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#rockbox log for 2023-10-19

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05:56:14buZzlooks pretty cool!
05:56:25buZzbit weird that they didnt implement rockbox for it though
06:10:30CH23buZz, maybe they´re not aware rockbox exists?
06:10:53buZzhow can they be a) into actual mp3 players and b) not know about rockbox
06:11:20CH23it´s the only answer i can think of, for why they didn´t implement rockbox ;)
06:14:45buZzrockbox mailing list complains about esp32 performance already
06:14:56buZzbut, with octal psram , i think its pretty fast?
06:15:10buZzat least the linux port for esp32 uses it and doesnt feel very slow
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08:42:35ReReBSThe inline controls of my KZ earbuds aren't working on Rockbox 3.15 (iPod Classic) but they work fine when plugged into a smartphone.
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08:57:21CH23if i recall correctly there´s a setting to turn those on/off
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08:58:17CH23[14:57:21] <CH23> if i recall correctly there´s a setting to turn those on/off ReReBS
08:59:18ReReBSCH23: Do you know where it's located? I went looking for something like that but I couldn't find anything.
09:01:28CH23seems it´s not there anymore, or i´m confusing it with another player
09:01:31CH23one sec
09:03:47CH23ReReBS, did it used to work?
09:04:56ReReBSI'm fairly new to Rockbox. I've never had it work before but simply because I've never tried until now.
09:07:58CH23i think it was never programmed
09:09:06ReReBSThat's annoying, seems like a no-brainer to support it. Oh well, thanks for the help.
09:11:23CH23ReReBS, anyone willing to program it in, can do so
09:11:48CH23the main devs are mostly occupied by core functionality
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10:38:15speachyCH23, buZz: It's built on an ESP32, so it's likely underpowered for the full Rockbox feature set.
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10:41:20speachymake that _very_ underpowrered.
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10:45:12speachyIt utilizes a ESP32-WROOM-32D SoM. Up to 240MHz clock, and while the module has 4MB of SPI flash on it, I think this design only has the on-chip ~500K of SRAM.
10:50:19speachyfirmware is also C++, and tightly coupled to the ESP32 framework
10:52:57speachyI wish them the best. If that is successful then maybe there will be sufficient interest to build something more capable.
10:53:31speachy(...and I hope they're not ripping off Apple's look/feel too closely; apple is notoriously litigous when it comes to that stuff)
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11:20:26sporksome of the files in their repo are named gay-ipod
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11:22:24speachyyeah, I snerked over that
11:22:31speachyit's a happy ipod, eh!
11:23:02speachytheir choice of a ESP32 module with builtin wifi/bt is interesting. Probably don't have the code space to take advantage of it.
11:25:04speachyI wonder what their enclosure production plans are −− 3d printing, or something more mass-produced?
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11:58:32sporki wonder if such a basic shape can be done as injection molding by some prototyping run
11:58:42sporkprobably needs a friend at such a company
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15:08:16kirvesAxeIt seems the RockBoxUtility is unusable (unless you get lucky with the autodetect), tried it on two different computers on two different OS, the Windows one did not autodetect, the Linux one did autodetect that I have a player connected but claimed I have six and demanded that I disconnect the others (instead of metting me just choose which clone of the almost-identical hardware it is), and manual
15:08:22kirvesAxedetection is impossible since neither version has the ability to choose a mountpoint, the menu for that does not react to being clicked in any way :(
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16:45:45buZzspeachy: that ESP32 model can have up to 256Mbit external PSRAM through Octal SPI, lot faster than you might think ;)
16:46:28buZzand injection molding is awesome if you have 50000 euro to waste on a mold for it ;)
16:46:44buZzseems unlikely that mp3 player total profit will even be 50k
16:47:43buZzand dont forget, that ESP32 is dualcore (actually 3 or 4 cores if you include the lowpower cores)
16:48:29speachyIIRC the address space only allows for 4MB directly mapped in at any point in time
16:48:54buZzas i said , the -native linux- that runs on the ESP32 can use the whole ram at once
16:48:56speachybut the point being _that_ particular design doesn't have external PSRAM.
16:49:37speachy(or at least it's not immediately identifiable on the BoM)
16:49:55buZzso, if linux can run, why not rockbox?
16:52:59speachy"Due to this address mapping the ESP32 can address up to 15MB external Flash and 8MB External SRAM"
16:53:11buZzthats false
16:53:23speachyThat's a direct quote from the ESP32 reference manual.
16:53:29speachySection 1.3.3
16:53:32buZzwhich ESP32 version?
16:53:46buZzwait, they're not even using a ESP32-S3? tssk
16:54:02speachythat's the document linked from the ESP32-VROOM-32D datasheet.
16:54:03buZzthere's ~10 different ESP32 versions
16:55:18speachyalso in that section is the actual memory map table, there's only 4MB of address space for the PSRAM (and 4MB for flash). Which can be banked in.
16:56:07speachyso, while I don't doubt there are some high-end ESP32s that can do all sorts of things, there are also much lower-end cores that can't, including the one on the module that's at the heart of the Tangara design.
16:56:14buZzgeee, their projectname is gay-ipod? O_o
16:56:57speachythe actual core here is the LX6.
16:56:58buZzthe -actual- ESP32 module they have in their design is ESP32-WROVER-IE-N16R8 , not ESP32-WROOM-32D
16:57:12buZzyeah, xtensa core, supported in gcc and linux
16:57:48speachyI'm just going on what the bom said
16:58:03buZzasys ESP32-WROVER-IE-N16R8
16:58:35buZzexactly ESP32-WROVER-IE-N16R8
16:58:40buZzthe pdf is the wrong one
16:58:50buZzshould be
16:58:59speachySo they're a little confused with their text. (and the end of hte line required a lot of scrolling)
16:59:22buZzyeah, i can see people that name projects 'gay-ipod' not being the most precise in descriptions
16:59:53speachytheir bom uses the two interchangeably. someone was sloppy.
17:00:07buZzthe photo of internals has the WROVER aswell
17:00:41speachywell, the WROVER still uses the LX6 MCU but lookkee here, 8MB of on-module PSRAM
17:01:07buZzofcourse its still using LX6, afaik its the only xtensa core IP they licensed
17:01:08speachy4MB directly accessable at a time, though through an MMU it might be possible to play games.
17:01:22buZzlinux literally runs, using whole PSRAM
17:01:53speachythat's certainly capable of rockbox. though I'm not sure how bad the performance penalty of PSRAM will be, especially for random access
17:02:05buZzlikely just fine
17:02:21speachyIIRC the ESP32 maxes out at 80MHz for the PSRAM attachment
17:02:31buZzrandom benchmarks show ~100MB/sec
17:02:36buZzlikely -plenty- for rockbox
17:02:43speachy100MB/s is not going to be on the LX6.
17:02:56buZzyes, on the LX6
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17:03:53buZz120Mhz maxed out, btw
17:05:56speachydevil's in the details, eh?
17:06:57buZzdo you have any actual experience with ESP32?
17:07:12speachynope, just going on public datasheets.
17:07:49speachydon't get me wrong, I'm pleasantly surprised to see this thing is higher-spec'd than was first apparent.
17:08:13speachymakes me wonder why they didn't plan on rockbox from the outset vs a whole new firmware.
17:08:24buZzthat was indeed my initial question
17:09:09speachythat WROVER module is $3.28 in single-unit quantities too, nice.
17:13:40buZzyeah kinda expensive
17:13:43buZzcompared to others
17:13:54speachyactually, no, it's cheap
17:14:09buZznot sure where you're watching ;) but i get em <2 usd
17:14:20speachythat's right off digikey.
17:14:25buZzdigikey :D :D
17:14:27buZzok boomer
17:14:33speachywell, yeah.
17:14:54speachygives a good way to compare relative prices.
17:15:11buZztotally, and see what they make you pay for their import costs
17:15:47buZzkeep in mind, all exports from CN to US are -still- being 'fined' since Tramp
17:16:10buZzremove US from the equation and suddenly the whole world is cheaper
17:16:41speachyfor those of us _in_ the US though, wrangling overseas produtction houses for protoyypes etc really isn't cost-effective.
17:16:59buZzyeah must suck to live in a colony that hasnt been returned to its natives
17:17:45speachyok, that WROVER module just has Quad SPI PSRAM.
17:17:58buZzcan still run at 120Mhz
17:18:04buZzbut yeah , bit less fast
17:18:31buZzare you sure btw? N16R8 <−− i though -all- R8 modules had octal
17:19:26speachywell, this is just the generic schematic for the WROVER-IE
17:19:31buZzah, indeed
17:21:26buZzso the specific ESP32 inside that WROVER module is the ESP32­D0WD­V3
17:21:53speachyffs, jfc they don't make it easy to find this information.
17:22:31buZz-just- that ESP32 chip is 1.5 for 1 @
17:23:41buZzmaybe i should just email the gay-ipod people and demand a free 'sample' to try to shoehorn rockbox onto it ;)
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17:25:20speachyin a former life I helped build something morally equivalent to these modules with ST parts.
17:28:33speachywell, no demands necessary, it would be mutually awesome for a rockbox port to this thing.
17:29:18speachythe "Wheel" is purely a capacative thing, right?
17:29:43buZzi assume its a single synaptic touchpad just like all those ipods
17:29:53buZzor creative zens
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