23spork, I truly wonder how many people actually update at all. I do because I find it exciting that my 15 year old iPod is getting software updates (like the nerd I am) but I have no idea what the userbase for rockbox is like, outside of the people on the forum/github/irc
08:59:40speachymy gut feeling is that it's set up once and forgotten about, yeah
09:03:29CH23in a way that´s commendable. it means it works well
09:05:06speachywe have no way to meaningfully track install metrics. Unless rbutil is used, anyway.
09:10:40sporki update regularly but that is because i idle here and see when something happens
09:10:50sporkstrongly doubt most of it affects my actual use
09:11:42sporkthough sometimes something gets broken and then fixed like bookmarking which i use
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09:26:55speachyyeah, our dev builds have been unusually stable for an extended period. had to fix that.
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10:04:22chris_sSetting aside even any added features and iFlash compatibility fixes, if I were to use 3.15 now, I'd almost immediately hit one of the bugs fixed since then.
10:04:29chris_sFrom posts I occasionally see in other places on the web though, people seem to believe 3.15 would be safe to use, whereas trying the dev/daily build is kind of "risky".
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10:04:39chris_sI think, you've discussed this idea previously, that it would be useful if certain builds could be flagged as free from major known issues after they've been in use for a while (and then to keep these around until a new candidate arrives or they are, possibly, turned into an official release).
10:04:47chris_sThat could be a non-scary option to steer people towards when there hasn't been a new major version in a while.
10:05:38speachyscripting it would be challenging but we could also keep historical builds around longer −− eg daily for a week, weekly for a month, and monthly for a year?
10:06:23speachy(comes to 23 builds, typically)
10:07:09speachychris_s: some of that is thanks to our website's language pushing the "stable" build as preferred.
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10:07:14speachy(and rbutil as well)
10:08:02speachybut we really need to get a new release out. maybe then we can finally get the "boot into apple firmware to transfer data" cargo culting put to rest.
10:09:55chris_sha, exactly. Re the language: I guess so :)     Keeping builds around longer the way you've described seems useful.
10:11:16speachyI'd want to maintain meaningful changelogs between them though.
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11:31:59sporkfunctional changelog would be nice, commit history is a bit mixed
11:32:39sporkbiggest change for me is the 'multiboot' functionality which is post-3.15
11:33:52sporkbesides the 2 players i use most being 'new ports' alltogether
11:34:51sporkwould breaking down the tasks that need to be done before a new release help ?
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13:30:08speachynah, that's already documented though I've [re]written a bunch of the infra tooling in the mean time.
13:30:42speachyit's manily just a matter of fixing the known (major) issues and making it happen.
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18:34:17_bilgusI amazed each time I go back to 3.15 how slow it feels
18:36:46_bilgusoddly I don't remeber it being so slow but I do have more music now..
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